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Paranormal Circumstances

Chapter 1: Middleton?!?

Kim Possible's Locker

Middleton High School


8:30 AM Monday

               Kim Possible opened her locked to find Wade staring back at her from the computer screen. "Hey, Wade, what's the sitch?" She questioned as she stacked her books on top of the screen.

                "It's Drakken and Shego. They were spotted two nights ago at Groom Lake, Nevada."

                 "Groom Lake?"

                "Better known as Area 51."

                "Area 51? What would Drakken and Shego be doing there?" Kim's best friend and loyal sidekick Ron Stoppable asked, leaning against the lockers.

               "It seems they stole a UFO the Air Force recovered from a crash site in Montana a few years ago. The government is denying the thing even exists. But it gets weirder. It seems there has been an unusually large number of alien abduction reports in the Midwest…quite a panic has broken out."

            "Chaos…sounds like Drakken and Shego to me."

            "Yup…and even though the government is ignoring the entire situation, there are two FBI agents who'd like to team up with you on this one."

              "FBI agents?"

              "Fox Mulder and Dana Scully." Wade said as a few pages on Agents Mulder and Scully printed out. "They work on a little known section on the FBI called the x-files. Officially, the x-files is just a place for seemingly unsolvable cases but Agents Mulder and Scully have done some pretty spectacular things."

               "Did they ever invent a widely popular fast-food item like the naco? I think not!" Ron said as Rufus nodded.

                "No…" said Wade, "but they did stop a global conspiracy to turn humanity into an alien-human hybrid slave race."

                  Ron's jaw dropped as Kim said, "I like them already."

X-Files Office

J. Edgar Hoover Building

Washington, DC

8:30 AM Monday

            Special Agent Dana Scully walked into the basement office of the x-files to find her partner Fox Mulder immersed in a file.  "New case, Mulder?" She asked, sitting down opposite him.

"Yeah," he replied, looking up at her. "It seems a UFO the Air Force recovered a few years ago was stolen last night from Groom Lake."

"Let me guess, the government says it never happened and it doesn't exist."

Mulder grinned. "That's why it's an x-file, Scully."

"So who stole it?"

Mulder slid two photographs across his desk to her. One was of a man who looked blue and the other of a women dressed in green and black. "Dr. Drakken and his sidekick Shego. Notorious villains bent on world domination."

"THEY stole the UFO?"

"Yes…and I think they've been 'abducting' people with it."

            "What make you think that, Mulder?"

            "There's been an usually high number of abduction reports in the Midwest since the craft was stolen. Quite a few people are panicking."

                     "I see. So what's your plan of action for catching these megalomaniacs and finding this UFO?"

                      "Well, we're teaming up with the only known experts on Drakken and Shego." Mulder handed Scully another photograph. This one was of a girl with auburn hair hugging a blond-haired boy the same age who was holding a pink rodent. "Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable."

                      Scully looked up at Mulder with disbelief. They'd done some weird things in the past to solve cases and while teaming up with two teenagers wasn't the strangest thing they'd done, it most certainly made the list.

Middleton High School


3:30 PM Monday

            As Mulder and Scully walked down the hall at Middleton High School the attracted quite a few stares. After all it wasn't ever day federal agent had reason to visit the quiet town of Middleton. "Mulder…Is this town REALLY named 'Middleton'?"

            "Yup. I think it has a nice ring to it."

            "You've got to be kidding, Mulder. It sounds like the name of a suburb in one of those bad black and white horror movies you like…or something out of a cartoon."

            Mulder grinned at her. "Hey you didn't complain about Home, Pennsylvania."

            "Yeah…but MIDDLETON?!!?"

            Mulder just smiled and Scully shook her head.

 Scully spotted Kim and Ron at Kim's locker, recognizing them from the photograph.

            "Kim Possible?" Scully questioned.

            "Yeah, that's me." Kim replied.

            Scully and Mulder pulled out there badge wallets. "I'm Agent Dana Scully and this is my partner, Fox Mulder."

            "Nice to meet you." Kim shook each of their hands in turn. "This is Ron Stoppable."

            Mulder looked a bit shocked as he shook Ron's hand. "You're THE Ron Stoppable who went after the Middleton Snow Beast!"

            Ron grinned. "The one and only!"

            "You know, I've never met a snow beast. However, I have had run-ins with the Jersey Devil, a lake monster and shape-shifting alien bounty hunters."


            Kim elbowed Ron in the ribs and hissed, "Ron!" just as Scully elbowed Mulder and muttered, "Mulder!" Scully and Kim shared a grin as Mulder and Ron looked hurt.

            "Down to business," said Scully, "as I understand it, you're the expert on this Dr/ Drakken character…"

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