Romance In The Hospital Wing

by Wo Ai Ni16


Greetings! After having a major writer's block with my other HP fanfic, "My Fourth Year by Ginny" (I know, shameless self-promotion -___-;; but do check it out ^^ ) I  had a sudden burst of inspiration with this new fanfic, Romance In The Hospital Wing.  And, no it has nothing to do with Poppy falling hopelessly in love with someone...

But anyways! This is an AU about my favorite HP couple of all time, James and Lily..... some parts may be cannon for all I know, and I may have changed some parts mentioned in the books to fit my plot.  I try to have as an original a plot as possible, but yes, it starts out with the traditional love/hate thing, but after that, loads of original plot (I hope) in store! Please do give this fic a chance, I'm doing all my creativity and literary best here! 

Summary: Lily and James were not in the friendliest terms in their 7th year... But now, 2 years have passed and Lily, a MediWitch meets James, who is now a famous Auror, again as she saves him from death and nurses him back to health. And did I mention, she falls madly in love with him in the process?  Now the only problems are the war they're in, James' girlfriend, Lily's fiancé, and mean old Voldie chasing after them...

On with the Prologue....


Romance in the Hospital Wing: Prologue

Festive cheers and music can be heard in the field near Hogwarts' lake, where the Graduation Ceremony was being held.  About a hundred or so families can be found sitting on white chairs chatting with their friends as they waited for the ceremony to commence.  Not even the growing threats of the Dark Lord can dampen the spirits of these people, not counting of course those who were secretly allies of You-Know-Who, for they cannot be happier with the increasing muggle deaths being reported throughout Britain. 

Facing the front of these parents was a large wooden stage, where the Hogwarts staff was seated.  On the left and right of the stage were also two sets of chairs set up for the graduating class of 1976.  Among the teachers seated was the famous Albus Dumbledore, who in the meantime was trying to persuade Professor Minlestone to try a Lemon Drop, for he refused to try anything created by muggles.  As the band started playing their piece, Pomp and Circumstance, Albus Dumbledore stood up, and the teachers and families followed suit. 

Coming from the castle were two rows of the soon-to-be witches and wizards walking in a leisure pace towards the ceremony.  In height order, all of the students were wearing long, flowing black robes, with a long sash hanging from their necks of their house's colors.  The students walked through a carpeted aisle through their families.  At this point, flashes of cameras can be seen and parents (mostly the mothers) can be heard crying happily.  Finally, all the students sat in their respective seats and Albus walked up to the podium.  With his magnified voice, he said, "Welcome, parents, friends, teachers, and most of all, the graduating class of 1976."  At this moment he paused as everyone applauded, and a certain group of Gryffindor boys whistled and whooped.  

Professor Dumbledore continued, "I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending our Graduation Ceremony.  Times have been hard and it has been becoming increasingly difficult to celebrate any occasion.  But for now, let us forget our troubles.  Now, Professor McGonagall, shall we present our graduates with their diplomas?"

Professor McGonagall stood up to the podium and read of the names on the list.  "Ames, Samuel; Avery William..." Each student walked up to Professor Dumbledore, shook his hand, and took their diploma, making them a fully certified witch or wizard. 

"Black, Sirius." A handsome young man stood up proudly, with a comical expression of feigned seriousness.  He received much cheer and whoops from his fellow classmates, not to mention a few boo's from the Slytherin crowd. 

"Evans, Lily."  A pretty petite redhead of 5'3" received her diploma amidst cheers, and catcalls from James Potter.  The latter made Lily blush, though it was more from her indignant anger rather than being flattered.  She quickly took her seat and managed to kick him along the way. 

"Lupin, Remus." Remus Lupin was also, another handsome young man despite the constant tired expression that he always had.  He too, received a round of whoops from his fellow Marauders.  He was the most studious of the group, however, and many people were surprised when James was chosen Head Boy instead of him.

"Pettigrew, Peter." Alas, the awkward Marauder.  Many of the students never did know why the Marauders chose to include him in their group.  Probably out of pity, many of them believed.  It was obvious that he was the kind of person who tried hard to be popular.  Still, his peers clapped politely for him. 

"Potter, James." Now this young man was also another Marauder.  Along with Sirius, they were the most sought-after boys in their class.  His charms were successful in seducing any woman, apart from Evans.  He made quite a show in receiving his diploma, bowing first to Dumbledore, than twice to his peers and the families in the front. 

"Oh, James, if only your father were here to see this," Mrs. Potter smiled through tears as she hugged her son. 

"I know, I know mom," James patted his mother's head as he hugged her back.  It was actually a funny sight to see, really, James who was 6'2" towered over his mother (5'1"), who only managed to hug him around his chest.

"Alright, I know I must be embarrassing you now, go on with your friends and meet me back here in thirty minutes." Mrs. Potter said, wiping her tears and blowing her nose with her handkerchief.

"Thanks mom." James walked off to look for a certain redhead, when he bumped into her. 

"Oomph, Potter, watch where you're going!" A flustered Lily Evans snapped at him.

"Sorry," he said, scratching the back of his head. So much for a smooth greeting. "Well, um.. I just wanted to say that.. uh..." Dammit, idiot! Say it!  

Lily looked up at him with slight impatience, nodding her head to prompt him to speak. "What?"

James just swallowed and said tonelessly, "Um... good luck, Evans." He held out his hand to her.

Lily's eyes softened.  "Good luck to you, too, James." She shook hands with him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. 

Now that was unexpected.  James stood still, rubbing the spot on his cheek absentmindedly.  Oh well, so what if I didn't get to tell her, she called me by my first name for the first time and even kissed me... that's good enough, I guess...  He felt someone smack his back and turned to see Sirius, Remus, and Peter. 

"Did you tell her?" Sirius asked lightly.

"Nope, but it's okay," James said, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself.  "It's not like we can even be together anyway, like there was any chance of it in the first place... especially with us going to be Aurors and all..."

Sirius clapped his back again in an attempt to cheer him up.  "Who knows," he began happily, "I've heard that Evans is planning to be a MediWitch.  What if you were injured oh-so-terribly in a Death Eater attack and she just happened to be the one who nursed you back to health and fall madly in love with you in the process?"

James snorted. "Right, Padfoot, right, and Snape just made an offer of marriage to me five minutes ago."

Well, let's just say that anything, besides Snape proposing to James of course, is possible.  ; ) 


Well, what do you think? Please send me reviews, they are really important at this time to see if my fic has a chance of surviving and whatnot.  You may include any grammatical or other opinions/suggestions/criticisms, but flames are just not accepted.  I know that James and Lily were supposed to be on friendly terms by their seventh year, but that is among the changes I've made for my story.... and also, to any James/Severus shippers out there, my apologies for doing that in this prologue; I only did it because I cannot think of any other sarcastic comment, I have no problems with your pairing preference whatsoever. 

The first chapter shall be up and about very soon ^^

Until then, Kudos to you for reading this prologue and I hope that you continue reading my fic... Oh and Happy Holidays (this was written on Dec. 25th ^^ )

~Wo Ai Ni16