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Ok people, in the Christmas spirit, I'm writing up this chapter for ya'll. Hope you enjoy it.


"She's gone..." (just in case you forgot... ^-^) The boys jumped to their feet.

"What, again?" BeastBoy exclaimed. Raven shook her head.

"It doesn't look like she was kidnapped. I think she...left..." Robin shook his head, not wanting to believe her and ran to Star's room.

'She can't be gone. I just saw her last night...she has to be here. She just has to be...' He stopped outside her open bedroom door, looking inside. Indeed it did look as though Star had backed up and left. Robin slowly walked into her room, only half seeing it.

The pictures were gone. A lot of her clothes were gone. Her scrapbook, CD's, CD player, hairbrush, stuffed animals-gone. He couldn't believe it. She couldn't leave. She wouldn't.

He looked around at the things she left behind. Her nightstand, two dressers, a computer desk, a rolling chair, and her bed.

'She really left...but why?' He sat down on her bed and put his head in his hands. As hard as he tried, he couldn't think of any good reason why she would go. He sighed and laid down on her bed.

"Ow!" He jumped up quickly, feeling something poke into his back. Moving the covers aside, he found her video camera. He carried it out to the main room.

"Raven." The other three Titans looked at him. He handed her the camera. "I think she left something on that. Can you hook it up to the screen and play it?" She nodded and walked to the living room without a word. Robin looked over at his remaining two teammates.

"Dude, you ok?" Robin didn't answer. He couldn't. He just nodded and walked into the living room, Cyborg and Beastboy following. Raven had just finished setting everything up.

"Ready?" Robin nodded and she pushed play. They all watched the screen as Starfire came on.

"Hello everyone. I'm sure you're all wondering why I left"

"Well duh..." Robin glared at his green friend. "Sorry..."

"The night before Christmas, I got a call from Tamaran. We are once again at war with Gordania (remember? From the 'Sisters' episode?), and they need my help. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys. I just wanted to have a happy Christmas, without you guys thinking about it being my last day with you. I still have my Titan communicator, if you ever need to talk to me. Please don't be mad. I'll be back as soon as I can. Goodbye, and I'll see you soon." The screen went blank.

"Well, that explains a lot..."


Starfire roamed the ship. Sure she could've flown to Tamaran without a ship, but with all the stuff she was carrying, everyone thought it best someone went to pick her up. She looked at her watch. Her friends were probably starting to notice she was missing. She sighed. Star hated herself for this, but she hadn't had an option.

"Miss Starfire, please stop pacing and sit down." She jumped and looked over at the man in the doorway. She stared at him a moment, wondering how he knew her name when she had no idea who he was.

'Because he was sent on a mission to come get you...' She game him a smile.

"Sorry, I guess I'm just a little restless..."

"Yes, but all the same please sit down and try to relax Miss Starfire. We will be arriving on Tamaran soon." She nodded and he turned away.

"Oh, and um...sir?" He looked back at her. "Please stop with the 'Miss Starfire'. Just call me Star."

"Very well...Star."


Blaze looked around the quiet living room. The family sat in silence, waiting. He sighed, noiselessly, watching the clock.

'Where is she?' He glanced down at his little brother, Flame. The boy looked just like Blackfire...and acted like her too. Man, he couldn't stand her, even if she was his sister. Next his eyes drifted to Flare. It was impossible to tell that she was Flame's twin...Flare looked more like Star, but her hair was much darker. Flare's big green eyes watched the clock, unblinking. Blaze smiled. Flare reminded him so much of Starfire...

The twins jumped as they heard someone knocking on the door. Flare jumped to her feet, smiling.

"I'LL GET IT!!!!" Their father stood and looked at the small girl.

"I will get it." He strode over to the door, their mother just behind him. Blaze followed. This wasn't going to be pretty...

Their father pulled the door open, revealing his middle child. His expression was neutral, but his eyes held disgust. Her mother rushed to hug her.

"Starfire! How are you sweetie?" She smiled.

"I'm fine mother." Blaze smiled at her, getting her bags.

"You're late." She looked up at her father.

"I decided to spend Christmas with people who care about me..." They stared at each other a long while in silence. Flare hated it, and ran to hug her big sister.

"Star! I missed you!" Star looked at the girl and picked her up.

"I missed you too." Flame looked revolted.

"I didn't..." Star looked down at her little brother.

"Hello Flame. How are you?" She ruffled his hair. He pulled away.

"Don't touch me you traitor! After what you did to Blackfire I'm surprised you can even show your face here!" He ran to his room. Their father smiled. Blackfire had always been the favorite... Star sighed and set her sister down.

"I'll talk to him..." Flare ran after him.

"Well...um...it's nice to have you home Star." Blaze said, trying to break the tension. She gave him a half smile.

"Well, I'm going to go up to my room now..." Her father smiled.

"Good. You're fiancé is up their waiting for you."