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Piper walked around the attic thinking.

"Find anything?" asked Pheobe as she walked in to the room with hands full of potions.

"Nope. You?" asked PAige as she was scraying.

Piper through her fist down on the table then said "Damn It!"

"Piper calm down we will save them" said Paige.

"How can we save them when we can't even find them!" said Piper raising her voice.

Piper sat down and put her face in her hands.

Pheobe walked over to Piper and sat down beside her.

"This is all my fault. If I just watched Sam closer then none of this would have happened." said Piper as she started to cry.

"Don't say that we WILL find them and we WILL save them." said Paige as she sat down with them.

Just then Leo and Chris orb in.

The girls jumped up in hope.

"Did you find them??" asked Paige.

"Well....no But, I think they are in the underworld"said Chris.

"We know they are down there we just don't know where down there." said Pheobe.

"That is where we come in" said Chris.

"What do you mean?" asked Piper who had raised her eye brow.

"Leo and I are going to go down there and see if we can find anything or how many demons are down there." said Chris proudley.

"No way" said Piper as she shook her head.

"why not?" asked Paige who was up with this idea.

"I am not going to let my husband, and my whitelighter go in the middle of hell!" said Piper who had crossed her arms.

"Well she has a point." said Pheobe.

"Come on Piper! Let them do it for sam? Wyatt??" said Paige as she pleaded.

Piper looked at Paige's Pleading face then to Leo. "Just to let you know if you get hurt don't say I told you so." said Piper as she finally agreed.

"Thanks Honey..... We will be careful." said Leo.

Then Leo and Chris Orbed to the underworld.



Sam opened her eyes to be staring at a stone rock ceiling. She tried to raise her self up to find out that she was banned to a bed. Sam Head pounded where she had hit the floor before. Where am I? thought Sam As she turned her head to see Wyatt laying on a bed sound asleep. Just then A rock door opened and a Man wearing hooded all black walked in to the room.

"Where am I? Who are you?" asked Sam.

"I am Nikos.You are in the underworld."said The man.

"Just to let you know my Aunts are going to kick your ass." said Sam as she man walked to the bed where she was laying.

"Oh, Really? Are you talking about the witches I destoryed?" asked Nikos.

Sam's eyes wided. "Your Lieing." said Sam.

"Oh really?" Said Nikos as he pulled out a lock of Piper's hair.

Sam gasped."You Moster!" screamed Sam as tears swelled up in her eyes, but she dare let him see them.

"Oh.. Don't be this way.. How are we going to rule the underworld when you act like that." said Nikos as he stood infront of Sam.

"What do you mean WE?"said Sam as she eyed him.

"Why we are going to get married."said Nikos.

"I'm only thirteen!"said Sam.

"Well, So am I." Said Nikos as he took off his hood.

Sam gasped at the face. It was Bobby.



"Okay now where do we go?"wisptered Leo.

"Umm.. how about this way?"Chris Whispered back.

The two men walked down the shadowey hall untill they came to a big place.

"Well I guess we are in the center of hell."Whispered Leo.

"Theres probley about 500 demons here." said Chris.

"Well, wheres Sam?"asked Leo.

"I don't know?" said Chris.

"Hey!! Who Are you two?!!" Said A big Demon from behind.

Chris and Leo turned around.

"umm.. Leaving!"said Chris.

Chris and Leo tried to orb out but, was blocked by a warlock. The two men landed on the hard floor.

"oh...no"said Leo as he looked up to see the source.

"Hello... Leo" said the Source.

"Bind their hands and tie them to the wall!! We can use them for bait." said the source.

"On your feet!" said one of the Demons who had all ready binded Chris's hands.

Chris and Leo stood up and followed the source to a dark room the scraped them to the Wall.

Just then Nikos walked in and said "Well..Well.. Lookey what we have. The whitelighter of the Charmed ones and the eldest husban. Now I have the child, the father, and My wife. Now All I need is the Charmed ones."

"The Girls are going to Kill your Ass!!" yelled Chris.

"I would watch you mouth! Your talking to the Prince of the underworld!" said Nikos.

Nikos looked at the gaurds then said "gaurd this door with your life!" He turned and looked at Leo then said "I'll make sure I'll tell your wife that you said Hi before you Die" Nikos turned and Went out the door.

"This is great!" said Chris.

"This was your idea!!" said Leo.

"Ohh.. Piper is going to be soo pissed off." said Chris.

Leo nodded his head in agreement.



Piper is paceing the floor.

"where are they? They should of been here by now!"said Piper.

"Stop worring they are probley all right." said Pheobe as she walked in to the room.

"Oh.. you wouldn't have said that is Cole had went down there!"said Piper.

Pheobe looked at Piper and Shruged.

"that is what I thought!" said Piper as she Paced some more.

Paige walked in to the room with all the potions she could think of.

"Wow! you have been working!" said Pheobe.

"Just in case" said Paige.

Paige sat all the potions down and looked at Piper.

"Hey did you get your hair cut?" asked Paige stairing at Piper.

"No. I haven't. Why?" said Piper.

"Because It looks it." said paige.

"What?" said Piper as she dashed out of the Attic and Went to the Bathroom.

Sunndleny Paige and Pheobe heard a Scream and a Growl! Piper stomped back up the stairs and Said "That Stupied Son of A Bitch Cut my Hair!!! He is sooo Dead!!!" said Piper as she turned and belw up a vaise with flowers in it.

"Piper! I just out that in here!"said Pheobe.

"Well Leo and Chris better hurry up before I go down there and get them!" said PIper as she begain Paceing again.


Chris And Leo

"what are you doing?" asked Chris as he looked at Leo who was in deep thought.

"Will you shut up I am trying to see if I can since Sam any where" said Leo.

"Oh"said Chris as he shuted up.

sunndleny A small group of Blue and White Lights appeared and there sat Wyatt.

"Wyatt!" said Chris as Leo opened His eyes.

"Wyatt? Thats it!" said Leo as he was strucked with an idea.

"Wyatt look at daddy! Wheres mommy? Go find Mommy!" said Leo as he tried to get Wyatt to understand him.

"You actually think he understands you?" said Chris as he rolled his eyes.

Just then wyatt orbed out.

"Yep I think he does." said Leo.

"Ohh I hope this works!" said chris shocked.



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