Title: Visitor in the Desert

Author: Gillian Leigh

Summary: Someone with an important message comes to visit Mulder while he's in hiding.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters you recognize. I own only those characters that I created.


The house in the desert never saw any visitors. The occasional passerby didn't give it so much as a second glance. Whoever lived there didn't get any mail, except for bills once in a while, and the mailman never saw the 'Rob Petri' who lived there. The shades were always drawn, there was never a car in the driveway, and the edifice itself was ramshackle and deteriorated.a far cry from inviting. But none of this dissuaded the petite brunette who climbed the rickety steps, futilely attempting to beat the dust out of her black muscle shirt and pants. She removed the dark sunglasses which had hidden her eyes from view in addition to protecting them from the sun. Her thick soled combat boots made a dull thud with each step on the porch's wooden surface, and she raised her hand to knock at the door. She paused, remembering the dog tags around her neck, and hid them inside her shirt.
Inhaling deeply, she knocked at the door. She waited fifteen seconds before knocking again; harder this time. The door opened underneath her hand in mid-knock. A short boy stood before her, wearing glasses, a sweat- dampened orange shirt and gray shorts. He peered out warily at her from the four inch opening he had created.
"Who're you?" he asked. Studying him critically, she decided he was no older than twelve. "Why are you here?" he asked. She opened her mouth to speak and then closed it, contemplating what to say.
"I need to speak with Fox Mulder. Is he here?" The boy looked slightly startled at the mention of that particular name.
"There's no one here by that name," the boy said. "Please go away." He attempted to close the door, but the girl put her hand out and held it in place.
"You're lying," she said, staring at the boy. He looked panicked.
"I don't want any trouble. Please, just leave," he said. The girl adamantly shook her head.
"It's very important that I speak to Mr. Mulder. His life, your life, and the lives of everyone on this planet depend on it," she said, keeping her tone even. The boy's eyes went wide, and he was silent for a moment. A voice called from within.
"Let her in, Gibson. If she was sent to kill us, she would've done it already." The boy, she now knew his name was Gibson, stepped aside and let her pass into the house. He closed the door behind her and latched it securely.
It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim-lighting of the interior of the house, which was a stark contrast to the brightness of the outdoors. She could see that the room she had entered into was a living room, which was sparsely furnished. A couch stood against one wall, and a desk stood against another, a computer rested on its surface, humming peacefully as it slept. The windows were all by heavy curtains, in an attempt, she assumed, to keep both the light and heat outdoors; the house was not air-conditioned. Her observation was interrupted.
"Why are you here?" she turned toward the voice, to see the lanky form of the man she had come in search of, Fox Mulder, leaning against a wall. "More importantly, who are you?"
She looked at him and crossed her arms.
"I'm Rhiannon." He raised his eyebrows.
"Do you have a last name?" he asked. She shook her head.
"No. Where I come from, last names do not matter. We are all assigned numbers. Our names and surnames lost their importance long ago." The man appeared intrigued. He motioned for her to sit on the couch, sinking into it himself. Gibson remained in the doorway, very edgy as he watched the scene unfold before him. Mulder studied Rhiannon, sure that he had seen her before; she looked familiar to him. 'Of course,' he thought to himself, 'after not seeing a soul other than Gibson for ten months, anyone could look familiar.' He was sure that he was going insane. The girl studied him as well. His hair was disheveled and unruly, and far too long for her taste. His face had a week's worth of stubble, and there were dark circles present under his eyes. He looked gaunt; too pale and too thin.
"What did you come to speak to me about, Rhiannon? What's so imperative that you tracked me down to tell me?" Mulder asked, rubbing his chin.
"Mulder, in a few days, Agent Scully will make a decision. She will not contact you, and you will have no idea what has happened. Scully has decided that she can no longer provide adequate protection for your son, William---" Mulder cut her off.
"How do you know about this? You speak as though you know the future! How do you know about William?" Rhiannon simply raised a hand to silence him.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Mulder scoffed.
"Try me," he said, crossing his arms. Rhiannon sighed.
"I'm from the future."
"I've heard stranger things," he stated. Ignoring the disbelief in his comment, Rhiannon continued.
"You need to contact Scully. You must tell her not to give William up for adoption. She believes that she can't adequately protect him, but in all actuality, the two of you are the only two people who can. If you don't stop her." Rhiannon paused, surprised to find tears in her eyes. Mulder's expression softened.
"If I don't stop her, what will happen?" he asked.
"The world as you know it will end," she said, unable to meet his gaze. Mulder's eyebrows went up. "You may or may not know," Rhiannon continued. "That on December 22, 2012, an alien firestorm will ravage Earth. Those humans not treated with alien DNA will either be injected or eliminated. Those humans who survive will become slaves to the alien race which will rule the world," Rhiannon responded, looking into his eyes. To her surprise, they registered only mild disbelief.
"What does any of this have to do with William?" Mulder queried. "And how can you prove that what you say is true?"
"If Scully gives William up for adoption, the parents he goes to will know nothing of the force which will end their lives, and the people who will kidnap 'their' son, and use him against the human race. You see, Mulder, your son has a gift. A gift which would enable him to save the world from this doom, to protect the human race from alien enslavement and certain death. But this gift goes both ways. As easily as it can be used to save the human race, it can be used by others to destroy them," she said. "And the only assurance I can offer you that what I say is true is my word."
"You have no other proof?" he asked, seemingly disappointed.
"No," she said, quietly.
"I'm supposed to take the word of a total stranger as the Gospel Truth?" he asked, almost mockingly. "I'm sorry, Rhiannon. But in my line of work, I've learned not to trust people." Rhiannon's eyes filled with tears again, and she looked down at her hands before speaking again.
"If you don't stop Scully from giving William up from adoption, I am an example of what will become of every human being on this planet," she said, calmly. "I may look like a human being on the exterior, but I am thirty-three and one-third percent alien. I am what is referred to as a Super Solider, or a human/alien hybrid. As a child, my human DNA was manipulated when I was injected with the purest form of the alien DNA that had been cultivated since the original alien DNA was used right after the Roswell crash of 1947. Through this procedure, I was made indestructible, unable to be killed. But I am forever a slave to those who made me this way. I am forced to kill, to breed, and to create others like myself. When they believe I am no longer useful, they will exterminate me in the only way that people like myself can be killed. They will inject me with a serum which will separate my alien and human DNA, causing the alien DNA to mutate, and act as an autoimmune virus, which will attack my cells, and kill me. This is not a fate for your son, Mulder, or for any other children you may be a father to. If you don't believe me, and stop her, this will happen to you too," she concluded, feeling very shaky. The wobble in her voice betrayed her calm exterior, and Mulder was compelled to believe her.
He did not respond, and Rhiannon rose to her feet. She grasped the chain around her neck and gave it a firm yank, breaking the clasp which held the ends of the chain together. Stepping over to Mulder, she opened his right hand and placed the dog tags inside, closing his fingers around them. Without another word, she turned and walked out the door, closing it quietly behind her. Perplexed, Mulder opened his palm and lifted the dog tags out of his hand and examined them. He reached up behind him and turned on a light. The writing on the tags said,
"Civilian Number: 11211013
Name: Rhiannon Mulder
DOB: December 22, 2002"

