TheMischiefMakers Proudly Present……

TheMischiefMakers Proudly Present…

The Harry Potter Monologues:

Professor Monologues Part II

Starring: Flitwick, Trelawny, Binns and Quirrell

Flitwick's Monologue

Harry Potter! The famous Harry Potter! In my classroom! I couldn't believe my luck. That I have lived long enough to see his return to our world, a young man who is already a hero to so many wizards and witches… When Minerva announced his name at the Sorting Ceremony, I wasn't really paying attention. His name just failed to register in my mind. I was too busy worrying about my classes to pay attention, although I did notice that the Great Hall became full of whispering voices as a black haired boy slipped on the Hat. There was definitely something familiar about him but I couldn't put my finger on it at the time and soon I even forgot all about it in the rush of preparing my lessons.

Until I read his name on the roll and fell off my books, that is. Then I knew why he'd looked so familiar to me the night before. Of course, he was the son of Lily and James Potter who were killed in that Halloween night attack by You-Know-Who. Harry had been the only survivor and he'd been just a baby at the time. After this attack Dumbledore had wisely sent Harry out of our world and out of Voldemort's reach when he left Harry with his Muggle aunt and uncle. Everyone knew who Harry Potter was and what he had done but it had been ten long years since anyone had seen him. Ten years of wondering where he was, what he was doing, how he was faring among the Muggles and what he even looked like. I, of course, had the same questions as everyone else but there were a few other questions that I pondered as I climbed back on my chair. How had he survived the attack? What spell was it that had protected him and was protecting him still? What was it that Lily had done that night that made the difference between Harry's life or death?

Lily had been one of my best students, very powerful in the art of Charms work. It had been such a joy to teach her and watch her advance far beyond any of the other students in her year. Charms had always come naturally to her and she made even the most complex spell seem as easy as breathing. I looked out over my current class and wondered if her son's talent lay in Charms work to or perhaps somewhere else. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Harry was very powerful. I could feel the power within him like a small vibration in the air. Harry looked back at me as I stared at him and I saw he looked at me and the world through Lily's bright green eyes.

Harry had returned to claim his birthright at last, but what about us I wondered. Will we be able to prepare him for the encounter that every one of us feels and knows must come? Will we even be given time to? I've said nothing to anyone so far because I'm not sure if I'm imagining things or not. I can feel the presence of something sinister and dark at work inside Hogwarts. It clings to the grounds and castle like a mist, making things murky that were once crystal clear. Somewhere within these walls evil lurks, waiting to strike. The shadows have taken on a deeper darkness. Normal sounds have lately seemed to echo far more then they should or seem to ring hollowly in the halls, making me shiver. I look at Harry and I wonder what life has in store for him? Will he be lucky enough to survive an attack by You-Know-Who again? So much hinges on his survival, all our hopes and dreams of a world free of the terror. All I know for sure is that somehow we must protect him on who so much hope rests even at the cost of our lives.

Trelawny's Monologue

There have been many things that I have seen through the aid of my crystal ball. So many different events have been played out before me when I gaze into the balls dense, swirly, gray mists. Most of these events come to pass just as I had seen them, others change and become less like the visions I had. The future or rather this knowledge I posses of the future is a great and terrible thing. Great because I can see and forewarn people of events to come and terrible because many of the events I see are horrible and most of the time people just scoff at my powers.

Many say that Divination is a questionable branch of magic. Most even believe it to be completely ludicrous. However, I've known many of those people that hold to that belief to consult lunar charts and planetary positions regularly. They have superstitions about dates and avoid major spell casting when certain planets are in alignment. They have premonitions of things to come. They may choose to scoff at Divination but it plays a major role in their lives even if they choose to ignore it. Even if they choose to ignore the signs that they are given that point to their possession of the powers of the Inner-Eye.

I first noticed my ability to See at a very young age. I can't remember my first prediction other then it dealt with some family matter that was only important to me. Since that day I vowed I would use these powers I had gained to keep those around me informed of the dark days that are ahead. I've kept to this vow and will continue to impart my knowledge of the future to those that need to know of the events to come.

So many have passed through these halls and I have seen that many more will. Many have joined me in my secluded tower and many will come in the future. Some see all, but most see nothing. True seers are rare but rarer still are those possessing the power of Sight but refusing to use it. Those that have this power but choose to ignore. Those that have the power but scoff at it. It is those people that I really feel sorry for. Perhaps, one day they will realize their power and use it. Perhaps, he will come to understand the inner power that he possesses.

Binn's Monologue

I've been here forever it seems like. I've been a witness to so many events in both the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds. It amazes even me sometimes what I've witnessed. In the Wizarding World I've seen dark wizards rise and fall only to rise again and wait for their next fall. In the Muggle World I've seen Muggles invent many strange devices such as telegraphs and telephones, each one an improvement from the last. In the Wizarding World I've also seen many a good witch or wizard rise and fall never to rise again. In the Muggle World I've watched Muggles kill one another in wars. Some of the things I've seen in both worlds can be so depressing that it's a wonder I continue to watch how things progress at all. Perhaps, it is for this reason that I remain so impassive towards people. So unapproachable, so unreachable, so inwardly focused that most tend to stay away from me whenever I have free time. Of course when you're a ghost most people tend to give you a wide berth not matter what your view of the world may be or how depressing it is.

