centerpbThe Merry Ol' Grimbr
by baru-chan/b/p/center

pbDisclaimer:/b Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. No copyright infringement is intended./p

There was once a Grim, a merry ol' Grim:br
ddA merry ol' Grim was
And there he sat: there under he sat!br
ddHe sat under the Christmas tree.

The cold wind blew, the wind did blow:br
ddThe wind did coldly
The nose did show from under the snow;br
ddThe Grim was buried in snow.

The Grim heaved a sigh: a sad ol' sigh;br
ddThe Grim did sadly
For his favorite sock: his wonderful sock;br
ddWhy did it hang so high?

The Grim's sock: his merry ol' sockbr
ddContained lots of
And he wanted to taste, oh! just to taste!br
ddTo taste those lovely treats!