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"Joey please! you are the only one who can do this!" Bakura's voice echoed through the room. The sound of the Lava Golem preparing to crash down on the cage beneath it was growing. Joey grabbed the bars of his cage and shook them hard, there was no escape. He was a prisoner of the Lava Golem. Joey could only stare in horror as the wave of Lava collapsed on top of him. His body burned...

Joey sat up sharply and let out a yelp. It took him a few moments to orient himself once more. He looked around, Tristan was lying up against the wall asleep, Yugi was unconscious next to him. On the other side of the room, Mokuba was leaning Kaiba up against his shoulder as both slept. There was no sign of Mai. He looked down, Tea had fallen asleep close to him, he was surprised he had not woken her. Joey scratched his head and silently rose to his feet. There was no sleeping after a nightmare like that. He was about to look for Mai when a small noise attracted his attention. He looked down to see Yugi beginning to wake up.

"Joey?" Yugi tried to lift his hand. "Joey, are you there?"

Joey quickly went to his side and took his hand. "Yeah man, I'm right here."

Yugi smiled, something it seemed he had not done in a long time. "Good. I wasn't just dreaming. Joey, you have to be ready for him..."

Joey frowned. "Ready for who? KaibaCorp's top three are toast, there's nothing left to defend the president."

Yugi closed his eyes. "He's a monster. He's unstoppable. But, I have faith in you Joey, I always did." He set his puzzle, which he had an unbreakable grip on until that point, onto the ground and tried to find something in his pocket. It looked like the effort was extremely painful for him.

Joey gently placed the hand onto his puzzle again. "What's up dude? Something in your pocket?" He plucked the item, a Duel Monsters card, from the pocket. "Oh? This is..."

"Joey, I want you to use that. It's the only card I have left. The only one he didn't get. You need that to stop him." Before he could say anything else, he fell back asleep.

Joey looked at the card. Reluctantly he slid it into his nearby duel disk. At that moment, the door slid open. The air in the doorway shimmered and Mai appeared out of thin air. She was breathing hard. "Sorry kids, nap time is over!" She shouted. Everyone began to rise, except Yugi and Kaiba.

Tea rubbed her eyes. "What's going on, Mai?"

"There's a cleanup crew and investigation team in the lab. It's only a matter of time before they find us here."

Mokuba growled. "I KNEW we shouldn't have stopped here." He opened his laptop. "They've lost contact with the top three, so they've gone to full alert. Fortunately we're near the top, so most of the security teams will be on the floors below us.

Tristan cracked his knuckles. "I guess this means we'll have to fight our way to the top!"

Mokuba sighed. "I suppose so, there's really no other way right now. I can get us onto the top floor, only the president is allowed up there, they couldn't follow us there."

Tea frowned. "That means there'd be no way down. If we go up we couldn't possibly fight our way back."

Mokuba nodded. "This was a one-way trip from the beginning guys. I'm sure you all realized that... but there's no time to think, we have to go now if we're going to make it." Mokuba pulled his brother to his feet. Kaiba was disoriented and still mostly asleep, he could barely stand let alone understand what was happening. Joey hoisted Yugi onto his back. "Mai, Tristan, you two are going to have to handle the guards."

Mai's gloved hands crackled with electricity. "Now you're talking! You ready big guy?"

Tristan grinned and stood in front of the thick door that separated them from the laboratory. "Ready when you are!"

Joey prepared himself to run. "Let's go for it!" With that, Tristan swung his giant robotic arm into the door. It crumpled and burst off it's hinges and flew across the laboratory, knocking some surprised guards out cold. Tristan and Mai wasted no time, they charged into the room and the fight began. Mai's electric gloves paralyzed whoever she hit and Tristan was throwing people around like rag dolls. However, despite their efforts, for every one they knocked down two more took their place.

Mai turned to the group. "You guys will have to go without us, you're not going to make it if you hang around and wait for us! MOVE IT!" She knocked down guards to reach Tristan, who was completely covered in guards trying to bring him down.

Joey hesitated only for a second. "You heard her, let's get going, they can handle themselves!" The group charged down the hallway towards the elevator. As they rounded the corner they were faced by another guard, equipped with a duel disk.

The guard sneered. "You aren't going anywhere unless you can beat me in a duel!"

Tea stepped forward and slid her deck into her duel disk. "You guys keep going, I'll catch up once I take care of him!"

