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Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office going through the final paper work that came with the defeat of Voldemort. The final battle came just 2 months ago and luckily with very minimal loss on their side. Yes, they were very lucky to have Harry Potter on their side. He met every challenge the wizarding world set out for him and much more. Though the boy was only 17 he was considered one of the most powerful wizards their world had ever seen since the days of Merlin and the Hogwarts' four founders. Yes, Harry Potter would be the perfect wizard to carry his child.

You see, Albus Dumbledore had decided some time ago that he was in need of an heir at long last. He was getting up there in age, pushing 155, and had yet to have an heir to pass down not only his name, but his magical power. However, he didn't want to have the baby conceived during the war in the off chance that Voldemort would find out about the conception and have the child kidnapped and killed. No, it was safer to wait. And now that the war was over and his choice of a 'mother' finally of age, it was time to put his plan into action.

His mind made up, Albus walked over to his fireplace and threw in a handful of Calling Powder and watched as the flames turned green and Minerva McGonagall's head popped into the fire.

"Yes, Albus. What can I do for you?"

"Hello, Minerva. Can you please get me Mr. Potter? I have something I need to ask of him."

"Already Albus? He only just got out of the Hospital Wing last week! Shouldn't you let the boy rest before you ask him to once again risk his life?"

Albus chuckled at the woman's obvious overprotectiveness of the Potter boy. "Now, now Minerva, calm your feathers. I am not going to ask him to risk his life. What I'm asking is rather simple actually."

Though Minerva still looked skeptical she nodded and disappeared from the flames.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. "Come in please Harry," Dumbledore called out.

Harry entered hesitantly. "You wanted to see me, Professor?"

Dumbledore chuckled, "No need to look so scared, Harry! You aren't in any trouble."

"That's not what's worrying me, sir," Harry said. "You only call me up here if something bad has happened."

"Well, what I need to tell you has nothing to do with that. I actually need you to do me a favor. Please have a seat, my boy," Dumbledore said gesturing to the seat in front of his desk.

Harry sat and tried his best to look calm. No matter what the Headmaster said, a trip to the Headmaster's office was always a call for worry. "What did you need, Professor?"

Dumbledore clasped his hands together on the desk and leaned forward. "Harry, I need you to have my heir."

Harry leaned back in his seat in shock, his eyes wide. "Err, I don't think I heard you correctly, sir. Did you just say you wanted to have sex with me?"

Chuckling softly, Albus Dumbledore leaned back in his chair. "No, of course not, my boy."

Harry let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. "Oh, good. For a second there I thought..."

"No, I said that I wanted you to have my heir."

Furrowing his brow Harry asked confused, "But doesn't that mean the same thing? And besides I can't have your heir because I'm a man. Men don't get pregnant."

"Harry, have you ever heard of the Gravis Potion?"

"Yes, we studied that last year in potions. It's a potion given to women who are having trouble getting pregnant. What does that have to do with this?"

"Yes, it's a pregnancy potion but it isn't just given to women. Not many younger wizards know but it has also been given to men in a gay relationship who wish to become pregnant with their own children. That coupled with a spell that would put a part of myself that is needed for conception into your body should cause you to become pregnant."

Harry sat staring wide-eyed at his Professor. 'He actually wants me to do this?' he thought to himself.

"You really want me to do this Professor?" the young man asked exasperated. "I can't believe this! What more do you want from me!" Harry stood up and began pacing the room, his ranting becoming louder and louder. "You wanted me to be the noble and brave Gryffindor. I did my best to do that. You wanted me to stop having a life and take extra DADA lessons so I would be ready to fight Voldemort. I did that without complaint because I knew it was necessary. You and the whole wizarding world wanted me to kill Voldemort. It nearly killed me but I did it. And now...you want me to get pregnant with your child so you can be sure your family name is preserved for another generation? No! Absolutely not! I think I've done enough for this world since the day I walked into it 7 years ago! I've had enough! No more...I'm through!" Harry slumped back into his chair visibly tired from his rant.

Dumbledore just stared at the boy he had come to think very fondly of and smiled. "Yes, I know you have given a lot, more than any wizard twice your age, for our cause and even those you don't even know but I'm asking if you would please hear me out before you say a definite no?"

"I thought I already did...but ok I'll listen but I'm not promising anything."

