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ME: And another new fic from yours truly

CS: You don't quit, do you?

ME: Nope, and never will.

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Chapter One

Voltaire's fiendish plan

17th of December 2001

2:30 am

I hate winter. The stupid snow just keeps falling down and making icicles out of my hair.

I am currently at the St. Petersburg Airport, waiting for my car to arrive. I also went and bought a watch.

Why, you ask?

Because my car was a friggin' THREE hours late.

Oh, heads are going to fly when I get there.

If I get there.


Oh my God, my car is FINALLY here!!!

A weird guy with pointy red hair came out. Really, the hairstyles you have these days…

Anyway, he stood in front as if trying to size me up.

"You are Timberwolf?"

"I am."

"Follow me."

I cocked an eyebrow, "You forgot to say the 'magic' word."

The guy was seriously clueless. I guess they don't teach manners here in 'sunny' Russia.

I sighed. Stuck with a bunch of guys who want to conquer the world and have no sense of humor.

I picked up my bag, "How far is it?"

"I'm not telling you."

"Geez, you're friendly."

"And you're supposed to be a spy."

I rolled my eyes, "Excuse me, but I am a spy. A girl spy, but a spy nevertheless."

He snorted, "What's your real name?"

"Now why would I tell you that now, hm?" I coated my voice so sounded sugary sweet.

He shrugged, "Let's go. It's a two and a half hour drive."

Just my luck. Why, Oh, Why did I accept this job?

My empty pocket was why. A spy's gotta eat.


I've arrived at the headquarters. It looks like the Notre Dame cathedral, dark and spooky.

Why did this guy pick a church as a hideout?

Some people have no taste.

Anyways, the guy with the pointy hair led me to the office. There, was an old man leaning on a very comfy chair. I wonder how many wrinkles he has…

"Please sit down."

Old miser. He's got the comfy chair, while he stuck me with a hard wooden chair, which was probably older than him. I'm surprised it hadn't collapsed yet.

At least he said the word 'please'

The Old Geezer scrutinized me as I looked at his office (had the worst décor I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of offices)

"My name is Voltaire Hiwatari and I want you to spy on my grandson."

I wrinkled my nose. The guy has a Japanese last name and a French name (or I think it's French. It's hard to tell)


Now usually I not supposed to ask questions. For some strange reason, that really annoys the bosses. It's like You-do-what-I-tell-you-and-its-none-of-your-business. Which is weird considering it IS my business. After all, I'm the one spying on the kid.

"Because he has joined a team and I'm worried how that will…affect him."

This job just gets weirder and weirder…

"So, you'll take the job?"

I didn't really have a choice in the matter. If I refused, guys are going to come in with blazing guns aimed at moi [1].

"Yeah, I'll take it."

And I took my leave. But not before leaving the watch on his table.

When I left, I heard a scream and winced.

I forgot to tell him it WASN'T a bomb.

Not every spy is a James Bond look-alike, sad to say.


I'm waiting for my flight to Japan. The guy with the pointy tipped hair is here too. I think his name is Tala, but what kinda name is that? I told him it sounded like a girl's name. His eyebrow twitched and he replied that he simply didn't care what I thought at all.

Charming guy, isn't he?

 I think Santa Claus could get frostbite from this guy.

My flight just came in. Maybe I can catch some shut-eye on the trip.

I said a good-bye to Tala, but he just grunted.

I like this guy more and more.

Next stop, Japan!

ME: My name is Wolf. Timber Wolf.

CS: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

CT: Who wouldn't?

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