His eyes widened. She was. his daughter? But how? He had begun attempting to convince himself that it was nothing more than an elaborate prank when Gibson spoke up.
"She's not lying to you, Mulder. She's your daughter." Clutching the dog tags in his hand, Mulder leaped up off the couch and ran out the door of the house. Looking out over the desert, he saw no sign of Rhiannon. She'd gone just as mysteriously as she arrived.
"Rhiannon?" he yelled, looking wildly about. "RHIANNON?!" He felt a hand on his arm.
"She's gone, Mulder. I-I can't hear her thoughts anymore." Gibson said. Mulder shook his head.
"She can't be gone. I have so many questions for her, damn it!" he yelled. He paused, and looked again at the silver dog tags he held. "If she's right, I have to contact Scully. I have to stop her from giving Will up for adoption."


Dana Scully opened her door, carrying her son on her hip, and nearly fell over when she saw who stood on the other side.
"Mulder? Oh my God, Mulder!" she exclaimed, hugging him with her free arm. "What are you doing here? Isn't this dangerous?" He could tell that she was distraught, and had been crying.
"Scully, I know what you're feeling right now, but you can't give him up for adoption." Her face dropped.
"H-how.?" she began. Closing the door and looking down into her eyes, he said,
"We're the only ones who can protect him."
"Mulder?" she questioned. "How did you know that I was even considering giving him up?" Her eyes welled with tears. Mulder opened her free hand and placed the dog tags in it. She looked down at them, and then up at him, her eyes full of shock.
"I had a visitor this morning."

Author's Notes: I don't really know what inspired me to write this. Probably the fact that I am a crazy shipper, and I was really angry when Scully gave Will up for adoption. So I fixed it. :-p Enjoy! Comments welcome, xxilovedavidduchovnyxx@yahoo.com.