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Life Goes On.....

Chapter 1 - Reminiscing and Betrayal

"I should have never tried." the leader of the Digidestined said. "I should have never come in between those two."


"What a great day it's been!" exclaimed Daisuke, as he walked through the park. It was a brisk Sunday evening, and he decided to go for a walk in the park. After walking across a bridge in the park, he spotted Takeru and Hikari walking his way, and the two of them didn't even notice Daisuke.

"Hmmmmm........" Daisuke decided to hide under the bridge instead of greet them. He was a little concerned about what was going on. He managed to get under the bridge without getting the two of them to notice him. Then, Hikari and Takeru stopped and began talking on the bridge.

Daisuke began to eavesdrop on their conversation for a while. He listened to them talk lightly, until the conversation got more serious, and Hikari, all of a sudden, said those three little words that would have meant the world to him.

"I love you, Takeru.

"I love you too, Hikari."

Daisuke just stood there, frozen in place, like a statue. "This can't be happening." Daisuke thought, but knew that no matter how hard he didn't want to believe it, that it just happened, and he felt that his whole entire world was crumbling.

After they left, Davis just stood there, still trying to get over what happened. "She loves Takeru. Not me." He tried to comprehend these thoughts, but instead, sent a punch straight for the stone wall that was right in front of him.

"Why! Why did this happen? I love her so much and tried so hard to be with her!" He cried to himself. His hand was shattered from the impact, and his knuckles were leaving trails of blood on the stone.

Daisuke's eyes began to water and he began to cry. Not from the immense amount of pain coming from his shattered hand. Not the fact that the water he was in was almost near freezing, or the wind biting at his face, but from the pain inflicted on his heart. The pain, he knew would never go away.

--end flashback--

"They deserve each other." Daisuke said unwillingly as he laid in the hospital bed. He would be out in time to go to school tomorrow, though he wished he wouldn't have to. "Damn. I just hope I don't run in to them tomorrow." He said to himself, as he dozed off to sleep.

--the next day--

Daisuke managed to stay away from most of the Digidestined kids throughout the day, aside from Ken, who he sat with at lunch everyday. He was told by Ken to meet in the computer lab after school, so they could go to Digital World to wipe out a few more control spires. He said also that he would go ahead, and that he would tell the others to wait for Daisuke to get out of soccer practice. Daisuke thanked him, and the two friends went off to their final class of the day.

--at the computer lab--

"He's late again! For the third time this week! I wish he'd hurry up already!" an irritated Miyako said.

"Calm down Miyako. Give him a break. You know he has soccer practice after school everyday." Iori said to Miyako, trying to calm her down.

"But he should have been here 30 minutes ago! I'm sick of waiting for him to drag his useless self up here!"

"Calm down!" Iori tried to calm her down but it was no use.

"So, why is he even part of the Digidestined anyways?" exclaimed Takeru.

"You know he was born to be a leader, Takeru. Even though I know you guys won't admit it, you guys believed in him, when the going got tough. You all looked up to him as a leader. Like the time he saved Kari from Monochromon?" Iori exclaimed.

"Yeah right, if Daisuke wasn't there, me and Taichi would have been able to take him down anyways."

"Seriously! He's so useless! We could be out in the Digital World right now doing what we're supposed to be doing, and instead we're waiting for him to get his ass up here. He's such a useless piece of crap, I don't know why my brother chose him as leader, when he messes up so much." Hikari chimed in. Miyako and Takeru nodded their heads in agreement.

"So, is that what you think of me, a useless piece of crap?" Daisuke walked in. He heard everthing. "IS THAT WHAT YOU GUYS THINK OF ME?"

The room was silent.

"I see. I guess I'll leave now. There's no point in being around people who don't appreciate me for who I am. I guess all I can do is wish you guys luck in your travels ahead." He began to exit the room. "Oh, and since I'm not the leader anymore......" He tossed the goggles at Takeru's face. "Owwwww!" He fell to the ground in pain. "Oooops, I'm sorry." He said sarcastically. Then he slammed the door behind him, leaving the other Digidestined in a state full of shock, and, Takeru, in a state of pain.

Daisuke ran home. "A useless piece of crap, huh?" Tears began to well up in his eyes. "Not only does Hikari not like me, she doesn't even appreciate me for who I am...." He stopped in front of the apartment building, catching his breath.

"Worthless, huh? Where have I heard that before." He thought to his parents, who thought of him as a worthless excuse for a son. He went upstairs to his bed, and laid there.

He ignored the pain still runing through his hand, and said to himself, "Maybe I've been the fool. Maybe I am really worthless. I should have just stayed out of their lives. Never should have interfered with true love." Daisuke began to feel the tears come back, but he refused to let them fall. " Maybe if I disappeared from everyones lives...."

He began to pack his belongings into his soccer bag. As soon as he was done, he saw Veedramon stir and wake up from his afternoon nap. "What'cha up to Daisuke?" He looked at his digimon and said, "Veedramon, I'm going away for a while. Just stay here and help my family out while I'm gone. Don't tell anyone about this." Veedramon slowly nodded and went back to sleep.

He looked at his picture of Hikari on his desk. He sighed. "I'm sorry for ever being in your lives. Everybody. I am truly sorry for everything." He said and without any word to anybody, he left, not knowing where life would take him, but with a burning desire to forget his past.

Forget his past. Forget his family. his friends. Hikari.

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