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Chapter 5: Long Time No See! Getting Reaquated

Vegeta and crew landed at the spot where the kis were located.

Vegeta placed Bulma back on her feet and right in front of them, they saw two people advancing toward them.

"Otousan, is it just me? Or does one of those guys kind of look like you?" Mirai asked.

Upon closer inspection, Vegeta realized that the man who looked just like him was his father.

"No wonder one of the kis that I sensed was's my father!" Vegeta exclaimed. "But how can that be? Didn't Freiza kill him? I could've sworn he bizarre..."

Bulma stared at Vegeta in disbelief. "Your father is here?" She asked. "Well, now I know the guy is your father, but who's the girl?" Bulma asked.

Vegeta just shrugged his shoulders.

The two humanoid beings spotted Vegeta, Bulma and both Trunks'.

The Vegeta-look-alike looked at Vegeta and spoke. "Ah. Hello my son! Long time no see? You've uh...grown...quite a bit." He then turned his head and looked at Bulma. "Well, well, what do we have here? Vegeta is this your mate?"

"Yes she is. What's it to you old man?" Vegeta replied very coldly to his father.

Celest then chose that moment to speak up. "Hey Vegeta! Don't you remember me at all? Please tell me you do..."

Vegeta looked as if he was trying his hardest to remember. He had no luck with that. He shook his head. "I don't...Am I supposed to?"

Celest's face twisted in anger but she calmed herself down before she blew her top. "I'm your sister, Celest!"

Bulma, Chibi and Mirai all looked at Vegeta with surprised looks on their faces. Bulma was the first one to start asking questions. "You have a sister? How come you never told me?"

"You never asked me, woman, so I never told you."

Chibi Trunks walked up to Celest and got her attention. "Excuse me miss, you're my father's sister right? Well, I just wanted to know, who's older?"

Celest stared down at him in shock then looked up at Vegeta. "Brother, this is your son?"

Vegeta replied very proudly, "Yes, yes he is."

Bulma, Celest and Mirai all noticed a small smirk creep onto Vegeta's face when he answered. Trunks on the other hand was completely oblivious to this.

Celest got over her shock. "Well, dear nephew, yes I am his sister, well, twin sister to be exact. And about your question, I'm the older twin by two minutes." She said the last part with a smirk identical to the one Vegeta sported earlier.

King Vegeta cleared his throat to speak. "Well my son," He said. "I understand that the child is your son, but who's the older brat who looks just like him?"

Mirai Trunks took no offence to this comment, for he had grown accustomed to it in the amount of time he had gotten to know his father.

"He's mine and Vegeta's son from the future." Bulma spoke.

"Hey future me..." Chibi said.

Mirai chuckled. "Kid, just call me Mirai, OK?"


"What is it Chibi?" Mirai asked.

"You never did answer my question earlier."

Mirai tried to remember what his chibi self's question was. "Can you remind me again what question that was?"

"What is your timeline like?" Chibi asked again.

Mirai looked down at the ground and stared down at his shoes. Although his face wasn't showing, it was clear to everyone else that he was upset about something.

Bulma walked over to Mirai and placed her hand on his shoulder, causing him to look away from his shoes and at her instead. When he looked at her, she could now see the sadness in his tear-filled blue eyes. "Trunks, how about we go home and maybe you could tell us everything...that is only if you want to." She smiled at him in an atempt to cheer him up. It worked just a little bit. She got a small, almost unnoticable smile from him.

Bulma walked back over to Vegeta and latched herself onto one of his arms. "Honey, let's go home ok?"

"Celest, father, we're heading home now. If you like, you are welcome to come with us." Vegeta said as he picked up Bulma in his arms and lifted into the air.

"We do not wish to impose." King Vegeta stated.

"Nonsense. You're not going to be a burden on us. There's more than enough room at Capsule Corp. and anyone is welcome. Besides, you're family." Bulma insisted.

King Vegeta thought it over for a whie. "We accept your invitation." He declaired.

Bulma was excited to be having new guests in the house.

They all took off toward Capsule Corp. to gt the new-comers settled in.

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