This is my first Naruto fic. It is a bit AU yet not so drastic…maybe. Anyway, you will notice there is some minor differences in characters appearance and age which will be explained later on.

Jaded Sakura Blossoms

By: Wings(of Chaos)

Chapter 1: Escape

            Hatake Kakashi's blue sandals pattered softly against the cold cement floor. They made a rhythmic beat echoing throughout the empty hallway. A lazy eye read the interesting rhetoric in front of him, showing no emotion at all. He flipped a page and continued walking to his assigned class. He didn't carry anything else nor did he look extremely dangerous.

            Kakashi stopped in front of a door. His one eye peered up at the door. 'Yup, room 502,' he thought to himself. He put his book under his arm and opened the door expecting to be greeted by cheerful faces. All he saw was an empty classroom and an open window.

The silver jounin raised one solitary eyebrow; his team had escaped.

            "Ow! Naruto watch where you are going!" a pink haired girl exclaimed.

            "Sorry, sorry," a blonde haired boy named Naruto said.

            Another boy silently stared at the duo; he was waiting, impatiently. His two so – called comrades straightened themselves out and they continued their escape.

            "Naruto, are you sure this is a good idea?" the pink haired genin asked.

            "Sure, sure, our sensei would never figure out where we are," Naruto said, thinking he was the all great powerful ninja, "I mean the guy could be some old geezer."

            The black haired boy hmphed, yet followed his team. He didn't want to follow the loud mouth but decided he needed to have some fun. Seeing Naruto get in trouble would be worth it.

            Naruto laughed to himself, he was the best ninja in the world. He didn't need some old jounin to teach him anything. "Nihihihihi…"

            The blonde haired boy didn't watch where he was going and crashed into somebody. "I'm sorry, sir," he apologized politely and continued on his way.

            "Where are you going?" the person he bumped into said.

            "What is it to you?" Naruto said his brow narrowing, who does this guy think he is?

            "Ah, Naruto…" the pink haired trailed off, stiffed by fear.

            "What is it Sakura – chan?" He questioned the pink haired genin.

            "Naruto, h-he is our sensei…" Sakura said quietly.

            Naruto's jaw dropped. 'Oh crap…' he thought. Sasuke crossed his arms waiting for Naruto's embarrassing punishment.

            Kakashi sighed and looked down on the blonde boy. He had the Hidden Leaf's loud-mouthed genin as his student, wonderful. "Everybody march back into the classroom," he ordered.

            The three students shuffled back into the classroom, wondering what was going to happen next.

            Kakashi looked at his team of 13 year old misfits. The blonde one, named Naruto, was sulking in a corner pulling on the threads of his ripped up shorts. The kid was a mess. Naruto had on ripped up black shorts, with an equally ripped up black shirt. His forehead protector was haphazardly laid across his forehead. Kakashi sighed and shook his head. Kakashi looked down at his crumpled information sheet. Naruto didn't do very well on any of his test, yet made up with his physical abilities.

            His next student was Sakura. She was leaning her head on one of her arms, trying not to look bored. She was the smartest out of all of her team, yet lacked physical abilities. The silver haired jounin looked down at his information paper. Ah, very good charka control. 'If she trains more she could probably be a very good ninja,' Kakashi thought to himself. Although her appearance told people otherwise, her wrists were covered with different wristbands and what not. Her bangs were blood red and then tipped black. She wore a black Chinese styled shirt with pink sakura blossoms then completed her outfit with black shorts and combat boots.

            The last one was Sasuke. From his attire he looked like the one gothic in the entire group. All he had on was black, just black. Kakashi raised an eyebrow in amusement. He glanced at his trusty information sheet. Ah, he had the number one genius on his team and the last of Uchiha. Kakashi nodded to himself, crumpled the sheet and threw somewhere.

            "Hello, Team 7. I am your instructor in becoming an elite ninja. Today, since you gave me the slip, I decided that was have a team discussion," Kakashi announced.

