"Where's Ryuichi?"

"How the hell would I know?" Yuki grumbled, irritated at Tohma's accusing remark, and closed the laptop shut.

"Because of this?" Tohma placed a piece of scrap paper on top of the closed laptop and waited patiently for Yuki's reaction. But all Yuki did was cock an eyebrow as his eyes ran across the messy and child-like handwriting.

Tohma, I've gone off to make Ei-chan happy! Be back in a couple of days to record the latest song, okie? Mata na!


Tohma sighed at Yuki's plain reaction, before beginning to explain.

"It's been more than a couple of days. In fact, it's been over a week! The recording is due. I'm losing more money than ever - "

"Tadaima!" A cheerful voice interrupted Tohma's rambling and Ryuichi's head popped through the open door. "A-ra? Tohma's here no da!"

"Ryuichi! Finally, you're back! Where'd you go - Sorry, hang on a sec." Tohma's phone started to ring and after mumbling a couple of words, he turned to Ryuichi and apologized, "Sorry, but something cropped up back in the office. Tell me about it when we meet for recording later ok?"

"Hai!" Ryuichi nodded and Tohma bade farewell to Yuki, before heading out of the room.

"...Ei-chan, gomen." Ryuichi placed Kumagoro onto the table and bowed down towards Yuki, unable to meet his eyes that were stained with slight confusion. "For what?"

"I... went to see Shu-chan to ask him to make you happy again... But he said that you're better off without him by your side... that he wouldn't - "

"What! You went to see that brat!"

"I thought that it would – "

"I don't need you to go begging him to come back to me for me! I'm not that pathetic and don't need your sympathy! Who do you think you are to pity me? And Shuichi isn't everything to me! I don't need him!" Yuki shouted at the bewildered Ryuichi, eyes blazing with anger.

Ryuichi's eyes widened. His mouth opened to speak, but nothing would come out, and nothing could come out. Instead, two big fat tears leaked out the sides of his eyes, leaving a small glistening trail on his cheek.

But Yuki barely noticed it. For in a whirl, Ryuichi was out the door running from the room, and didn't even bother closing the door.

Still in a rage, Yuki stared bitterly at the open door, then picked up Kumagoro who was left sitting on top of the table. The funny thing was that his anger was no longer directed at Ryuichi, but somehow turned against him. He knew he needed the rock god's sympathy, he could feel it. He might still need Shuichi at that point of time, but he could get used to not having him around. It wasn't – shouldn't be – that difficult.

But Ryuichi was different. Just in some way, different. He experienced the consequences of the loss of his company for the last week. It was the way that Ryuichi managed to squeeze himself in Yuki's surroundings when there wasn't any space for him, yet leave a big void where he once was. But Yuki just didn't want to show him how weak he was… didn't want to admit his need of…

He had his pride, but he had hurt the older man's feelings.

At least this time¸ he thought as he clutched Kumagoro tightly, I don't have to cry alone.


The door opened to reveal a figure hugging his knees, a dazed look on his face. The radio was on, but the music didn't serve its purpose, as the attention of the listener was clearly not captured.

"You forgot this."

But the figure doesn't respond, and continues dazing into space, away from the door where the famous romance novelist, Yuki Eiri, was leaning on the doorframe.

"I'm sorry. I… shouldn't have shouted. I just – "

The figure continues to daze as no response was given.

"Look. I've already apologized. What more do you want?"

The figure turns to look at Yuki, but turns away and revives his dazed state as quick as he even turned.

"Oi! Are you even listening to me, Noisy Head?"

"I am."

"So say something?"

"There isn't anything to say." The figure doesn't even bother to look at Yuki, who was starting to shake with anger.

"…I'm sorry. I really am, Ryuichi."

Yuki barely caught the meek smile Ryuichi gave him.

"It's the first time you call me by my name, isn't it?"

"…Yes. And here, you forgot this."

He walked over to place Kumagoro next to Ryuichi and reached out to hug him, but retracted back just in time. But as he proceeded to leave, a smile crept up Yuki's lips, leaving them in a genuine curve of happiness.

"You've finally learnt how to fold stars."

"What do you mean?" Yuki asked, as Ryuichi walked over to the drawers and took out a slip of paper.

"The person who taught me how to fold the stars said that a paper stars are made out of a single strip of paper, which is similar to how only one person can create his own star, his own happiness." As he finished, a perfect star lay in his hands.

But Yuki frowned.

"Then teach me how to fold straw stars." He commanded. With that, he leaned forward and Ryuichi closed his eyes and tiptoed to savor the pressure against his lips. He pulled back and with a smile, replied with a 'sure'.

Yuki could only smile –

"But first! You must let me dress you up to compensate for shouting at me! Now… where's that skirt Noriko-chan lent me…"

And Yuki continued to smile.


Mainey's Corner:
I've finally finish this. Yokatta ne! Hope you did enjoy reading this and all. Oh and well, the stars idea had been in my head for quite sometime (since last year, to be exact) and I hoped you did like it as well. If you didn't understand the rational behind straw stars, it's because straw stars need two straws to make up a star. So if paper stars determine the happiness one can bring for himself (with a single strip of paper being that one person), then straw stars determines the happiness a couple can bring to each other (with each straw symbolising each one and combining to form the perfect love).
A little odd, ne? ;; But I do hope you enjoyed reading this!