"Thank you, Harry. Now, I'm getting old Harry. I fear my time here my becoming to an end soon. I lived till I knew all those I held dear were safe from Voldemort and now that that is ensured I feel it's time for me to leave. Though I do need to leave the Dumbledore legacy and the power in the form of an heir. And you, Harry, are the only one I trust that would do what was best for the child and not their own means."

Still not sure why it was him that was being asked to do this asked another question. "But, what about Professor McGonagall? I always thought you two were..."

Dumbledore chuckled, his eyes twinkling dangerously. "Looks can be deceiving Harry. No, Minerva and I are nothing but friends. I feel for her like I know you feel for Miss Granger or Miss Weasley."

"When did you want to do this? I mean...if I agreed that is."

"Well, I was hoping to do the spell and potion soon. That way I can be sure that the child was safe before I left. I don't think I have much time left, Harry."

Now, Harry was really confused. "But sir. You look in perfect health to me."

Dumbledore sighed as he spoke, "As I said Harry. Looks can be deceiving. Just some well placed and powerful concealing charms and no one is the wiser."

Harry nodded at this; he couldn't believe his mentor and the man he always thought of as a grandfather could very well be dying as they talked.

With a sigh Harry gave his consent. "I'm still not sure, Headmaster. Can I please think about this and tell you tomorrow?"

Dumbledore smiled in relief that he wasn't saying 'no' anymore. "Of course Harry."

Harry nodded but suddenly a thought that hadn't occurred to him popped into his mind. "Oh no. What's Draco going to say!"

Dumbledore's head shot up. "Draco Malfoy? Why are you worried about what he'll think? Within the last year he hasn't been causing as much trouble as he used to."

"He's my boyfriend sir. We've been dating for almost a year. We never told anyone because we knew it would only cause trouble within our houses. We planned on telling everyone once the war was over but with me being in the hospital wing for so long we haven't had the opportunity to do so just yet."

Harry would have gone on more but Dumbledore raised a hand to silence him. "It's quite alright. I'm happy to see you both put away the house rivalries and got so close. I'm just shocked I never noticed. I pride myself in knowing what each of my students is doing as to keep them all safe. I fear I must be slipping."

Though he still had that annoying twinkle in his eyes, Harry could also see a bit of sadness there as well from this bit of realization.

"Well, you can't know everything all the time though right? Some things have to slip by. Look at the Marauders, they were able to become Animagi without you finding out."

A smile came onto the older wizard's face at the memory of the famous quartet. "Yes, I suppose you are right. As for Draco, if you explain things to him he will understand. But, Harry I don't want you to break off your relationship for this. I can always ask some one else," Dumbledore said gently.

"No, I'm sure he will understand. I just have to talk with him about this. We've talked about adopting before once we were out of school and I don't know how he'll react to this."

Dumbledore nodded, "Ah yes, that could present a problem. However, while the baby would be yours and mine biologically, by every other definition it would yours and Draco's. I can only hope that Draco will see it that way too. And just between the two of us, you and Draco can always use this potion in the future to have other children. But I must make sure you understand that since the male body isn't designed for pregnancy and childbirth it's not wise to take this potion too many times so close together. So I would advise you alternate when each of you have your children if that's the way you want to go."

Dumbledore smiled as Harry's eyes lit up at the prospect of being able to have a family with Draco.

"Yes, thank you Headmaster. I'll make sure to tell him that as well."

"We better get running along as dinner is about to start soon. You can have a talk with Draco as well."

They both stood up and walked out the door and down the staircase.


As soon as Harry left the Headmaster's office he walked as quickly as he could to the Owlery to send a note to Draco to meet him somewhere so they could talk. Once he got there his snowy owl, Hedwig, flew over towards him and landed on his shoulder.

Harry sighed. She wasn't going to accept him using another owl for a delivery. "I'm sorry Hedwig but I can't use you for this. I need to send a note to Draco and you know everyone recognizes you as my owl and we can't let everyone see you deliver a letter to him. It'll be suspicious." Hedwig gave him a hoot that could only be translated as very unhappy.

Harry started to caress her feathers trying to calm her, "Besides girl, I'll need you to deliver a note to Sirius soon and you need to rest for the long journey." Hedwig hooted softly and gave him an affectionate nip on the finger in understanding and flew back up to the rafters.

With that taken care of he walked over to one of the tables that held ink, parchment and quills so students could writer letters up there and quickly wrote out a note to Draco.


