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Takato couldn't help but grin as he walked through the park to Guilmon's hut. In the five years since the digimon had gone back to the digital world the hut had become the meeting place for the tamers. Now Takato was heading there for a more personal reason. A meeting between him and the 'Digimon Queen' Rika Nonaka.

Today was the day Takato was going to challenge Rika to a digimon card match. She would refuse him at first, Takato was sure. But he was prepared for that. Takato knew that Rika would never back away from a challenge if it presented something she might not be able to beat. And his little bet would definitely get her attention. Thinking back to when he had called her, Takato grinned as he remembered how shocked Rika had sounded on the phone. He had really surprised her by calling, well before the day was through he was going to surprise her even more.

Still grinning like an idiot Takato looked down at his watch. When he saw what time it was Takato began running. 'Oh man I'm going to be late!'

Rika found herself waiting for Takato outside their normal meeting place. 'I wonder what goggle head wanted to see me about?' Rika thought to herself as she looked at her watch.

"Geez where is he?"

At that moment a nearly breathless Takato came running up the stairs.

"Huff.Sorry I'm.huff.late." He panted.

"Don't worry about it Takato. So what did you want to see me about?" asked Rika.

Takato grinned. "I wanted to challenge you to a match without the others around."

Rika raised an eyebrow. "A match? Goggle head you are aware that I can beat in the first round, aren't you?"

"I think I might surprise you Rika. Besides I have a little wager I want to make as well." Said Takato.

"What kind of wager?" Rika asked cautiously.

"Loser has to be the winner's slave for a whole week." Takato answered.

Rika laughed. The opportunity to have Takato as her slave for a week was too good to pass up. No wonder he had not wanted any of the other tamers around to watch their match.

"Okay goggle head your on. I just hope that you are ready to lose." Said Rika.

The two tamers proceeded to begin their match. To Rika's surprise Takato had indeed improved in his card playing skills. But in the end it didn't matter. With in a matter of minutes Rika had totally devastated Takato's life points winning the game. (AN: Okay, I don't know a thing about the digimon card game. But this was the only way I could see Rika beating Takato.)

"Looks like I win goggle head. Or perhaps I should say slave." Rika said.

With a sigh Takato nodded. He had lost the bet and now he had to pay the consequences.

"So what is your first command o' master?' he asked bowing.

"Good question. I suppose the first thing we should do is move you into my house." Said Rika.

Huh? Takato looked up suddenly. He couldn't have heard Rika correctly could he? Looking right at Rika, Takato saw that she was smiling.

"That's right you're gonna move into my house. If I only have you as a slave for just one week than I plan to enjoy every minute of it." Rika said.

'Oh boy what have I gotten myself in to. Good thing it's summer time and school is out.' Takato thought as he followed silently behind Rika.


Howling Wolf: Another new story finished. For those of you who love the digimon characters don't worry they'll be making an appearance in future chapters. As for the tamers' age I like to work with a few years after the third season ended.