Joey nodded. "Don't take too long, grab Mai and Tristan on your way up." Joey and Mokuba entered the final corridor and entered the elevator. Mokuba set Kaiba down and keyed a short sequence into his laptop, and the elevator began it's ascent.

"That'll do it. The others have keycards I programmed to let them up here when they're ready."

Joey carefully set Yugi down. "Argh, man this is no good, we should be getting Yugi and Kaiba some help, not dragging them around this tower."

Mokuba regarded his brother with sorrow. "Yeah I know, but it's too late now. All we can do is play this thing out now that it's started."

"What are we playing towards, exactly? What's waiting for us up there?"

"Well, it's just the presidents office, really. You'll have to defeat him in a duel of course. It shouldn't be hard, after all he surrounded himself with the best duelists he could find, he's not that strong a player now because he had people to do the dirty work for him."

"Good. The sooner we get outta here the better." Joey looked at Yugi mournfully, he appeared more and more beat up every time he looked at him. The elevator finally hit the top, the door slid open to reveal another large, particularly ornate door. It was solid chrome, with a warrior fighting a dragon carefully painted in gold.

Mokuba regarded the door carefully with his laptop. Very suddenly, he slammed his fist on the wall. "Argh, I can't believe this!"

Joey was crestfallen. "What now?"

"The door's code rotates every few seconds. That means if we have any hope of getting the others in and everyone out, I have to stay here and constantly input the new codes."

Joey nodded. "Yeah, don't worry about it man, you can keep an eye on Yugi and Kaiba."

"Yeah but... it's just, I wanted to take a shot at that president guy. He sentenced me to exile from the company, and it was almost the end of me. I want to make him pay for his crimes."

Joey flashed his trademark smile. "No worries man, when I get done with that guy, there won't be enough left of him to fill a teaspoon! Now open up that door and lemme at 'im!"

The door slowly opened. Joey slid his deck into his duel disk and entered, head held high. "I promise, to all of you, I'll stop this guy and free this world.

The room was the kind that you would expect of the president of the penultimate corporation. The light in the room was soft, almost an intimate atmosphere, the sources were a fireplace and a dozen or so well-placed candles. The air held a pleasant aroma, like that of a garden of flowers, a distant sort of natural sweetness. The soft blue carpet contrasted the hard, marble walls. Both were incredibly clean, as if they were brand new. The furniture in the room was homely, it was so new that you could still smell the leather. The deep reds and golds served to heighten their apparent value. Soft classical music was faintly audible from an unseen source. The room was so luxurious, so comfortable, one could almost lose themself in it just by standing there. In the very center of the room was a large, reddish, oak executive table. The only contrast to the room was what lay atop the table.

The president of KaibaCorp.

Slumped over, stiff as the wood the table was made from.


Joey made no movements at all, indeed he had even stopped breathing. To disturb this scene of luxury and loss, the painting of a lavish life and a terrible death would be... sacrilegious.

A glimmer of something in a dark corner caught his eye, and he dared to glance towards it.

A figure deep within the darkness shifted as it felt his gaze. "I knew you would come." the voice called out. It was a lighthearted voice, but carried a sense of maturity with it too. "It was inevitable. I suppose you could call it destiny, but when dark magic is involved you can never be sure what is destiny and what is simply... chance."

The figure shifted closer to Joey, closer to the light. "But then, I suppose the same can be asked for anybody, any situation. Where does chance end and destiny begin? When the die is cast, is the result really what is read on the die itself, or is it the one who cast it who determines the result? You, Joey Wheeler, are an excellent example of this. Your character lends itself to a certain... recklessness. Your dueling strategies reflect this, in the cards you use. Time Wizard, Graceful Dice and Skull Dice, all cards that are based on chance. There are plenty of other cards, not as powerful mind you, that could be used safely, with no chance involved. Still you persist in your risky strategies. Do you know why?"

The figure moved a little closer. He was at least as tall as Joey, he was wearing a trenchcoat that flared straight out in the back. "Because it is not actually chance that determines the outcome of those strategies, it is you, Joey. Whether you need to roll a six, or flip a heads or tails, the odds and the statistics don't apply to you. Nothing determines the result but you. Destiny has seen you through those times, and destiny has brought you here."

