She shivered, her toes curling as her eyes chased the lights across her ceiling, the sounds of the passing streetcars fading as they always did, into the night. Her eyes fell closed tiredly, her head sinking back into the pillow while she tried to clear her mind. The muffled footsteps of her brother passed by her door, shutting the hallway lights off on his way into his bedroom. The creek of her mother's door echoed softly in the quiet house, leaving only the sounds of Grandpa's snores flowing softly down from the attic where he slept. She smiled, thankful that her chaotic day had finally come to an end, and that she was now able to rest. A soft smile covered her lips as she relaxed fully in her bed. She was a sight of soft beauty, her dark hair reflecting the glow of the moonlight that came through her window. Her slender fingers held the blanket under her chin, keeping her warm in the cool night. All was calm and quiet. And her fear crept in. Her eyes twitched and shifted rapidly under their lids, as her face twisted in fright. The sheet was clenched tightly in her grip, her knuckles turning white with the effort, before it was twisted into a cocoon around her body, quickly trapping her legs that struggled to kick it away. Her whole body quivered and shuddered as it slowly took over her body, making it still and stopping it's efforts to break free. The room fell eerily quiet while her body tensed and her lips fell open in a silent scream. Kagome's dreams had returned. AN: Just a tiny chappy before the actual story starts. -Glassmenagerie