The Sister - Chapter 1

My name is Alexandra McMahon. I'm the sister of Shane and Stephanie McMahon. No one really knew about me or talked about me that much. It really killed Vince (my father & CEO of WWE) when I told him I had no desire to be in the "wrestling" business. I wanted to go to college and have a degree in something other then business or management. Linda (my mother) on the other hand was supportive of every choice I made, she knew somewhere along the lines there would be someone in the family who didn't want to deal with the family business.But in a weird way I guess I did.

You see I went to UCLA Medical School to become a doctor. I had special training and schooling and became an Orthopedic Surgeon / Specialist. When I graduated my father asked me that all-important question.He said, "Lexy, Honey, would you like to be the WWE's road doctor, to travel from town to town and state to state to watch over the wrestlers incase any of them should ever need orthopedic advise/consultations/surgery." I said, "Dad, Can I think about it for a couple of days?" He said, "Sure honey, let me know what you decide."

Now I knew, if anything was ever to happen with my parents me, Shane & Stephanie would be the ones to keep the WWE Company alive and kicking. I took a few days to think things through, even though I had already made my decision. I called my dad and asked if I could speak with him and mom privately in their office? Dad said for me to go ahead and come down to the office in Stamford and I could talk with them.

So I jumped in my red Toyota RAV4 and drove down to their office and walked up to Marissa (mom & dad's personal secretary & Shane's wife) and said, "Hey chica, the parental units are expecting me." Marissa said, "Yea, they told me, go ahead and go in.fair warning though, your fathers is in a foul mood." I said, "That's why we let mom handle him, she can get him out of that foul mood every time."

I knocked on the door and heard mom say "C'mon in." I walked in and said "Hi Mom.Hey Dad." I gave them both hugs and kisses on the cheek. Dad said, "So what's up, you said you wanted to talk with us, let's be quick, I have a lunch date with your mother in about 20 minutes." I said, "Yes, Master."

Mom giggled a little and said, "She is definitely YOUR daughter." He looked at mom and said, "Oh no way, I'm not getting credit for her." Mom and I laughed. I said, "Okay I will make it quick, I decided to take you up on your offer dad, I would like to be the road doctor for the WWF wrestlers." Mom said, "Well, did you tell Shane or Stephanie about this yet?" I said, "Nah I figured you guys could let them know, or we can wait until our Sunday night dinner and I'll tell them." They both said okay and as I flew back to my apartment in New York City, they went off to their lunch date.