Can you meet me in the Transfiguration classroom tonight at midnight? I have something I need to talk to you about.


Harry quickly folded the note and tied it to the closest school owl and told it where to go. Then he left as quickly as he could, knowing he was already late for dinner.

10 minutes later Harry was walking into the great hall and headed towards the Gryffindor table where his friends, Ron and Hermione, were waiting for him. As soon as he sat down Hermione began firing questions at him.

"Harry where were you? We were so worried!"

"Chuckling Harry tried to reassure his friend. "Hermione, calm down. McGonagall came to tell me that Dumbledore wanted to talk to me. So I was in the Headmaster's office talking to him for a bit." As he talked he filled his plate high with anything and everything in his reach.

"What did he want? Not about the war I hope. You just got out of the hospital wing!" Hermione said, upset that the headmaster was already calling him to his office so soon after healing.

"No, no. Nothing like that. It's kind of complicated and I don't want to say anything to you guys yet until I make a decision. It's nothing bad," he quickly reassured his friends' wide-eyed looks. "It's just a hard decision to make."

"Alright, Harry. But you will tell us what it's about once you've decided?"

"Of course Ron. You know Hermione here won't let me do other wise!" He said with a laugh as the girl in question gave the two boys one of her looks.

Just then an the owl Harry used to deliver the message flew through one of the windows and flew towards the Slytherin table and flew around in a circle till he found the receiver and landed on the table in front of Draco.

Harry watched through the corner of his eye as Draco untied the note and read it quickly and giving a slight nod of the head knowing that Harry was watching for his answer. Satisfied he turned his complete attention back to his friends.


That night at quarter to midnight, Harry snuck out of bed listening very closely for the sounds that indicated his roommates were still asleep and as quietly as possible retrieved his invisibility cloak and the Marauders' map out of his trunk and wrapped himself in the cloak. Once he was out of his dorm he made his way across the common room and opened the portrait as quietly as possible as to not disturb the Fat Lady and climbed out of the hole.

Once he was safely in the hallway he unfolded the map and hurried his way to the Transfiguration classroom. When he got there he realized Draco hadn't got there yet so he made himself comfortable in one of the desks.

5 minutes later Draco slipped through the door and Harry smiled at the tousled blond hair indicating he must have been running.

"Almost got caught by Mrs. Norris! Won't that cat ever die? That thing has been here for ages!" Draco got out between gulps of air as he tried to catch his breath.

Harry just smiled and walked over to the blond and gave him a kiss to shut him up. When they pulled away Draco smiled wider at his boyfriend, "Hi, Harry."

"Hi, Draco."

Once they had their composure back Harry pulled the blonde over to the desks and they sat down on top of two of them.

"So, what did you need, Harry? You got to dinner late, is everything ok?"

Harry nodded, "Dumbledore called me to his office earlier and that was why I was later coming to dinner. He...wanted to ask me something...a favor."

"Another one? All that man ever does is ask for favors! Merlin's beard you just got out of the hospital wing!"

Harry nodded, "Yes, I know. But this isn't anything bad...not really. It's just a big decision that I need to discuss with you before I give a definite answer."

"Well what is it Harry?" Draco asked concerned.

Taking a deep breath he took his lover's hand and looked him in the eye. "He wants me to carry his heir. He says..."

Draco's eyes became so wide Harry was afraid they would pop out of their sockets. "He wants you to WHAT?"

"Now, Draco relax and let me explain," he soothed. "Dumbledore is convinced he isn't going to last much longer and he would like an heir to pass down his name and his power to."

"Ok, but why you? I always thought he was with McGonagall!"

Harry chuckled at that. "Yeah, so did I. But Dumbledore said looks could be deceiving and that he wasn't with her."

"Well, wouldn't it be more convenient for him to ask a witch to do this? Getting a wizard pregnant is too complicated isn't it?"

Harry's eyebrows raised just a bit. "You knew it was possible for a guy to get pregnant? Why didn't you ever say so? You always suggested us adopting."

Draco sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Yes, I knew. Once, before I started Hogwarts, I heard Mother and Father arguing about wanting another child. Mother said that if Father wanted another child they would find the spells so he could be the one to carry it because she wasn't going through that again. And as for why I didn't mention the possibility of going that route was because with you being raised by Muggles I wasn't sure how you would feel about it."

