Author's note: So! It is to be war between us! …Ehem. I'm laughing though, reading reviews of random fics here. It seems like war is brewing between the Gippalai fans and the Gippal/Rikku fans. I don't have much to say other than take it easy, no hostility. And remember, fellow Gippalai fans! Quality over quantity.

Anyway, about this fic. It was originally meant to be a oneshot but it seems like you people really want me to continue, soooo, I'll see what I can do. XD


…That was close. Too close. I'm damn lucky that he just woke up. He said he just heard me talking to myself but couldn't make out any of what I was saying. I'm not one for prayer, but Yevon, please let him have not actually heard what I was saying. If he did, I'm not really in a good position.

Anyway, it's about a week after that incident happened. Baralai hasn't been acting too different to me, so…that's good, I suppose. Although a part of me kind of wanted him to hear what I said, just to see what would happen. Hey, I was always one for risks.

Back to our dear Crimson Squad. Training is as usual. No more rabid sandworm attacks, though I swear Baralai's some kind of masochist. There's only so many times one can listen to "Oh, that battle I just fought by myself? I'm perfectly fine. Kindly ignore the huge needle sticking out of my side". Either he doesn't want to worry us more than he has to or he's just an idiot. As much as I care for the guy, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Paine and Nooj have some kind of competition going on between them to pass the time. Something about who can kill more fiends in a certain amount of time. Yes, Paine and Nooj, Bikanel Desert thanks you for your generous contribution to the well being of its sands. Please take this defunct, rare machina as a reward for all your efforts. Oh dear, wasted all your tools for fixing it in making better weapons to kill more fiends with? WELL TOO BAD YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT SOONER.

….Ahem. As you can tell I'm not too happy with all the wasted materials.

We're camped out again by another oasis. I'm not too happy on the idea of camping out near these things, as fiends are bound to be drawn to it, but Nooj insists that we'll be fine. Alright, his problem when there's a sandragora breathing down his neck.

Yet again, I'm awake in the middle of the night. And I officially label myself a genius. Somehow in the fighting today I lost my backpack, which including my sleeping bag. Luckily I still had some of my supplies and my weapons buuuuut…it didn't go too well with Nooj. Kind of got a "DEAL WITH IT" response when I whined to him how cold it was getting.

Baralai's all huddled up in his sleeping bag. Probably weary from all the fighting today.…I'm still wondering whether I should actually tell him or not. I mean…the worst thing that could happen is him being disgusted with me and hating me forever. …Well, that's a pretty bad thing. I don't think I want that. But I mean…we aren't going to be here forever. Our "final test" is in only a month, and if we make it into the Crimson Squad, I doubt we're going to stay in the same groups. I may not see him much anymore…so when would I get the chance to tell him?

Eh, I still have a month to think about it. Procrastinating can be a good thing. And damnit it's cold. I wish I had a blanket or something. Just staring at all of them all toasty in their sleeping bags and…grrrrrr…



…I wonder if Baralai would notice if I snuck into his sleeping bag…Heh heh heh…