Chapter 10: Epilogue

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It had been a week after the mission ended. The pipe had been destroyed in Kurama's ki blast, but Koemna decided it was for the better. Now, it was the twenty-fourth of December, and was a special Christmas gathering at Genkai's temple. This, is where our story picks up…

"OWOWOWOW!!! THAT'S A CHEAP SHOT, CHEAP-O!!" Yusuke rubbed his scalp with one hand and used his other to make it into a fist and shake it at Kuwabara, who currently had a smirk on his face and held a small fistful of gelled, ebony black hair.

Kurama walked in from the kitchen, bandage free but powdered in flour. He frowned playfully at Yusuke, shaking his head. A bright blue apron with the words 'Kiss the Chef' stitched on it covered his clothing from the chest down, but that didn't mean his shoulders, head, and neck couldn't be doused in the stuff, and a white chef's hat stood atop his bright crimson mane in a crooked fashion.

"Could you yell any louder, Yusuke? I don't think the aliens on the far side of Mars heard you." Yusuke replied with a scowl, then a laugh.

"Sure!" He took in a deep breath, and opened his mouth, but before any sound could come out, Kurama stuffed a roll in the spirit detective's mouth.

"No thanks. I don't think my ears could handle that." He remarked dryly.

"DAMMIT! FOX! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE!" Kurama sighed, and then blanched as an explosion came from the kitchen. Alarmed, he hurried back, groaning at what he saw.

"Aww… Hiei… I TOLD you not to put aluminum foil in the microwave!" Yusuke and Botan exchanged looks, then, as if acting as one, both slinked near the kitchen door, looking upon the scenario inside.

From the look of things, Hiei had apparently been trying to heat up… something gooey and brown, and Yusuke's nose told him it was gravy, before the microwave exploded, sending the liquid flying all over. Hiei was covered in the stuff, and Kurama got more covered by the minute as it dripped from the ceilings onto his clothing.

"Ugh…" Kurama muttered, tugging at his shirt. "Now I'll have to get this dry cleaned. Thanks, Hiei."

"You're welcome." Kurama sighed, and grabbed a mop.

"I'll begin cleaning, you mix the cake batter." He muttered, cleaning up a small puddle. Hiei blinked, and on the look on his face, Kurama changed his mind. "Uh… how about you clean and I'll mix the cake batter?" Hiei nodded and grabbed the mop. Everything was peaceful for the next few minutes, until it happened.

Hiei wrung the mop out one last time, putting it up as he did so. The floor was virtually spotless; the only place the gravy was on was the two demons. Kurama turned around after checking the oven one last time and smiled. He could already smell the delicious aroma of the chocolate cake baking. Closing his eyes and taking in the delicate smell, he sniffed carefully, but stopped when he felt Hiei's odd stare on him.

"What?" Hiei shook his head in disgust.

"Stop doing that. You're not blind." Kurama had the faintest traces of a smile on his face.

"Yeah, but my nose is well trained enough to lead me as well as my eyesight." He said proudly. Hiei scoffed.

"Hn. Vain fox." Kurama pouted, and closed his eyes again, trying to make his way over to the refrigerator.

He slipped on the gravy.

And knocked Hiei's legs out from under him (him refers to Hiei).

This, as you can imagine, led to a VERY awkward position. [Think about it! Hiei and Kurama are covered in some sort of gooey brown stuff, they're both on the floor and Hiei had SOMEHOW managed to land directly on top of Kurama]

Yusuke walked in with his mouth open, stared at the scene before him, and walked back out.

Hiei noticed that the spirit detective's mouth was now closed.

They finally noticed what was wrong.

"ERGH! HIEI GET OFFA ME!" Kurama shoved Hiei off him, scrambling up off the floor. Hiei just sat there with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Huh?" Kurama shook his head.

"Ne-never mind." Hiei shrugged, before sticking his nose in the air.

"Mmm… it does smell good." Kurama laughed.

"Hypocrite." He muttered, but broke into laughter again at the sight of Hiei drooling from the smell of the cake.

"Is it done yet?" The fire demon asked impatiently, peeking into the oven. Kurama rolled his eyes. Hiei was acting exactly like an impatient little kid, and, ironically, he looked like one too.

"When it's done, the timer will go off." The fox said, pointing to the timer. Hiei stood guard by the oven, not letting his eyes off of it.

Kurama laughed.

~AFTER THE PARTY~ (Nothing really happens there)


Bright red locks were manipulated through fine teeth as Kurama ran the comb through his silky, shiny hair. He yawned, putting the comb down as he did so. Glancing at the clock, he noticed it was nearly midnight. Stretching, he flopped onto his bed, pulling up the covers to his chin. He listened as the noise of urban Japan slowly died down as the night aged. And eventually, there was silence. It was quiet. Kurama smiled, eventually falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Kurama never even heard the sleigh bells.

He was lost in his own quiet world.

Of calmness.

Of tranquility.

Of peace.


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