"Well, I wasn't too keen on the idea at first but after I got to thinking I liked the idea of being able to have our own children. Dumbledore did say that he would show us the spells and potions that are needed for this kind of thing to work so we would be able to have our own children in the future."

Draco's head snapped up at this, "Wait. You told Dumbledore that we were together?"

Harry looked at Draco with concern. "Well, of course. I figured if he was going to ask this of me he needed to know that I'm already in a relationship."

"What did he say about it?"

"He was surprised that we had become so close. He said he was glad we had put aside house rivalries. I think he was more surprised that he hadn't noticed that we were together then that we were."

Draco nodded. "You do realize that if you do this we will have to tell everyone we are together. How do you think everyone will handle that? I know I don't have much to worry about since I severed all ties to those I was close to when I joined the light side."

Harry noticed the sad look in Draco's eyes at the mention of those that he lost when he made that decision and grabbed the older man's hand. "I realize that we will have to tell everyone and I know it will shock many people. Especially since no one besides a select few people even know I'm gay."

"Who knows?"

"Dumbledore, Sirius, Remus and Hermione."

"What not the Weasel?" the blonde asked shocked.

Harry shook his head sadly. "No, he's horribly homophobic. I couldn't tell him knowing it would risk our friendship. But I guess I have to now...it's not going to go over very well I can tell you that much."

Draco sighed at this. "I'm sorry Harry. But if he's anything of a friend he will put that aside and stand by you. And if he isn't he's not worth wanting to keep as a friend."

Harry nodded. "Yeah I know...it's just hard. We've been friends since first year and we've been through a lot of things together and it's hard to think that could all go down the drain just because of what I am."

"Harry, it wouldn't be because of you it'd be because he's an ass. Now, I don't want you thinking like that again. You hear me?" He replied laced with love.

"Right. I won't think of that for now. We have other things to discuss."

Draco nodded, "Yes, we do. Now, one thing you haven't said was why Dumbledore wanted you?"

Harry took a deep breath, "He said that I was the only one he completely trusted to do this and not get something out of having Dumbledore's kid. He knew I would take care of it as best as I could."

"Harry that may be but I'm not sure I'm ok with this. You carrying someone else's baby. Even if it is Dumbledore."

"I had a feeling you would feel like that but I have this feeling that I really need to do this. It's just a feeling I have in the pit of my stomach and it's never steered me wrong before."

"I don't know Harry. Maybe it's just the jealous part of me coming out but this isn't sitting right with me. I mean, why would Dumbledore ask you of all people, anyone for that matter, to do this for him?"

"It's practically his dying wish, Draco. He doesn't want to die before he's ensured an heir to pass his name down to."

"Dying wish? He looks perfectly healthy to me. There has to be another reason. Maybe its not even Dumbledore! We might not have caught all the Death Eaters like we thought!"

Harry's eyes widened. "Draco! Now you're getting ridiculous! We got all the Death Eaters, we made sure of it remember? And I'm positive that it's really Dumbledore! He's never directly lied to me before. And as for him being healthy, I asked him that too and he said that he's been using concealment charms to hide how sick he really is. I guess as to not worry everyone."

Draco took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I guess we do owe that man a lot. He's saved both our lives several times. And while I'm still not completely comfortable with the idea of you carrying someone else's baby, we should do this for him. Just promise me one thing?"

"Anything, love."

"Just promise me that when you've healed from this we can start creating our own family?"

Harry smiled. "Of course, Draco. Just as long as we don't abandon or neglect this first child. I don't want him or her to feel what I did growing up just because I was different from the rest of the family. The child will be a part of our family as well."

Draco smiled. "Of course, love."

Harry breathed a sigh of relieve. "Good, we can go and tell Dumbledore tomorrow after classes."

"Alright, now we better get going to bed." Draco took a quick look at his watch. "Oh Merlin, it's already after 2 AM!"

Harry's eyes widened. "Shit, we really need to get to bed. We have early classes tomorrow. And Potions to boot! Snape will kill me if I'm late. The war may be over but he's still as mean as ever!"

Draco chuckled at his lover's pained look. "He's not that bad, love. Just make sure you get to class on time."

"Right." Harry leaned up to place a loving kiss on Draco's lips before slipping his invisibility cloak on and hurrying out of the room towards the Gryffindor Common Room.