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I really do know the sign language alphabet, so if in the future I go into it, I'm telling the truth about what the gestures are.


"Did you hear? There's a new kid coming today!"

"I know! I wonder who it is!"

"Maybe it's a girl! She'd be really cool and love to just hang out."

"Forget girl! Maybe it's a guy! A totally hot guy!"

"Nah. I heard the principle talking to Miss. Cheyenne. It's definitely a girl."

"No, I heard boy."

The news had spread like wildfire and Yami and Yugi were getting tired of hearing about the new kid. They were curious, but they weren't obsessed. They'd find out when the time came.

The bell rang and Yugi sat down in his seat between Joey and Tea. Joey waved and Yugi did the same to the both of them as the teacher entered.

"Attention class!" he said. "We have a new student. She comes here from New York City and I hope you all will be kind to her. Come in." Mr. Gallmarray motioned for her to come in as there were a few groans in the room from a few girls. They had been hoping for a guy.

Yami watched through his counter-part's eyes as the door to the class room opened. He saw a few of the other guys' jaws drop as she entered, while some of the girls snickered. He himself remained emotionless as she entered.

"I'd like you all to meet Katrina Lakewood."

Katrina had long black hair that cascaded around her face in soft waves and eyes that were dark and full of fear as she stood in front of the class, all eyes on her. She wore a red sweater with jeans and sneakers.

"Miss. Katrina, why don't you take the seat behind Yugi Motou there," Mr. Gallmarray said, placing a hand gently on her back and urging her forward. He pointed to Yugi who noticed Katrina's eyes flick to his hand nervously. Many girls in the class would die to have him touch them.

Jonathan Gallmarray was a tall, good looking man in his mid-twenties. He had sandy hair with bangs that came down to just above his eyebrows and soft eyes that made a number of girls melt.

Yugi gave Katrina a reassuring smile as she sat down behind him. She tried to return it, but it came out as more of a grimace.

"In fact, Mr. Motou, why don't you be the one to show Miss. Katrina around?" the teacher said.

"Sure!" Yugi replied, turning in his seat and giving Katrina a thumbs up. "This place isn't as bad as you think. You'll get used to it," he said to her. Katrina nodded nervously and took out her notebook as the class started.


Katrina entered the cafeteria, only to have nearly half of it turn to look at her. Her stomach quivered with stage fright, even though she was nowhere near a stage. She hated being to object of attention.

She was considering turning and running out the door, when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to see Yugi standing there.

"Hi!" he said. "Do you want to come sit with me and my friends?"

Katrina nodded after a second and followed him to a table with four others sitting there.

"This is Katrina you guys. Katrina, this is Joey, Tristan, Bakura and Tea," Yugi said, indicating each as he introduced them.

Katrina gave a weak smile as she sat down. She hesitated for a second before making a few movements with her hands. She already knew the answer, but it was worth a shot.

The others stared at her.

- What was that? - Yugi thought.

Yami recognized it though. - Sign language, Yugi. Katrina's deaf! -

- How do I talk to her then? What do I say? How can she understand me? - Yugi was beginning to panic slightly.

- She must be able to lip read. -

"You... you're deaf?" Yugi asked, this time him being the nervous one. How do you ask someone something like that?"

Katrina had been watching him and the others diligently. She nodded and dug into her schoolbag for her notebook. Tearing out a number of pages, she pulled out a pen.

Yugi, who was sitting beside her watched as she wrote. When she passed it to him, he looked at it. Yami, also curious as to what this girl had to say, looked through Yugi's eyes at her note.

Her cursive must have been the most beautiful they had ever seen. It was graceful and had a few rather large loops here and there. It looked somewhat antique. Concentrating on the words she had written, he read aloud.

"'I am deaf, due to unfortunate circumstances. I don't take it any of you know sign language, so we will have to use paper as a means of communication... if you are even interested at this point.' What do you mean if we're interested?" Yugi asked.

"Do you think we won't want to hang out with you because you're deaf?" Tea asked. Katrina blushed slightly and looked at the table. Taking the paper back from Yugi, she wrote a few words.

This time Joey took it from across the table. "'It wouldn't be the first time.' That's ridiculous!" he exclaimed.

"Why would someone exclude you because of a handicap that is so easy to overcome?" Tea inquired.

Katrina took the paper and once more took her pen to it. She then pushed it to Tea, who read it aloud. "'Because it's too much trouble to talk to me.' That's stupid. It's not too much trouble to talk to you."

Katrina smiled and looked down at her hands.

"How come you're deaf anyway? What was the unfortunate circumstance?" Tristan asked.

When Katrina made no movement to respond, even when she lifted her head to them, he stared at her, confused.

"She couldn't hear you, Tristan. She has to be able to read your lips. Ask her again now," Yugi said.

Tristan caught her attention by waving his hand and repeated his question. She waved her own hand as if to say it was nothing.

"So you weren't deaf from birth?" Tea asked.

Katrina seemed slightly unnerved as she shook her head.

- You should stop talking about her handicap, Yugi. I think it's making her uncomfortable, - Yami said, though he too was interested as to what had happened.

Yugi put a hand up behind Katrina's head to signal his friends to stop and they changed the subject quickly.

"Do you want to hang out after school?" Tea asked. "We're going to go over to Yugi's for a while."

Katrina seemed interested for a moment, but then shook her head, looking down at her hands. She reached for the paper and began to write.

Yugi took it when she finished and read aloud. "'I can't. I promised Mom and Dad I'd go home and help with the chores.' Oh. Well, maybe tomorrow," he said.

"Come on. We don't want to be late for Miss. Grayonia's class," Joey said, standing. He scowled at the name of his history teacher's name. She was well hated throughout the school and seemed to enjoy it. She was strict and very often could be quite mean.

Yugi nodded. "What class do you have next, Katrina?"

Katrina pointed to Joey to indicate she had the same, before grabbing the paper and pen on last time.

"'And call me Kitty,'" Tea read with a smile. "Sure thing, Kitty." The deaf girl beamed at her new friends.

As they headed to their next class, Kitty began to teach them the sign language alphabet. Joey was having problems, but the rest of them knew A through E by the time they reached history class. They would proceed tomorrow they assessed as they took their seats in the one class they all shared.


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