Title: Well...Damn
Author: Kleptomaniac Can Opener
Rating: Currently PG-13, but knowing me that will get bumped up higher

Pairing(s): Seto/Jou, possibly others in the future
Original Characters: None
Status: Series
Spoilers: Shouldn't be any.  I've only seen the American series, read a little manga and a whole bunch of fanfics
Disclaimer: I own the computer this story is being written with.  That's it.  Nothing here, people.  Keep it moving.
Summary: Like everyone else, Jou knows that once you're dead, then you're dead.  But that didn't quite work out for him...

This is something of a fusion with Highlander (no Highlander characters will be showing up).  If you don't know what that is, or you're not familiar with it, don't worry.  Jou isn't either so you can learn with him. ^^ You don't actually need to know about Highlander to read this, I'm just pointing it out so those who do know the series will understand I'm not claiming the idea. *points to disclaimer*


Live for today.

He's always thought that was pretty sound advice.  After all, you rarely, if ever, get a second chance at anything truly important.

That's why he breaks the rules.
That's why he takes stupid chances.
That's why he can go home every night.

But tonight...he really should have gone to someone else's.

Tonight...he died.




He's rarely seen his father like this.  Drunk or otherwise.
That's a good thing, by the way.

Usually his old man would yell, scream, curse, hit him a few times then pass out.
Not too bad.  He's been in more violent situations.

Gang fights.
Rabid dogs.
Being strung up in an abandoned garage and jabbed with cattle prods.

But this...this takes the cake.
The plate too.

Ever take the time to watch a storm?  To see how it churns and rages to the point that you think the world is going to end?
Right now, his father is like that.

And the damn door is blocked off.

"Just calm down.  I'll get you another beer."  He can't even understand the man's response, not that he needs words to understand that he's seriously piss and it's going to be a very painful experience.


He thought getting beat with a table would hurt more.  Or maybe he's just too numb to feel it properly.
That's a decent enough blessing for such a shitty night.

Things are getting fuzzy...cold...

Really cold.

Should he be this cold?


His head hurts.

That's the first thing he notices.
Then he notices he's currently freezing his ass off.

What the hell?

With pure will, he pries open coffee-colored eyes only to be met with nothing.
Well, not precisely nothing.  But rather a whole bunch of dark.
Darkness trapped in metal.
A metal case shaped like a coffin.

Oh shit.

So he does the most logical thing.
He screams.