The figure moved ever closer. His hair was styled into dozens of small points, he looked almost to be wearing a crown. "Chance has nothing to do with our meeting here, either. Ever since you faced the young Yugi Moto head to head at Duelist Kingdom, ever since you nearly brought Seto Kaiba down at Battle City, this match was decided. Your arriving here in the future is no coincidence, I assure you, nor was it simply an accident. You and I were meant to have one final, deciding battle. Although, perhaps I should say, you and us."

The figure stepped forward once more, entering the light from a nearby candle. Joey was speechless. It was not Yugi, it was not Kaiba, it was a bizarre and twisted combination of the two. He stood at Kaiba's height, wearing his trademark Battle City trenchcoat. His jumpsuit underneath adorned with belts and straps in the same gothic style as Yugi. His purple and golden hair was shorter than Yugi's, but framed his youthful face with the same sense of regality. His eyes were narrow, one a cold blue and the other an insightful violet. A classic Kaiba smirk was set across the young face of Yugi.

"I know what you're thinking." he said. "What sort of heinous magic could produce this disturbing mixture of your best friend and your most hated rival?"

Joey remained silent.

"Ah yes, you tend to stay out of the whole magic thing. Well, you'll be glad to know that this is purely the result of science. The president of KaibaCorp found Yugi and Seto and was enthralled by their incredible dueling skills. Naturally he could not make either do his bidding, so he decided instead to create me using traits from them. As I grew, I recieved constant training based on the strategies of Yugi and Seto. I'm sure you remember the laboratory, they would be made to duel constantly, sometimes for entire days on end."

Joey clenched his fists at this, his eyes widened in anger. Still, he dared not make a move.

"Ahh, that got you going. Now, I quickly became a mighty duelist indeed, able to outmatch both Yugi and Seto. But what would always elude both myself and the president were those god cards. A tricky bit of business, those cards. No science could explain them, so they charged me with discovering their secrets. It was for that reason they allowed me to keep some sense of individuality, rather than just making me a mindless drone. It was also for that reason that the president is now dead. As well you know from Seto, I wouldn't like being pushed around by nobodies. Anyway, I am proud to say I have mastered the god cards, and they are under my control now. Oh, I seem to be just talking, talking, talking, pray tell me Joey, why did you come here?"

"I... I came to defeat the president. I was gonna take him out and free the city from his rule..."

"Ah yes yes of course. Ever the noble one, Joey. I daresay I've beaten you to the punch, then. I suppose, with the president gone, and those three so-called master duelists out of commission, that I'm the one in charge now. I could duel you right now, you know. I could crush you like a bug when you're unprepared, right this moment." He gently stroked the duel disk on his arm. "But, the Yugi in me says no, that's not right at all. I believe that you should get a fair chance to win, Joey. So, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to let you and your friends leave here, and go back to your little underground hideout. I'll give you one day to prepare. You and I shall duel in the very centre of Domino. Just you, me, and the wastelands around us. We'll duel at dawn, it seems most appropriate. If you don't show up Joey, I'll simply hunt you down and destroy you, no second chances. What do you think?"

"Yeah, fine. I'll take ya on. Will you set this land free if I take you down?"

"Oh absolutely. I'm the very last line of defense for this company. If I'm defeated, KaibaCorp is yours to do what you will with. However..." his duel disk snapped into duel mode. "I daresay you won't be defeating me. Have a little taste of what is to come Joey!"

He drew a card and summoned it. In a flash of blue and white, Joey didn't even have time to say something before a dragon engulfed him in a wave of white lightning. Joey felt no pain, only terror. The world darkened around him.

Joey woke up, staring at a familiar ceiling. He was back in Tristan's guest room at the training hall. He quickly jumped out of bed and ran into the main room. Everyone was there waiting, all with a confused look on their faces. Tea spoke out first.

"Oh Joey!" she jumped up and hugged him fiercely. "We were all so worried. All we saw was a bright light, and then we were all outside the KaibaCorp building and you were unconscious. What happened?"

Joey sighed. "Well, it's gonna be a little hard to explain."

"Red Eyes, destroy his X Head Cannon and the rest of his lifepoints!"

The black dragon reared up it's frightful head and released a torrent of red lightning. The lone X Head Cannon had no chance against the attack and was destroyed, taking with it the last of the owner's lifepoints. The Red Eyes disappeared and Joey stepped down from the small platform. The computer that had been his opponent spoke out loud;

"Duel complete. Joey Wheeler's final lifepoints: 5400. Total time: 20 minutes, 32 seconds. Previous record held by Yugi Moto with a time of 11 minutes 51 seconds and 8000 lifepoints."

