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Sesshomaru's POV

I sit and watch as she tries to end her suffering. My half breed brother almost beat her half to death. I watched. Why? I don't know. The voice in my head is practically driving me crazy.

Her voice comes to me.

"Inu yasha come back," she whispers.

I am sorry for her. Why? I don't know.

Death, pity , sorrow is nothing new to me. I'm going to tell her about my mother. I walk down to her and watch as she backs away.

"Calm down," I whisper.

She relaxes and I sit down.

"I'm going to tell you a story," I whisper.

I begin:

There was a woman who loved a man with all her heart, soul, and mind. She wanted to please him so she got pregnant on purpose. Her family objected to her mating with him but it was too late. She carried the child for nine months and gave birth to a son. That child was me.

I grew up with all of the love I could ever want.

One day my father left and did not return for nine months. When he did return he had brought a human wench with him and a child. My mother ran into the castle devastated and locked herself in her room.

I had a spare key and went to unlock her door. I found her crying on the floor. The scent of her blood over whelmed me. I ran to her and saw that she had cut herself. I screamed and she saw me.

"I love you," she whispered and she died.

I ended the story and look at her. I then handed her a small knife.

"Go ahead end your suffering," I whisper.

She looks at me and smile. She smiled. Gods I practically rejoice. I kiss her on the cheek and help her to a room. I order my servants to dress her properly. When she is dressed I think my brother is an idiot.

She then takes the knife I gave her and cuts herself but not deep. I take the same knife and cut my wrist. We press our cuts together. This is familiar.

I remember now. I tried to commit suicide all the time after my mother's death but it was not easy. I did not know how to become human as she did so I always healed.

Now I have blood bonded with a human. I guess this is a promise. If I mate with her I cannot kill myself without her. It is the same for her. I kiss her again and am rewarded with another smile.

"Do you talk anymore," I ask.

She shakes her head no. I sigh.

"You'll get over it," I say.

This is stage one back to recovery. I love her I guess. We will not live happily ever after but this is close enough.


Merry Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah, and every other holiday.

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