            Naruto protested loudly. Kakashi shot him a look meaning, "boy shut up" and Naruto quietly dragged a chair up to the front. He sat next to Sakura, his favorite person.

            Sasuke quietly took a chair from one of the desks and sat on the other side of Sakura. Kakashi sat on the desk, "Okay, why don't we tell each other about ourselves and our goals."

            Nobody said anything. A minute passed by. Another minute passed by. Sakura sighed and raised her hand. Kakashi nodded for her to proceed. "Okay. My name is Sakura Haruno. I am 13 and live with my mother. My father died when I was 8 and I want to be a ninja because I want to protect my friends."

            "Ah very good Sakura. Now Naruto," Kakashi said.

            "Why me?" Naruto whined.

            "Naruto just go," Sakura hissed. Kakashi raised an eyebrow, he expected the girl to hit him or something. He heard that she had a violent streak that everybody should be aware of.

            "Fine! My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I am 13 and I want to be a ninja because I want to be the Hokage!" Naruto shouted tipping back his chair, pumping his fist into the air. He hummed a small tune doing a little dance. After he was done with his performance he sat down. Naruto had his fox grin turned up to a 100 watts. Sakura sighed.

            Kakashi said, "Now you Sasuke."

            Sasuke sighed, "My name is Sasuke Uchiha and I am 13. I want to be a ninja because I want to –"

            "Sasuke why don't you come up with another goal rather than killing that one guy," Naruto interrupted.

            Sasuke stared at him, "Then why don't you come up with another goal than becoming Hokage, dead last."

            Naruto shot up, "What did you say!?"

            "Are you deaf? I said dead last, dobe."

            Naruto's fist clenched, "Why you! Let's take this outside! I will whoop your butt!"

            "Yeah, let's go."

            "Stop!" Sakura yelled.

            The room turned deafly quiet. Kakashi was about to jump in but was surprised by the girl's interference.

            She stood in between the two boys. "Naruto, Sasuke, will you guys stop fighting for once!"

            The two boys glared at the other then grumpily sat back in their chairs. Sakura huffed and sat back down. Her patience was wearing thin because of her friends.

            "Good job, Sakura. Now Sasuke and Naruto you need to learn how to work together and not fight. A happy team is a good team," Kakashi said good naturally.

            Naruto muttered something unintelligent and averted his gaze away from Sasuke. Sasuke looked outside, he was bored.

            "You are dismissed. I want you guys meet me at the bridge entering the forest. You know the bridge near the ramen restaurant," Kakashi explained.

            Naruto's ears perked up at the sound of ramen. He didn't pay any more attention except on ramen.

            "Dismissed," Kakashi shouted and disappeared within a puff of smoke.

            "Weird," Sakura said once the smoke dissipated.

            "Ah, he's not so tough," Naruto said while he was walking out the door.

            Sakura sighed and followed him out the door. Sasuke quietly followed the duo, seeing that he didn't have anything else to do.

            Naruto sighed and inhaled his ramen. The trio sat around at their usual ramen spot Ichiraku Ramen.  Sakura quietly ate hers and looked disgusted with Naruto's barbaric eating manners. Sasuke didn't eat anything just sat and studied his teammates.

            Naruto and he, people would say, were rivals. They competed in anything from fighting to fishing. Although they were rivals they were friends in a way. They both protected Sakura from any harm, from 'poisonous' flowers to jealous girls. His eyes then turned to the pink haired girl. She was probably the only one to keep Naruto and him from fighting each other so much. Also, she was his first true friend. Aside from the screaming girls that chased him she was one of the quiet admirers. But when she was 11 she became annoying, very annoying.

            Sakura obsessed over him, and asked him out every day. Sasuke really disliked her back then. Then all of the sudden she went back to her normal mean self. Sasuke would never figure what happened during that time period, nor did he want to find out.

            A bowl of half eaten ramen was placed in front of him. "Here, I'm full you can have the rest," Sakura said.

            She got up and left and left a silent Sasuke staring at his lukewarm ramen.

            "Sakura! Why did you give Sasuke ramen?" Naruto whined.