Chapter one: Yet Another Mission

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"YES! CHIRSTMAS VACATION! No teachers, no school, no teachers, no missions, no teachers, no Koenma, no teachers, and, best of all, NO TEACHERS!" 14-year old Yusuke Urameshi threw back his head, his sleeked back hair glistening in the afternoon light. Two redheads walked behind him, one's hair considerably redder, longer, and well taken care of than the other. The carrot top grinned, and, catching Yusuke's head under his arm, gave him a noogie.

"So what, Urameshi? Not like you ever go to school anyhow! And this winter break, I'm gonna pulverize you!"

"Yeah right!" Yusuke shouted, immediately knocking Kuwabara, the carrot top, to the ground. They continued their childish scuffle on the ground as the true redhead smiled, his long hair reaching down somewhere to the middle of his back. His emerald green eyes glinted in the remaining sunlight at the humor of the situation. Finally, Yusuke stood, one foot atop Kuwabara's head. Kurama's smile stretched to a grin.

"Maybe we should get going now, if you're done fighting. Remember, you two, we promised to meet Keiko and Yukina at the movies." Yusuke visibly paled, and grabbed Kurama's wrist, glaring at the watch.

"SHIT WE'RE LATE!" He screamed, making a mad sprint down the street. Kurama winced. He knew Keiko was patient, but half an hour was too much. He ran after Yusuke, leaving Kuwabara to help himself. The two, followed shortly by Kuwabara, huffed and leaned on an alleyway wall, trying to recuperate and not present themselves looking like bats out of hell. Yusuke was about to continue, when a sudden rustle startled him. He turned and stared into the alleyway, not sure whether he should investigate. Finally deciding against it, he turned and began to walk off.

Kurama was nowhere in sight. As was Kuwabara. Yusuke blinked, looking around him. Where were they? He thought for a moment, then, out of sudden suspicion, entered the alleyway. Making a few turns, he finally saw Kurama and Kuwabara. They were both leaning over something, their bodies hiding the object from Yusuke's view.

"What's that?" Yusuke asked. No answer. "Hello? You hear me?" Silence. Yusuke began getting impatient. "OI!"

Suddenly, they both turned and glared down at Yusuke. He stood there; confused... something was horribly wrong. Kurama and Kuwabara didn't look like... Kurama and Kuwabara. Suddenly, the spirit detective gasped, his chocolate colored eyes narrowing and growing hard. Their eyes. Kurama's eyes had turned a coal black color, while Kuwabara's had changed into a sickish crimson red. They held no sign of sympathy, no sign of disregard, no hint of kindness.

"Shimatte! You're not Kurama OR Kuwabara!" The pair laughed, and then changed completely.

"Kurama" morphed into a light blue wolf-like looking creature, with three tails and icy eyes. "Kuwabara" turned into a cobalt serpent thing, equipped with long fangs that jutted out from the tops of its mouth and blood colored eyes. Typical standard C-class shape shifting demons. Yusuke grinned, raising his ki level. This is gonna be fun.

The two attacked, and Yusuke nimbly dodged their small onslaught, blasting a rei gun bullet over his shoulder. The serpent shrieked, and writhed, falling to the ground. The wolf snarled, and then leapt at Yusuke. The spirit detective met it head-on with a powerful rei gun, sending it reeling back into a wall. Both demons twitched, and then lay still.

The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the alley. Kurama and Kuwabara appeared soon after, followed by Hiei.

"Where were you, Yusuke? You disappeared. I sensed a small blast of energy, and thought you were in trouble." Kurama said. Giving a disapproving look at his friend. Yusuke shrugged.

"Nothin' much. Just a couple of low class demons." He replied, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. "Hey, Hiei, why'd you come?"

"I sensed your ki." Hiei bluntly replied, staring blankly at Yusuke.

"Oh." Then he changed the subject. "Those two were staring at something when I got here. Let's go check it out." Kurama concurred, and the four crowded around the small object.

"What is it?" Kuwabara asked. Yusuke blinked, picking up the shiny object.

"'s a 100 yen piece!" He shouted in disbelief, looking at the familiar piece of currency in his hand.

Somewhere in Kurama's head, his Youko side whispered to him Ooooo... shiny... steal it!

Kurama, however, paid no heed. That is, until another pair of footfalls were heard. The team tensed, and faced the alleyway opening, only to find a familiar blue-haired ferry girl standing in front of them, her face solemn.

"Thank goodness you found them!" Botan said, motioning to the fallen demons. "I was sent to have to capture them, anyhow." Then, her voice tensed "Yusuke, do you know who these are?" Yusuke, clueless, shook his head. Botan continued. "They're spies, sent by the ice demon, Tsuaigo. He's gotten his hands on one of the most precious weapons in Makai: The Pipe of Lost Souls. Yusuke-" But she was cut off from there.

"And let me guess, I've gotta go stop him, and get the weapon back, and make sure he causes no harm, right?" the therefore mentioned asked, sarcasm dripping in his voice. Botan blinked.

"Right." Yusuke's expression changed from that of an annoyed one to that of an angry one.

"WELL HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ENJOY MY WINTER BREAK!?" He screamed at her. Botan, however, screamed right back.

"IS THIS ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR MANKIND VS VACATION DECISIONS?!" She shrieked, glaring him down. Yusuke groaned.

"Not that again!"

"So go!" Yusuke finally gave in.

"Fine, fine." He grumbled. "Where's the portal?" Botan blinked again.

"You're staring at it." She said slowly. Everyone's eyes darted to the money in Kurama's hand.

"THIS is the portal?!" Yusuke brandished it in front of Botan's face. "Botan, not even Hiei would be able to fit through that!" Botan waved her hand impatiently.

"No, no, not the 100 yen piece, this!" She kicked away a pile of rubble, revealing the portal underneath.


 "Come on, go! If Tsuaigo figures out how to play the pipe..." Botan trailed off, then shook her head. "Just go!"

"Alright, alright." Yusuke leaned over the portal, staring at it. He shivered from the cold air blasting through the portal, but wasn't surprised. Well, Tsuaigo is an ice demon after all... Hiei, becoming impatient, gave him a slight push, and the spirit detective tumbled in with a loud rain of curses. Kuwabara jumped in next, then Kurama, then Hiei.

"Good luck..." Botan's voice faded as the four fell deeper into Makai. And into Tsuaigo's trap.


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