Warning: Implies a small amount of Shounen ai.

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade so ;P


He watched him from the doorway.

Pretty Silver/grey hair falling into his face.

Calm cool and emotionless eyes, were now glassy and revealing everything that their owners felt.

The cold, powerful and strong exterior had been washed away in the river of tears.

And he loved it.

He could see clearly exactly what lay beneath.

Nothing was hidden, he could see right into his soul and the person that was behind the mask.

It was what he had wanted since they had become part of the same team.

He frowned as he watched him try to stop the tears.

Why did he always have to try to hide himself from him?

And then softly, the one he was observing muttered, 'You must think I'm pathetic.'

NO! How could he think that!

He wanted to say he didn't. He wanted to say what he really felt. He had to do something, he didn't want him to think that that was what he thought of him.

He quickly moved over and stood in front of him.

Kai's head snapped up, his eyes reguarding him warily through his tears.

He smiled, trying to reassure him that it was ok.

He reached down and placed a hand under Kai's chin so they were looking straight into each others eyes and said the first thing that came into his head, 'You're so pretty when you cry.'

He had no idea why he'd said it, it had just felt like the right thing to say.

Kai stared up at him in shock.

Tyson kneeled infront of him without letting go of his chin. He then pulled out a handkerchief with his other hand.

He smiled even more, enjoying the feel of Kai's skin against his, and started to wipe the tears away.

As he finished wiping the tears away he felt the need to kiss him on the cheek.

So he did.

When he pulled away, Kai offered him a small smile, 'Thanks.'

Tyson's felt his smile grow and wrapped around Kai and pulled him into a hug, 'You're so pretty when you cry..............But you're even prettier when you smile.'