More Saiya-jins?!

~Chapter 1: Preparations~

One peaceful day at Capsule Corp. Bulma is very busy cleaning up the house and getting ready for that afternoon.

"Kaasan! Kaasan, where are you?" the young lavender-haired Vegeta look- alike asked looking for his mother.

"Trunks, I'm in the living room." Bulma said.

"Kaasan, I'm bored." Trunks exclaimed.

Bulma replied, "Well, Trunks, if you're so bored, maybe you can help me clean up the house before the reunion later today."

"Well.I guess I could help out a little bit." Says Trunks.

"Well, a little is better than nothing. Trunks, can you help me move this couch? I'm going to rearrange the furniture in here." Said Bulma.

"Sure, I'll help." Replied Trunks.

~*At the Son House*~

"Okasan, I invited Videl over to train with me today." Gohan said.

"Oh, ok Gohan. I'll make sure no one disturbs you two." Chichi said. "Goten, sweet heart, can u come here for a bit?" she called to her youngest son.

"What is it mommy?" Goten asked.

Chichi answered, "Goten-chan, Gohan invited Videl over today to train with him, so I'm asking you not to bother them. They are training because Gohan wants to help Videl improve her skills and it's best if they are not disturbed. Do you understand sweetie?"

"Yeah, I understand kaasan." Goten replied. "Oh, kaasan, I'm bored. And if Videl is coming over today then I can't spar with Gohan and that just totally blows. And I'm hungry." Goten exclaimed.

"Well, honey, lunch is almost ready, and after lunch you can go over to Trunks' house if you like." Chichi said.

"Yippie! I can't wait!" Goten said, jumping for joy.

~*Meanwhile somewhere out in the middle of space*~

A beautiful girl sat in her space pod thing.

"Father, Celest here." The girl said into the communicator. "Father, I have found out where Vegeta and Kakarrot have been all these years. They have both settled on a distant planet called "Earth"." Celest stated.

"Well done my daughter." A man on the communicator said.

~*At the Satan Residence*~

Videl was walking around her house looking for her father, the one and only Hercule Satan.

**Man, this place is so big I still get lost in here and I've lived here almost all my life. That's sad. **

"Tousan, where are you?!" she called out to him.

"Videl, I'm in here." Called Hercule from the living room. He was watching some old films of himself.

"Where dad?" Videl asked confused.

Hercule replied, "Videl, I'm in the living room."

"Ok daddy." She said. "I'm gonna go over to Erasa's house." She lied. "We're gonna go shopping."

"Ok Videl, just be back home by 10:30. No later! Do you understand?"

Videl replied, "Yes, I understand. 10:30, no later. Got it. Bye dad." She hugged him then walked out the door with her backpack on her back.

~*Back at Capsule Corp.*~

Trunks and Bulma were done rearranging the living room furniture.

"Man, that was exhausting. Hey, Trunks, how 'bout we take a break for a while?" Bulma asked. "Ok kaasan. A break sounds great." Trunks agreed.

Right when Trunks and Bulma were about to sit down to take a break from their tiresome day of moving furniture, there was a huge crash sound that came from outside, followed by someone cursing and complaining about some "stupid piece of junk".

"What was that, kaasan?" Trunks asked.

"I have no idea, honey. Let's go check it out." Bulma said while putting on her shoes.

Trunks put his shoes on as well. "Ok, kaasan." He replied.

Trunks and Bulma were not the only ones who heard the loud crash. Vegeta, who had been training outside, also heard it so he went to go check it out.

(A/N Curious little monkey, aren't we? Hehehe.)