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"Hey guys! Get ready! Grandpa's here!"

Yugi and his friends had all gathered around the center of the shop. They had spent the day decorating and preparing a welcome home party for Katrina. Yugi turned off the light and Joey groped around in the dark for the string that would pull the confetti down. That had been Yami's brilliant idea. It had taken them about two hours to hook up the contraption. Of course, Yami was only giving the instructions, leaving it to Yugi and his friends to actually /do/ it.

"Hey, Yug! A little light here?" Joey asked, still looking around for the string in the dark.

"Oh, sorry, Joey," Yugi said, grinning as he turned on the light. It turned out the string had been right in front of Joey's face.

"Oh, there it is," he said, taking hold of it and giving an embarrassed laugh. The rest of the friends laughed as Yugi turned off the light again. He made his way to the gang, his arms out in front of him.

Yugi collided with someone and jumped back, stepping on someone else's foot. "Sorry!" he cried as Tristan cried out in pain. Tristan hopped on one foot and started moving backwards, running into Tea.

"Hey!" she cried, knocking Bakura into Joey, who pulled the string.

"Oh no!" he cried just as the door opened and the light flicked on. Katrina and Yugi's grandpa stood in the doorway in the midst of the confetti. "Uhhh, surprise!" Joey said, giving an embarrassed grin.

Katrina looked up at the ceiling and lifted her hands slightly, letting the confetti fall into them. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked at her friends, standing around in a weird semi-circle. Some of them were still blushing from stepping on each other.

Tea was the first one to react. She pushed out from behind Tristan and stepped to the front of the semi-circle. "Welcome home, Kitty!" she said and Katrina put her hand to her mouth and looked at the ceiling again where a few stray pieces of confetti still hung in the contraption.

When she looked back at her friends, she put her hand to her mouth and moved it away to sign "thank you."

"Come on, there's a cake and everything!" Yugi said and Kitty beamed, going slightly red in the face.

"Yeah, cake!" Joey exclaimed and he and Tristan punched the air.

Yugi's grandpa gently pushed Kitty forward and she walked over to the gang. She and Tea hugged each other, both smiling.

Grandpa Motou went into the back room and came out a few minutes later with the cake. He set it on the counter and immediately Joey ran over to it and grabbed the knife. Kitty laughed, putting a hand over her mouth lightly.

"Wait a minute, Joey," Yugi said. "Kitty should cut it!"

Kitty stared at him, then shook her head. "No, that's okay," she signed.

"Nah, here," Joey said, handing her the knife. "I can't cut straight anyway."

She looked at the gang for a second, before slicing the cake into eight pieces. After everyone had gotten one, there was still a piece left. One that Joey and Tristan would fight over later. There were chairs set in a circle in the middle of the room and they each took one, while Grandpa Motou stood behind the counter. They had closed the store for the party, but he wanted to give the teens some privacy. After he finished his cake, he left into the back room.

Kitty looked up at the contraption on the ceiling and turned to Yugi. "That's a good idea," she signed.

"Thanks," he said. "Yami thought of it."

She bent her head down to take another bite of her cake so they wouldn't see her blush. She didn't see Tea elbow Bakura and nod her head in her direction with a grin.

She raised her head again and smiled. "Thanks you guys. I don't know how I would have survived if I had to do this alone," she signed.

"No problem," Joey said.

"What are friends for?" Tea asked with a smile.

"I'm sorry I lied to you guys," she signed.

"That's okay. We understand," Bakura said, smiling and she returned it.

"I think I can qualify this as the best day of my life," Kitty signed, beaming at everyone.

"Us too!" they said in unison. Then, they all just laughed.


"Bye Kitty! We'll see you in school!" Tea called as she and the rest of the gang left the shop. It was late and the party was over. Kitty wished it could have gone on forever, though she knew that was impossible. But she also knew this was the beginning of a new life... a better life. One she might live through.

She waved to them and watched as the walked down the sidewalk and out of sight. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned to see Yami. Immediately her face started to flush.

"Welcome home," he said, giving her a smile. He then turned and started up the stairs to his room.

She stared after him for a second, then followed him in a hurry. She caught up with him at the top of the stairs and he turned to her.

"This is your room," he said, indicating the room on his right.

She looked briefly at it, then back at him. She couldn't place it, but the silence felt more awkward then usual.

"Um, that was a really good idea... the confetti I mean," she said.

"Thank you," he said. He just stood there, not saying anything, but not leaving either.

"Um, thanks for this," she said, feeling rather stupid.

He just nodded and she sensed what it was that was making this so awkward.

She sighed. "It's because of what I did, isn't it?" she asked, feeling color rise into her face.

He held eye contact and simply said, "Yes."

"I'm sorry I just had to..." she started quickly, but she was cut off by his lips on hers. He put his hand on her cheek and she found herself leaning into it as well. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. The kiss was soft and sweet and she felt her heart race as he held her.

She knew this was where she had wanted to be for a long time. In his arms... safe... from everything and anything... she was home.



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