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Nigel bent to the alter, and picked up the silver crucifix that adorned it. "Sydney, it's beautiful!"

"I know… we had better get it back to the museum, before Pierre realises we're here. Come on!"

Sydney beckoned to Nigel, and he followed her, still admiring the crucifix.

A door at the other end of the hall caught their attention as it opened, revealing four men, carrying very solid handguns. Sydney cursed, and dragged Nigel behind a bench. In a whisper, she told her partner, "Nigel, you make a run for it with the crucifix, I'll stay here and cover you."

Nigel was horrified. "Sydney, I can't leave you here! They've got guns!"

"Nigel, I know they have guns. But…" Sydney sighed. "I've handled men with guns before. You haven't. Plus, you can't fight, and I can. If you get out, I'll follow, once I've dealt with them. You stay here, then when I yell, make a run for that door. Get out, take the car. I'll meet you by the mansion entrance. Good luck."

Sydney crawled away down the pew, careful not to let the men see her. By now, they had searched halfway down the hall, but were still alert.

Nigel called after her, quietly, "be careful, Sydney."

Sydney stood up, on the other side of the hall, "Hey, idiots, over here! Come and get me!"

Nigel jumped to his feet, and raced for the door, then flipped up the lock.

Unfortunately, it was locked from the other side as well. And the men had seen him.

"Hey, there's another one!" Two of the men split from their companions and moved towards Nigel.

"Sydney?" Nigel called. "What do I do now?"

"Fight them! Don't let them get the Crucifix!" Sydney yelled, then turned to the men in front of her.

"Now, girly, don't make us shoot you." One of them called to Sydney. "Just tell your friend here to give us the cross, and we'll be done."

"Oh, I don't think so. We're keeping it. It belongs in a museum, and that's where it's going!" Sydney glared at the men.

They had a stand off –they couldn't shoot her, there was no reason yet, and she couldn't make a run for it. But for Nigel, things were a lot more lopsided.

"Um… can't we sort this out without violence? Please?" Nigel stuttered, raising his eyebrows hopefully.

"No, not unless you give us that cross."

"It's not a cross, it's a crucifix. If you're going to steal it, please call it the right name. As a favour for me?"

The two men's bursts of laughter caught the attention of Sydney's attackers, and they turned to question what was going on.

This gave Sydney just the opening she needed. Swinging her leg round, she launched herself at one of them.

The other spun as his friend dropped, just in time to walk into Sydney's second kick.

The other two man glanced at each other, then simultaneously levelled their guns at the two Relic Hunters. "Hand over the… the crucifix. Now!"

Nigel glanced desperately at Sydney. She shook her head slowly- no.

"Hand it over!" Nigel twitched as the gun pointing at him moved.


Unnoticed, the man in front of Sydney had moved closer to her, and as she glanced at Nigel again, he pounced.

He trapped Sydney in a chokehold, and Nigel paled. "Hand it over, or I break her neck. Once he has it, I'll let her free."

"Sydney, I'm going to give it to him. I'm sorry, but I don't want you hurt." Slowly, his right hand above his head, Nigel stepped forwards, and with his left hand, gave the man the crucifix.

"Nigel!" Sydney yelped, before she was forced into an even tighter hold.

"You said that you would let her go!" Nigel cried, appalled that the man was not holding to their agreement.

"So? I lied." He smirked, and the man with the crucifix pulled a length of rope from his pocket.

Nigel glared at the man who was holding Sydney. "Let her go!"

He smirked, and spun Sydney round until both her arms were twisted behind her back, and her hair was falling over her eyes. "Get off me," Sydney muttered – she couldn't yell any louder, as the hold was cutting off her air supply.

"No. As you and your boyfriend were so hard to catch, I'm going to break your arms. As punishment."

Nigel stepped forwards. "No! Leave her alone!" He glared at the two men. "You said you would let her go. Now do so."

"No. You think I'm gonna let her go, after all the trouble she's caused us?" He twisted Sydney's left arm a bit higher, and she let out a strangled gasp.

The Englishman, usually so calm and relaxed, sprinted towards Sydney's captor, side-stepping his own attacker on the way.

"Let go of her!" He barrelled into the man, shoving Sydney out of the way. She stared, amazed, as Nigel flew past her and hit the wall, with her attacker in front of him.

The man slipped to the ground with a groan, unconscious.

The other male, still clutching the crucifix, aimed his gun at Sydney. "Your boyfriend just made a mistake." He pulled the trigger.

Nigel moved faster than he – or anyone else – would ever had thought possible, throwing himself at Sydney and pushing her out the way, avoiding the benches as the two of them dropped.

As they fell to the ground, the man made a run for it, leaving his three colleagues unconscious on the floor.

"Nigel? Nige, you ok?" Sydney shook him. Then she noticed the crimson liquid streaming over her hands. "Nigel? Oh… crap… come on, please wake up…"

Nigel was stark white, his eyes shut, his right arm covered in blood, the obvious cause being the gaping bullet wound in his upper arm.

Sydney pulled off her jumper and ripped it down the seam. Folding it into a rough square, she pressed down hard on the wound, trying to stop the blood from leaking out.

"Nigel, I am so sorry that I gave you this job. If… when we get back, I'll stop you coming on my hunts. They're too dangerous."

Faintly, Nigel shook his head, then in a quavering voice murmured, "No, Syd. I like coming…" he trailed off, and Sydney realised he had fallen unconscious again.