Things haven't changed much from when I was a student here though. Even then most of the other students tended to stay away from me. I was made of stone. I was cold, calculating at times and harsh towards people. So instead of trying to crack my surface they merely kept their distance. I really didn't care though; I had my books to keep me company. Books are the best friends a person can have they don't judge you, at least not usually. Thus, my hours were spent in reading, how could I not when I had a library full of exciting and interesting ideas, histories and philosophies. While others went to Hogsmead I spent my time reading treatise on magic, others went home for Christmas and I stayed behind reading the histories, and at Easter Break I worked through the ideas and philosophies old long dead witches and wizards.

However, there was one thing that could pull me away from my books. Quidditch. While I never excelled at quidditch I loved to watch the matches, feel the excitement raised by them and celebrate the joy of victory. Ravenclaw, my house, often trounced all the other houses in those days winning both Quidditch and House Cups all throughout my seven years as a student. It was spectacular. It will surprise you to know that I still cannot resist the mounting excitement of a Quidditch Game, even in death the pull I feel from the Quidditch Pitch is incredible. I couldn't miss a game if I tried. I suppose this must surprise you. Boring Professor Binns, one-tracked Professor Binns, unapproachable Professor Binns does enjoy something other then droning on about History of Magic. He does care for something other then his subject matter. He's almost human. Remarkable revelation huh?

I care for other things too. I do care for my students even though it appears I do not. They would claim that I don't but really I do. I wonder if young Potter will be given the chance to live the life his parents were unable to. I remember that night so well; the night Lily and James were killed and Harry sent to live with his Muggle relatives. It's an event that stands out vividly in my mind. It's a night that has gone down in the history books. A night of both mourning and celebration. All I could do that night though was mourn. Mourn the loss of two of the best students to come out of Hogwarts. The next day there was another loss to mourn; young Pettigrew was dead, killed by Sirius Black and young Black sent to Azkaban for his crimes. Those events still haunt me like I haunt Hogwarts.

I wonder will young Potter live to tell the tale of the "boy who lived?" Will he live to tell his children to watch out for Professor Binns' boring History of Magic class? Will he and his classmates meet again in the years to come? I suppose only time will tell and I've got a lot of time to spare. Go away now I have a lecture on the Goblin Rebellion to work on.

Quirrell's Monologue

Why did I do it? How could I have fallen so far so fast? How could I have come to this pass? Evil now resides within my soul, sharing it with me. I've let evil enter my heart and he has taken everything from me. I should have known better than to trust him and yet he had promised me so much. Riches, honor and power. The three things I thought I wanted most of all. He dangled them before me and I was naïve enough to believe every word he said. Maybe he put a spell on me- I don't know- but he's gotten me to do his bidding. Even when I resist him, still the result is the same. The last time I had tried to resist …

I don't want to think about that. It's too painful. Now I am left with nothing but this little corner of my mind to call my own. Voldemort has taken over and I have become a prisoner in my own mind. I can't act. I can't speak. I can't take any action at all. The only thing I can do is sit helplessly by, watching while Voldemort works his evil through me. I long to run to somebody, to warn them of the traitor in their midst, but its impossible now. There is too much of Voldemort in me to ever hope to be free of his taint. His spirit runs like a strong poison in my veins, unstoppable and his evil clouds my spirit in impenetrable darkness.

In the deep dark hours of the night, I wonder how my life had gone so horribly wrong. Was there some flaw, some weakness in me that he had discovered and used to engineer my fall? I wasn't always so cowardly or so evil. Once I had been brave and good. The power I had was enough for me and I was glad to help anyone in need. I had always been interested in fighting the creatures of the Dark Arts. Perhaps it was this and my need to help others that had lead me to this pass because it was through this that I found Voldemort and his hiding place.

I thought he was just another unfortunate victim of an attack by a vengeful and evil hag. He had looked so helpless and nearly dead that I had to help him. What I didn't know was that the hag I thought was his enemy was in fact working for him. Undaunted by the challenge I fought the hag and easily defeated her. It was as I did this that fear began to grow within me. I turned to see him standing there, glowing a sickly and evil green. Then I knew who he was and what I had done. Voldemort's evil was loosed on the world once more through my actions.

I tried to flee then and had been fleeing ever since. I began to fear every shadow and anything or anyone touched by the Dark Arts. Teaching became a daily nightmare as my fear grew. I could no longer concentrate on my subject and had even become afraid of it. I had just about decided to retire from teaching and to tell Dumbledore what I had done when Voldemort finally caught up with me. He demanded that I remain at my post and help him eliminate his rival in power: Harry Potter. He told me that he would then leave me forever, granting me peace from my fear and that if I did him this one small service he would grant me more power than I had ever known before. I was tempted then and in that moment my soul became his.

I will never be free from his evil, I realize this now and the thought depresses me. There is nothing I can do or say that will make up for the mistake I have made. My only hope now lies in Harry's hands. I hope he can defeat Voldemort this time as he did in the past. Maybe his magic will banish Voldemort forever this time. As for me, I know my life is forfeit no matter what the outcome. I look forward to it because in death I shall finally be free of this evil within me at last.

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