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One Last Time

One-Shot: Only for Her

Author's Note:

This is a very short one-shot, based off a small story I keep seeing on LivJournals and the sort. It's very sad… And the first time I read it, I felt like crying. Anyway, here it is, for your enjoyment. Tell me what you think!


A young man with brown hair sped along the freeway on his motorcycle, his golden-haired girlfriend, and, he hoped, soon to be fiancée, riding behind him.

His helmet, covering most of his head, bit into his forehead, and he felt a trickle of sweat slide down the side of his head.

The girl had her head leaning slightly on his shoulder, watching the farm side fly by quickly.

They were going fast… too fast for her comfort.

"Can you slow down?" she asked tentatively, loudly so he could hear.

"Oh, this is how fast it should be, and besides, do you want to get to the party on time or not?" His voice sounded as carefree as it always did, but, unknown to her, was barely covering a part of him that was screaming.

"Well, I guess…"

A few minutes passed, and the girl knew they would soon come to the curve of the freeway.

Suddenly, he called out to her. "Can you hug me for a moment? I'm cold."

She looked at him strangely, but the wind was freezing, and she wrapped her arms around his torso anyway.

A moment later, he commanded her to take off his helmet and for her to wear it. When asked why, he simply replied, "My forehead was getting too hot."

She, feeling just a bit doubtful, obeyed again, placing the helmet to her head.


A week and a half later, an old man, a doctor by the name of Gilmore, received a newspaper clipping from his friend and neighbor, who had recently attended a funeral.

A paragraph read this:


"21 year old Joe Shimamura knew his breaks were wearing loose, and could cause serious injury if he did not replace them. However, he did not, thinking he would replace them after a few more rides.

Two days later, while riding with his girlfriend, Françoise Arnoul, he knew the horrible had happened; the breaks no longer worked, and they were riding at 70 MPH on Freeway 8-80. Because he was wearing the only helmet, Shimamura knew one of them would die.

Arnoul notes that he had asked her to hug him and wear the helmet, lying to her and saying that he was cold, then hot.

She now knows that he lied to her for two reasons: he wanted to feel her arms around him one last time, and he wanted her to live."


Hope you liked it… Tell me what you think!