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Prologue- Machines

The dark battle fleet maintained its position at the edge of the solar system, stealth-painted metal hulls glimmering with reflected starlight and bristling with active weapons emplacements, their gunners on hair-trigger reflexes. Vast mechanical orbs conjoined in a hexahedral pattern by beams rotated slowly, presenting no one face towards any possible enemy for more than ten seconds. Smaller, diamond-shaped patrol craft whizzed around their larger companions, positioned with their tips pointing up and down relative to the orientation of the planet they faced.
Even from this orbit, the planet occupied by their collective gaze was breathtaking. Three fair-sized moons of glassy, volcanic rock swung in complex paths around the verdant equator, maintaining the delicate balance of the magnificent ring system that shrouded the centerline of the world on an acute angle. Crystal seas swept over large regions of the surface, and picture-perfect ice caps stopped in a precise border so as to prevent damage to the well-groomed forests that covered the planet's land masses.
On the surface, the beautiful globe was even more of an Eden. The trees stood tall and unafflicted by disease or sabotage, the various leaves ingested by insects fallen to the ground as if offerings to the docile creatures. Predators simply walked up to healthy individuals who had fallen to the ground in submission, sacrificing their flesh willingly for the sustenance of the ecosystem. Vonduun crabs scuttled playfully about, testing the reflexes of the vangaak offspring swimming eagerly in the inland lakes and freshwater seas.
Thass Domain Yenek was busy tending his sparkbee hives behind his grashal when he was given the news. The male Yuuzhan Vong had taken a break from refilling the nutrient sacks attached to the outrigger pods meant to mimic budan blossoms, the main source of nectar for sparkbee honey. At that exact moment, someone barged right into the grashal's front entrance, gasping for air.
"Thass! Thass!" Khette Domain Hiimane railed, grasping the doorframe for support. "Dreadful, dreadful!"
Thass stopped, confused. Khette was the district supervisor of this quadrant of Yuuzhan'tar, and, while being a somewhat timid individual, was always grounded in reality and not prone to such excitable outbursts as the one Thass was witnessing now. Besides being his supervisor, Khette was one of Thass' oldest and closest friends; they'd shared many a tankard of gyason ale while discussing the klekket's harvests.
"What is it, Khette?" Thass asked, extending a long, lean arm to grab the rich larthor towel-beast that hung sleepily on its nest by the doorway and using its subtly wriggling form to dry the sticky portions of his forearms. "What's wrong?"
The other Yuuzhan Vong leant against the doorframe, fear practically seeping from his pores. His trembling chin and wide eyes only perpetuated an air of panic around him.
"I've just been with Yuuzhan, along with the other district supervisors, and it seems-" he stopped to gasp once more for breath, and Thass interrupted him.
"Sit down, old friend, sit down," he said, grabbing the other's arm and pushing him into a seat at the rough yorik coral table, gesturing to the grashal's ngcar to dispense a glass of strong beer for the other Yuuzhan Vong. "Take a drink, and tell me what's happening."
Khette downed the glass of liquid in a single gulp, causing Thass to blink in astonishment. Khette had never been a heavy drinker; whatever information he carried had to be serious.
"It's a- a-" Khette searched for the words. "A fleet!"
"A fleet?" Thass said, puzzled. "The vangaaks don't migrate for another five klekkets."
"No, no!" Khette said, frantic. "In space, at the edge of the planetary system!"
"Yuuzhan says it's a war fleet!"
Thass grew cold, his heart clenching in on itself, unable to speak. War was among the most taboo of activities, forbidden to the Yuuzhan Vong by Yuuzhan itself, their guiding light in the universe, the regulator of the planet's biosphere. "War?" he muttered to himself.
"Yes!" Khette practically screamed. "They mean to march on Yuuzhan'tar!"
"But how...?" Thass asked faintly, brain swarming with the magnitude of all this information. "What do they attack with?"
"Machines!" Khette said in awe.
"Machines?" Thass said. Yuuzhan had told them of these 'machines', claimed they were unnecessary for the Yuuzhan Vong, but held no hate for them.
"We are on the brink of the abyss," he felt himself saying, not knowing why he said those particular words, but knowing in his heart the dire truth of them.

Battle Commander Dar'than V'g'no'kor of the Kar'shan Legions looked upon his assembled troops in the amphitheatre of his flagship vessel 211A476BB; reveling in the might he was entrusted with. Every single one of the Kar'shan soldiers was the epitome of generations of training and modification by mechanical implants. Some bore massive steel-alloy claws protruding from clenched fists, others, bulky energy cannons supported by segmented neck joints. The elite of his troops, his ultimate warriors, stood in ranks at the head of the crowd, ranged behind D'harhan, his second in command. The massive laser cannon that was affixed in place of a skull on his body commanded instant fear and obeisance in all except Commander Dar'than himself, and the segmented tail meted out punishment to those not swift enough in genuflection.
"Legions!" Dar'than roared suddenly, thrusting chrome-plated fists into the air and extending the razor sharp blades implanted in his knuckles. "Our time is at hand!" In his excitement, his chest-plate slid aside to reveal the revolving barrels of a laser turret, lit for battle. "You have gazed upon a new world, a new conquest for the Cremlevian Order! The blood of the pitiful race that smears this new paradise will purify our hands!
"They will be cast down like the slime they are!"
His followers roared their devotion, and Dar'than couldn't restrain the booming laugh that escaped out of his mechanized throat and tinted his implanted eyes a vicious red...