Joey sighed. "Man, I've been dueling at the top level for hours and I still haven't even come close to beating Yugi's record."

Mokuba stood behind him with his laptop, crunching the numbers from the duels. "Your performance had been steadily decreasing over the last hour. I suggest a break."

"Yeah, I hear that."

"Joey... I know this is going to sound pretty pessimistic of me, but your chances of defeating someone with the decks and skills of both Yugi and Seto is pretty much nonexistent."

Joey nodded. "I know. But I've gotta give it my best shot, ya know? Otherwise what kind of a duelist would I be?"

"I realize it would go against everything you stand for. And, I also know there's no way I can talk you out of it, even if it is suicide. So, I guess all I can say is good luck."

"Mokuba, I know it looks bad, and believe me I'm not so sure about my chances either. But if I don't try then I'll be letting everyone down. Besides, if I don't duel, we won't be much better off anyway."

Joey slid his duel disk off his arm. He had been wearing it so long that it had left marks on his arm. He handed it to Mokuba and began slowly wandering towards the infirmary where Yugi and Kaiba were being treated. "I only have until tomorrow morning. Then I have to take on someone who's a combination of both Yugi and Kaiba. One of them would be bad enough but both... not to mention that he apparently has control over the..." Joey's mind flashed back to Battle City, where the Winged Dragon of Ra had become Joey's new definition of pain and fear. He could still feel what it was like to have his mind and soul burned. Joey shuddered. "I'm going to have to figure out a way to beat the God cards on top of everything else he can throw at me."

Joey stepped into the infirmary. Yugi lay on a bed, his small body looked to be frozen in time, the only indication that he was still alive was the beeping machine next to him. Kaiba was on the other side of the small room in a similar condition. Joey gently brushed a stray hair away from Yugi's face and sighed. He suddenly felt something soft touch his hand, for a crazy minute he thought it was Yugi. Joey turned to see Tea gently holding his hand. She leaned in and gave Yugi a small kiss on his forehead. Both were silent a moment, as they looked upon their friend as he rested.

It was Tea who spoke first. "Joey, I'm starting to wish that we had never attacked the KaibaCorp building."

Joey's eyes widened, but he stayed silent.

"Before we came here, I had never really been alone. I've always had all my family, my friends. I'd made new friends, I even had a secret crush back then..." Her eyes flickered over to the Millennium Puzzle firm in Yugi's grip for just a second. "But, all that changed when we got here. All of a sudden the only one I had left was Mai, and she was taken away from me. I couldn't handle it, I was depressed, I hid behind the mask of the group Mai had started. I didn't even want to talk to Mokuba, I was afraid if I got close to him then he would be taken away too. Then, you showed up out of nowhere. You brought us all together again, you even rescued Mai and got Yugi and Kaiba back." Her eyes began welling with tears. "If you were all taken away from me again by this horrible monster, I don't know what I'd do. Losing everyone once was bad enough, I can't handle it again. If we hadn't gone on this quest to destroy KaibaCorp then at least I wouldn't have to lose everyone all over again. I can't..."

Tea's words were cut off as Joey drew her near. He ran his hand through her strange electrical wiring hair, trying to comfort her. He embraced her and held her close. Her breathing slowed and she leaned softly against him. They held each other a moment, and she looked up into his eyes. Neither of them spoke any words.

Words were no longer necessary.

Joey awoke some time later. For a crazy moment he felt like he was back home in his own bed. A quick look around reassured him that it was definitely still the guest room in Tristan's quarters. The room didn't seem so grungy anymore, in fact it seemed positively divine. For that matter, he was practically glowing. He stretched his muscles and scratched his shirtless chest. Looking down he noticed for the first time his body was covered in scars; a human roadmap of the deadly duels he had engaged in. He looked over to see Tea coming out of the small bathroom, wearing only a towel. She smiled at Joey and lay down next to him. Her own body was a testament to the harsh realities, patches of painful looking metal were clamped onto her skin. She traced her fingers along his scars lovingly, which accidentally instigated a tickle fight. For the first time in a long time, they both felt like kids again. They had completely forgotten about the terrors that awaited both of them. Their peace could not last, however. Joey lamented this, as Tea later lay next to him asleep. He slowly got out of the bed to avoid waking her and he crept out of his room.

"I need to get in some last minute practicing. I have to be absolutely ready for anything. Everyone is counting on me." He cast one more glance back to the bedroom. "She's counting on me."

