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This is a Ranma continuation and multi-cross-over with Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo!, Mermaid Saga, Ah Megami-sama and Mamono Hunter Yohko.

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Ranma Crossing Over to the Wild Side

By Paul Bennett a.k.a. ShadowBakaSama

Prologue: The wedding disaster continues

The wedding was a disaster, a little slice of Hell on Earth. Ukyo and Shampoo had been hired by Nabiki to cater the wedding. (Hey, she couldn't afford to get anyone else at the last minute, and they agreed to do it for free, can't beat that.) Of course she wasn't expecting to get explosive okonomiyaki and pork bun bombs thrown at the groom. Then Kuno Tatewaki shows up with a katana to save the bride with his sister Kodachi in a black wedding dress to steal the groom. Genma, Ryouga, and Mousse fight over the cask of Nanniichuan until Happosai drinks it, thinking it was sake. While all the cursed men are trying to get the old freak to barf up the water he throws out a batch of Happo Dai Karin, knocking out Ranma-chan (he got wet when he tripped over a fire bucket while fighting Kuno), causing damage to the Dojo and wiping out the wedding cake and drinks, and starting a few fires. After all this Kuno was still waving his katana around, spouting bad poetry, and trying to get Akane in front of the priest, Kodachi has a bouquet of roses (probably with paralysis gas) and is looking for her 'Ranma-sama', Ryouga is looking all depressed and building up a large green aura, and Ukyo and Shampoo are playing tug-a-war with a scorched, unconscious Onna-Ranma.

Ranma-chan wakes up and takes in her surrounding and tempts fate by saying "How could things get any worse." (Tempting the Fates, BIG mistake.)

Akane finishes off Kuno with her large wooden mallet, smashing him halfway through the floor, and then turns around to glare at Ranma-chan, with a red battle aura burning around her and seeming to have wind blowing her hair and wedding dress around yells "I don't know, you seem to be having fun with your girlfriends fawning all over you! ON OUR WEDDING DAY!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! I should never have gone through with this! I should have known better than to trust a LYING HONORLESS PERVERT LIKE YOU!!!" and she swings Mallet-sama(tm) and sends Ranma-chan and Shampoo through a wall with a cry of "RANMA NO HENTAI!!!"

Ranma-chan reeling from the blunt force trauma, snaps back to her senses after landing in the Koi pond and hears Shampoo-neko say "MRROOOWWRR!!" That's right she has a very angry CAT, clawing her way up her shirt toward her face, fangs bared, ears laid back, claws out, tail up straight.

Ranma-chan jumps up and starts running around screaming "GETITOFF! GETITOFF!! GETITOFF!!" until she collapses onto her hands and knees in front of Akane and rubs up against her legs.

Akane, still glowing red and gripping her mallet with white knuckled fists screams, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" and mallets Ranma-chan across the yard into the wall.

"REANH-OWW!!!" roars a very angry looking Neko-Ramna-chan, sounding like an angry cougar, coming up onto all fours with her arms and legs straight and her pigtail sticking straight up and a red battle aura blazing bright.

Suddenly the yelling and wailing and arguing from the crowd in and around the Dojo, just stops. Not many people have ever seen an angry Neko-ken user, and most of them are dead, but of the two in the Dojo only Cologne offered any advice. (The Panda grabbed Nodoka and faded into the Umi-sen-ken and left the building.) "Don't run. Keep quiet and slowly back up out of the Dojo. Don't draw her attention. Muko-dono looks very upset right now."

Akane is standing still, holding the mallet in her hands, going white with fear as Ukyo grabs Akane's shoulder and yanks her around to face her. "What's wrong with Ranma?!! What did you do to him Akane?!"

Neko-Ranma-chan stalks closer softly growling, and most of the wedding guests are backing out of the Dojo performing a standard Neriman tactical withdrawal from the danger zone.

Ryouga, realizing that Akane is in danger, decides to aggravate the dangerous kitty yelling "Ranma, for upsetting Akane!" as he jumped in front of Akane and Ukyo, "You must DIE!! SHI SHI HOUKOU DAN!!" He screams unleashing a really big ball of depression ki. (He must be upset about missing out on a cure.)

Neko-Ranma-chan jumps over the ki blast and pounces on Ryouga, meeting him head to head with a loud #Thunk# and using her ki claws to shred his clothes, leaving multiple lacerations on him while smashing him into the ground.

Akane steps up with her mallet saying "Don't pick on EEEEK!!" as Neko-Ranma-chan looks up and her, hisses, and smacks the mallet out of Akane's hands with one swipe of her claws, the mallet flies across the yard in several neatly sliced pieces. Akane steps back quickly but trips on her dress, leaving Ukyo in front of Neko-Ranma-chan.

"Ranchan, calm down." Ukyo says in a quivering voice as Neko-Ranma-chan growls at her. 'Maybe he is still upset about those gunpowder okonomiyaki.' Ukyo thinks as she slowly reaches into her kimono as she backs up a bit and tosses a flour bomb to Ranma. The flour bomb explodes when Neko-Ranma-chan bats it out of the air leaving her in a white cloud as Ukyo grabs Akane and makes a dash for it.

Neko-Ranma-chan comes out of the white cloud after a few seconds, coughing a bit and looking around growling to herself, when Happosai comes out of the Dojo.

"Ranma-chan, you're all dirty. Why don't you put this on, it's perfect for your wedding night." The old freak says pulling out a set of black silk bra, panties, garter belt and stockings.

This upsets Neko-Ranma-chan for some reason that she doesn't quite understand as a feline, so she attacks, batting at the freak with her ki claws, turning the lingerie into confetti, and tearing through the pervert's gi, leaving shallow scratches across his chest.

"Now that is no way to respect your master!" Happosai yells striking at Neko-Ranma-chan with his pipe.

Neko-Ranma-chan bites down on the pipe while growling "RRWRWR!" (Translated from Cat meaning Gai Ko Retsu Ga Dan or Armored Door Fierce Fang Decision.) ripping it out of Happosai's hand with a shake of her head before biting down on the pipe breaking it into pieces.

"Well, maybe you'll like playing with these beauties." The freak says reaching into his gi for some Happo Dai Karins, but Neko-Ranma-chan gets impatient and slaps him, spending him flying over the outer wall of the Tendo-ke, then jumps after him, chasing after him leaving a trail of destruction that marks their progress as she chases the pervert into the distance.

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