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Jaded Sakura Blossoms

By: Wings (of Chaos)

Chapter 10: Mission

Gai struck a pose while he addressed his group about their mission. His smile was full of pearly white teeth shining in the oncoming sunlight. Lee looked up with admiration and determination. TenTen waited eagerly for their sensei's instructions. Neji looked indifferent…as usual.

The green spandex clad teacher cleared his throat then began, "Today is Team 7's break from training." Lee perked up when Gai mentioned the team. His beloved Sakura was a part of it. His mind raced with possibilities that his team had to do together. 'Are we going on a mission together? Do I get to see my lovely Sakura?'

"To test your stealth capabilities and the surprise of an attack you will fight Team 7!" Gai went through a series of poses while Lee cheered the teacher on. Once he was done Gai cleared his throat again, "Be tactful and clever. Being a ninja doesn't mean you have to be fair. But fight with valor and honor. With this you shall claim victory!"

The spandex clad man said a couple more encourage words then set them off, 'Now to find Kakashi…'

Team 7

Lying under the Sakura tree, Naruto's eyes slowly drifted closed. The grass cushioned him, making him feel very relaxed. He lazily rolled his head to the side and saw Sakura already asleep curled up next to Sasuke. The dark haired boy was looking up in the sky lost in thought. Naruto mumbled and finally dozed off.

Sasuke sighed and he relaxed his shoulders. His arm was starting to fall asleep but then again Sakura was resting on it. He shifted his arm a little so his arm could get some reprieve. The girl shifted yet didn't waken. He glanced at the sky seeing the clouds float lazily by. His eyes shifted back towards the upper branches of the Sakura tree.

The tree shook slightly disturbing some of the blossoms to shower on the occupants down below. Sasuke found this odd. He felt no breeze yet the tree shook as if it was possessed. Moving his arm from under Sakura's head he slowly lifted himself to his feet.

To make this much easier for him and possibly the tree he began the climb by using his feet. Making sure he had a sure footing he began his ascent. Once in the upper area of the tree he grabbed onto one of the branches. He hefted himself on the branch and hugged the trunk.

Surveying his surroundings he saw somebody shrouded by the shadows of the branches and blossoms. That somebody seemed to turn to face him.

A voice rather feminine called to him, "Look up!"

Sasuke stared at her for a moment when suddenly the tree started to shake violently. In the corner of his peripheral vision he saw a shadow descending on him fast. He turned quickly preparing to block the blow.

Sakura was having a dreamless sleep. Comfortable in the grass she shifted more to warm body of Sasuke. The girl furrowed her brow when there was no warm body. 'Where did Sasuke go?' she thought. The answer to her question came tumbling down a few moments later.

Snapping her eyes open she turned to the disturbance. Sasuke was lying faced down on the earth, not moving.

"Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed while trying to get up.

Fwip! Fwip! Fwip!

Three kunais were embedded in the ground around Sakura. She rolled away from under the tree searching for her attacker. The pink haired noticed that her other comrade was still sleeping oblivious to the attacks.

"Naruto," she hissed backing towards him, her eyes darting from one place to another. Her hands were tense and ready to strike. "Naruto," she hissed again. One of her boot clad feet hit the boy while backing up. "Naruto," she tried again.

The boy popped open one eyelid looking up to his comrade. "Sakura," he said sleepily, "What is it?"

"We are being attacked."

"From where?"

"I think from above."

Naruto scanned the upper branches. He pulled out a lone kunai from his weapons' pouch and scanned the area again. His eyes narrowed a little spotting something. The blonde haired boy threw the kunai. Whatever that something cursed a little then moved causing the tree to shake again.

"Aa, somebody is definitely up there," Naruto confirmed, "Where's Sasuke?"

The girl's eyes darted over to their fallen comrade. Naruto nodded his head slightly trying not to make large movements. The boy smirked when the proverbial light bulb went off.

"Sakura, I got an idea," Naruto said with a smirk and a mischievous glint in his eye.

Before Sakura could give her answer Naruto kicked to the tree with a tremendous force. The tree shook violently and the blossoms shuddered and then came loose.