"Nigel, that was the bravest thing I've ever seen you do. The bravest thing I've ever seen anyone do. You are not going to be on anything more dangerous than a nice quiet office job for the next four years. Just like you wanted."

Sydney pressed harder on the wound, but the blood kept leaking through all the layers of material she placed over it.

About ten minutes later, she sighed in relief as the blood finally stopped soaking through the cotton. "Nigel, can you wake up, please? We have to go, before Pierre's men come back. Or wake up."

Nigel stirred, but didn't wake. "Nige… please… we have to go! Pierre is coming, we have to leave now, or he'll catch us."

Sydney shook him, but when he didn't wake, she sighed again. "Right, I'll have to carry you."

Bending down, she hooked an arm round Nigel's legs and pushed him over her left shoulder in a fireman's hold. "You're too light, you know, Nigel. You really should eat more."

Sydney pushed open the main door, and glanced around for Pierre, the owner of the land they were trespassing on. There was no one in sight, but that could soon change.

At the bottom of the hill was Sydney's car- Nigel's was liable to fall apart at any minute, so they didn't take it on Hunts. All she had to do was carry Nigel down there without falling over. Not easy. Especially considering that they were falling now.

Falling… Falling… Ok, now they'd hit the ground. Damn. It hurt. Oh well. At least they were at the bottom of the hill.

Sydney stumbled to her feet just as Pierre and two of his body guards appeared over the rim of the hill, obviously having come from finding their three comrades unconscious in the hall. "Hey! Stop!"

She swore, grabbed Nigel and dragged him into the back of the car, trying to ignore the bloody wound on her friends' arm.

Turning the keys in the ignition, Sydney swore again as the engine failed to start. "Come on… Come on… I spent twelve grand on you, so you'd better start!"

Obediently, it did, just as Pierre's men started shooting. A bullet ripped a hole in the side of the car. "There goes five grand. Damn." Sydney pressed the accelerator to the floor and the car sped off in a maelstrom of dust and gravel.

Twenty minutes later, the car pulled up directly outside the entrance to the local hospital. Sydney jumped out of the car and raced inside, grabbed a paramedic by the arms and dragged him outside to where Nigel was lying, pale and unconscious, on the back seat of her car.

The paramedic, still slightly confused by the speed he had been dragged at, stared at Nigel, taking in his wound. "We'll have to get him to an IV quickly to replace the blood he's lost. I'll carry him inside."

He pulled Nigel carefully out of the car, and left Sydney speechless with worry for her friend as the three of them entered the hospital.

Ten minutes later, a handful of nurses had taken control of the situation and had managed to get Nigel a bed. After having being thanked profusely by Sydney, the paramedic had gone back to the entrance, where he had the job of watching for the more urgent cases.

"What's his name, and what blood type is he?" one of the nurses asked Sydney.

"His name's Nigel, and his blood type's A/B, I think. Is he going to live?"

"Yes, I think so. He hasn't lost too much blood, and the bullet must have come out the other side. There's no sign of it in the wound."

Nigel was still pale, and looked even more so against the stark white of the hospital sheets. He was hooked up to an IV that was passing fluids into his system, and another nurse was just sliding a needle into his veins for the blood transfusion.

Sydney shuddered and looked away.

"Are you his girlfriend?" the same nurse as before asked the question.

"What? No, no, nothing like that. We work together."

The nurse grinned, and called to her colleagues, "Girls, he's single!" There was a chorus of giggles.

Sydney relaxed slightly – if the nurses had time enough to make jokes, Nigel had to be ok. "Come on, I'll take you to the relatives room. You're not a relative, but I don't know where else to put you, while we clean up the wound. Someone will come and get you when we're done."

Sydney was bustled off, while Nigel lay still.

About half an hour later, a woman in nurses' uniform opened the door to where Sydney had been sitting, brooding. "You can come and see him now, my dear."

"Oh, thank you." Sydney eagerly followed her to Nigel's room – it was shared by nine other people, but he had been curtained off.

"Nigel?" She whispered, as the two nurses on duty left them.

Her friend made no sound, nor any movement that implied that he had heard her, or even knew she was there. "Nigel, I am so very, very sorry. I shouldn't have made you come with me. Now you're hurt, and it's all my fault."

His eyelids flickered, and he spoke softly, only just loud enough for Sydney to hear him. "Not… not your fault, Syd…" Slowly, carefully, he reached up his left hand and softly touched her cheek.

Breaking out of her usual calm and nearly emotionless shield, Sydney let a tear slip down her cheek, but Nigel wiped it away.

"Sydney… I'm sorry I held you back all these times… when I get better…" Nigel broke off, breathing hard. Movement obviously hurt him, far more than he had expected. "When I get better, I'm going to resign."

"No! Nigel, you can't!" Sydney was horrified at the thought of losing her greatest friend. "You have stuck by my side for the last seven years, through thick and through thin. You've saved my life more then once- like today, for instance. I would have died if you hadn't pushed me out of the way."

"Syd, I'm just a… burden. You and I… both know that. I'll… I'll get my stuff when I… get out of here."

"Nigel. I don't care how much you think you hold me back. I refuse to accept your resignation. You will be back at work when you have recovered." Sydney glared at her friend. "And don't bother saying otherwise."

Nigel sighed. There was no arguing with her when she was in this mood. "Yes, Sydney."

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