He headed towards the training area and approached the dueling computers. He punched up a training program, but quickly realized he had forgotten his duel disk.

"Forgot something?"

Joey spun around. "Oh Mai! Yeah I guess I did..." Mai handed him the duel disk and his deck. "Heh, thanks."

Mai shook her head. "It's a darn good thing you've got Tea to look after you now, because I can't look after you forever."

Joey blushed. "What are ya talkin' about Mai?" He laughed nervously, doing a rather poor job of covering up the fact. "How could she possibly know about that?" he thought.

"The walls in that room aren't the most soundproof, hun. I think anyone who was even remotely close to your room know your little secret. It wasn't too big of a secret anyway, the two of you have gotten pretty lovey dovey in the last little while."

Joey sighed and hung his head. "I dunno about that..."

"Oh buck up, you look like a lost little puppy now. It's not like it's a bad thing that you and Tea are together now, is it?"

"No. Well... no. But I can't help wondering... if maybe it only happened because she was lonely in the past, or maybe..."

"Hun, I can't believe I'm about to say this to you, but you are thinking way too much."

Joey raised an eyebrow. "Somethin' funny about me thinkin' about things?"

Mai sighed. "Okay, bad joke. The fact is, Tea has been head over heels for you long before you showed up and started being the hero of this little circus. She had realized long ago that she and that other Yugi weren't meant to be, he doesn't even really physically exist as I understand it. Her caring about you has nothing to do with you busting duelists left and right."

Joey smiled. "Candid as ever, eh Mai? Well, I just hope she still feels the same way if I do get us out of this mess..."

Mai grabbed Joey by the shoulders and spun him to face the dueling computer. "I think you mean WHEN you get us out of this mess. You've still got some work ahead of you though, so get on it."

Joey nodded. "You got it!"

Joey practiced against the duel computer for a while, making some final adjustments to his deck. "Okay, this deck is the best I could do. It's got everything I need to counter both Yugi and Kaiba's strategies. I just hope it's enough." Joey was very energetic all of a sudden, like he was excited and scared at the same time. "I can't believe I'm actually going to duel Yugi and Kaiba. This is really freaky. I need to burn off some steam..." His eyes wandered towards the exercise area. "That'll do."

He wandered around the gym for a little while, before he entered a familiar area. Wooden posts were sticking out of the ground and they had sandbags tied to them.

"It's a punching post, stranger. You test the power and skill of your punches on it." A voice from behind him spoke. Joey whirled around to see Tristan standing behind him, looking very pleased with himself. "That's what I said to you back when you first got here. You wound up showing off the way you always do and you nearly broke your hand."

Joey smirked. "As I recall I also showed you up, tough guy."

Tristan shook his head. "Not even close, dude. But hey, that's why I'm here to help." Tristan handed Joey a pair of weights. Joey took them and began working them. "You've gotta be in good shape for the big battle. Plus, big muscles are a hit with the ladies."

"And I suppose you're the big expert on what the ladies like, eh?"

Tristan shrugged. "Come to think of it, it seems that you already have that ground covered. You've had all the bases covered too, eh? If ya know what I mean?"

Joey blushed. "Rrrgh. Not very subtle on that one, Tristan. I guess that means you heard..."

"Ohh believe me, I heard." Tristan gave him a thumbs up, and Joey rolled his eyes. "But seriously, that's great man. You two look great together."

Joey smiled. "Yeah I know, it feels really awesome."

"But you're not entirely sure if it'll last, right? If we get back to our time and things don't stay the same between you guys?"

Joey's eyes widened. "I shoulda known my oldest friend would be able to guess what I'm thinkin'.

"Well, I'm not the most knowledgeable on the subject. Figuring out a woman's heart is tough enough as it is, but now we've got all this dark magic business happening. Will any of us remember any of this when we go back? Will we even look the way we do now? Beats the heck out of me. I guess all I can say is don't burn any bridges, ya know? If we get back to our time and it's like none of this ever happened, well, better to have loved and lost right? And besides, Tea fell for you because you were just being yourself, if it happened once it'll happen again."

Joey nodded and handed back the weights. "Thanks man. I think I'm gonna visit Yugi before I head off to bed tonight."

"Sure thing dude. Oh, should I have Mai bring some of Tea's clothes to your room? I'm guessing she doesn't have any in there at the moment..."