"We know you are up there so come on down!" the boy shouted as he kicked the tree again.

A few yards away Sasuke was counting down until Neji would jump down. He was so positive he was the one that decided to surprise him.


The sunlight that warmed his body was blocked by an on coming shadow. Suddenly Sasuke flipped and made a swift kick to the chin of his oncoming attacker. The attacker flew over his opponent's body and fell in a heap a few yards away.

"Alright Sasuke!" Naruto exclaimed, "Now it's my turn." His face grew serious and he closed his eyes. With lightening speed his hands produced a few minor seals. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Three perfectly cloned Narutos appeared with a puff of smoke.

"Sakura…do yours!" The real Naruto urged. Sakura rolled her eyes and went through the same complicated hand movements as her comrade. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

TenTen knew she wasn't in a very good position. With Neji out and Lee somewhere she was in a pickle. Her two opponents were currently discussing something and she had a horrible gut feeling about it. 'Stupid Neji,' she thought. Her 'friend' was currently eating dirt and the Uchiha boy was warily watching him. She glanced down below and noticed all six of them were gone.

The girl cursed quietly as she grabbed a few kunais preparing for an attack. All was quiet except for the rustling of the blossoms and the small animals. Her eyes darted right, she didn't see anything abnormal. Then her pupils turned left and she found herself face to face with the blonde haired fox boy.

"Hiya," it said with a cheesy smile on his face. TenTen gasped and threw a kunai at him. "Now that wasn't very nice-hurk!" he disappeared with a puff of smoke. "Now!" a voice rang. A few seconds later more assumed clones appeared and jumped from there hiding places with a fierce attack.

Deciding it was best to fight on the ground than on the precarious tree tops, she jumped down below.

Sasuke glanced over as TenTen landed swiftly followed by an angry crowd of Sakuras and Narutos. He raised an amused eyebrow at the scene as TenTen furiously threw kunais and shurikens at the clones. Smoke blocked most of the battle. The raven haired boy turned back to his opponent who has been lying on the ground for quite some time.

"Neji get up. I know you are not dead," Sasuke said in an amused tone. The Hyuuga boy hefted himself up and smirked a little.

"So perceptive of you."

"What can I say?" Sasuke shrugged a little a smirk plastered on his face, "By the way where is your other teammate."

"Him? Well, he's coming soon."

"Aa." Sasuke simply said. They stared each other down. It was a tense yet comfortable silence.

Neji glanced over to the trio fighting. The pink haired girl apparently got one of TenTen's shurikens stuck on the bottom of her shoe. The two points sticking out dangerously. The girl was trying to nick TenTen with the bottom of her damaged shoe.

"Nice…" Neji said quietly his gaze never leaving the girl.


"The pink haired girl."

"You mean Sakura?" the boys brow furrowed slightly.

"Yes…" the Hyuuga boy trailed off slightly, "She seems strong."


"So, is she your girlfriend?"

The Uchiha boy hesitated. He thought about the answer for a minute, "Yes."

Neji smirked slightly, "I see."

Silence reigned again with only the sounds of the fighting. Minutes passed by and a hoarse yell carried over the fighting.

"He's here." Neji finally said.

Sakura and TenTen stopped fighting. TenTen smiled a little and breathed a somewhat sigh of relief. "Lee…" she said.

"What?" Naruto said with a confused look on his face. He turned to Sakura for answer but she merely shrugged.

A few moments later a boy in a green tight suit and a bowl cut haircut ran towards the trio by the tree. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his eyes raging with determination.

"Oh Kami," Sakura muttered. Naruto was still confused. "Sakura, what's going –" he never finished his question as Rock Lee connected with a solid kick to the face. The blonde boy flew back a few yards landing in a heap.

"Aw…crap…" Sakura muttered as she slowly backed to her fallen comrade.

"Lee!" TenTen exclaimed with relief. She didn't know how long she could keep up against Sakura and the temper she somehow sparked.

Naruto managed to stand on his feet with a grimace on his face. "Eyebrows…ouchies…"

Lee put on his brightest smile and exclaimed with much fervor, "Rock Lee is here!"

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