Joey blushed and cast one last "Shut up!" through gritted teeth as he left. "Man, Tristan can sure make some lame jokes. All those muscles have gone to his head."

It wasn't long before Joey was standing before his fallen friend. The infirmary was dark, what little light existed was cast from small health monitors beside the bed, producing bizarre shadows through the room. Yugi's condition appeared much more grave in the shadows, Joey nearly turned the lights on in spite of himself, but held himself back. Yugi needed his rest. Joey turned his eyes towards the second patient, Kaiba, in a bed next to Yugi's. Joey was awash with mixed feelings. Regret, pity, and heartbreak clashed with smugness, self-satisfaction, and mirth. He nearly leapt out of his skin as a voice from the darkness spoke out suddenly

"I bet you must feel pretty big right now, seeing the mighty Seto Kaiba fallen like this." It was Mokuba. He never left his brother's side for even a moment, he had even demanded his meals be sent to him.

Joey shook his head. His voice cracked slightly under his heavy emotions as he spoke quietly. "No, not really. Actually, I don't really know how I feel." He looked the older Kaiba over once. He was no less beaten and bruised than Yugi, but he could not bring himself to feel as badly for him as he did his friend. "It's weird. Any other time I'd have jumped to see Kaiba like this, stripped of his dignity, battered and broken. All the better if I could'a done it myself. But seeing it now, the reality of it, I almost can't stand it."

Mokuba made no move, in the entire time he had been there he had rarely moved a muscle. "It is in tragedy and pain where we discover who a person really is. How they handle it says a lot about them. You've experienced enough of both for yourself, and you fought through it and persevered You kept your promise and brought Yugi and Seto back. And now you're seeing the other side of the same coin, how you react to other people in pain. You look upon your friend and your enemy with the same feelings, more or less. It's less who has gotten hurt, and more the fact that someone has gotten hurt at all, making no distinction based on your personal feelings. The fact that innocent people have been manipulated and injured is all you need, and you are ready to fight back no matter what the cost." Mokuba rose, his stiff joints cracking from inactivity, and turned to face Joey. "I can imagine noone better to defeat this evil."

Joey nodded. "Of course, you realize that once this is over, I'm not gonna go any easier on your brother."

Mokuba smiled. "Nor would I expect he would treat you any different. In fact, having been saved by his sworn enemy, he might go harder on you."

Joey shrugged. "Fair enough. Anyway, big day tomorrow, I'd better hit the hay." He cast one last look at Yugi, for a moment he could have sworn he saw a smile on his youthful face.

"Good idea. Give Tea my approval when you get there, you two look rather nice together."

Joey nearly tripped over. "Man, word travels fast around here eh?"

Mokuba shrugged. "It doesn't take a genius to see the chemistry there. Going by the numbers it's really not the least likely thing to have happened, in fact, all things considered, it probably should have happened sooner."

Joey put his hands over his ears. "Man, I am NOT having a conversation about matchmaking with a Kaiba brother. Goodnight." With that, Joey hastily made his way back to his room and locked the door. Tea was still in his bed, she sat up still half asleep, paying no mind to her state of undress. Joey stared a moment, then shook his head to regain his composure. He returned his duel disk and deck to their resting place on the table, and slowly slid into the bed. Both of the bed's occupants were silent a moment, until Tea spoke up, she gently squeezed his arm.

"Joey, whatever happens, just remember I love you."

"I love you too Tea. That's why I can't possibly lose tomorrow." With his words, Tea fell back into a peaceful slumber. He took one last moment to feel her warmth next to him before succumbing to the darkness.

Morning came all too quickly. Although, one could only tell it was morning by looking at a clock. Even if they could see outside, the sky was engulfed in a perpetual darkness, like any other day. However, today was not quite the same as any other day. Today a single beam of light broke through the twisted black clouds, perhaps a sign of a brighter future. But what stood within the light was no angel of hope, rather, a harbinger of destruction. The twisted Kaiba/Yugi creature stood in the very center of the light, beckoning his opponent forth. His signal would not go unanswered, as Joey approached him alone and unafraid. His friends watched from afar, invisible to the naked eye of the duelists. Their match would go unhindered, as it would dictate the very future of the land on which they would fight. To the victor would go the destiny of the world. May it be Joey Wheeler.

Looks like the end is drawing near. Will Joey win, and the world be thrown into unending darkness? Even if he wins, what remains for Joey but a destroyed city? Next chapter coming a lot sooner than the last one.