CHAPTER 6: THE rescue

Piper was still paceing the floor.

"Okay that is it I am going to go get them now!!"said Piper as she stomped over to the book.

Sunndleny, a little group of white and blue lights appeared on the floor and there sat Wyatt.

Piper looked up to see her son.

"Wyatt!!!"Yelled Piper as she ran to her son and picked him up and kissed him all over.

Pheobe and Paige ran in to the attic and saw Piper holdind wyatt in her arms.

"Wyatt!" yelled Pheobe and Paige together as they ran and hugged Wyatt and Kissed him.

"Woe Woe! Wait a minute! Wyatt how did you get here??" said Piper as she looked at the one year old.

Wyatt Smilied and Said "da da da da da" as he bounce up and down in Piper's arms.

"Awww He's second word!!" said PHeobe as she Smiled.

"Leo? Oh god I hope he is okay!" Said PIper.

"If Leo got Wyatt to take himself to you how about we get Wyatt to bring us to Leo." asked Paige.

"Well, That might work." said Pheobe.

"Okay, Wyatt look at Mommie Wyatt wheres Daddy? Wyatt, Wheres Daddy? Lets go find Daddy." said Piper to Wyatt trying to get him to undetstand.

Wyatt was getting pretty good at this game so he smiled as orbed off with Piper,Pheobe,and Paige.


Sam sat in her doungen like room staring at the wall. Oh my god! I am going to be married to a demon! I don't want to get married! thought Sam as she stood up and started paceing.(you know where she got that from!! lol) What to do? What to do? Got to get out of here. Thought Sam. Sunndleny the rock like door came opened and walked in one of Nikos demons with a tray of food.

"Go Away!!!" yelled Sam as she threw her arm angerly at the demon. The demon flew and hit the wall.

"Woe!" said Sam as the demon hit the floor. He was out cold.

Sam glanced around to see the door still opened. Sunndleny she was struck with am idea. Sam pulled the demon's body and put him in the bed. She covered him up where you could not see anything.Sam then turned and ran out the door.

Down the hallway she ran. Untill she came to a door. sam gentley turned the nob; it was opened. Sam quickly got in to the room and shut the door. Sam turned to look in the face of the source. Sam Screamed.


"What is takeing wyatt soo long??" asked Chris.

"Chris It takes time" said Leo.

"Time my butt I want out of here." said Chris.

"This was your idea anyways!!!" yelled Leo.

"Shutup!" Chris yelled back.

Sunndleny a big group of blue and white lights appeared and there stood Piper holding Wyatt, Paige and Pheobe.

"Told you" said Leo as he smiled.

chris gave him a looked.

"good boy Wyatt!!" said Piper as she smilied.

"Okay lets get you guys out." said Paige as she stepped towards Chris.

"Don't" said chris shakeing his head.

"Why Not you want out don't you??" asked Pheobe.

"yes, but" Chris started but was cut off by Piper.

"but my ass" said Piper as she gave Wyatt to Pheobe.

Piper threw her hands up and blew the chains on Leo's wrists. Sunndleny a Alarm went off.

"I told you not to!!" yelled Chris over the Alarm.

Sunndleny three demons came rushing in to the room.

"Oh Boy." said Pheobe.

"We are prepared for this!" said Paige as she threw a poition.

Piper and Pheobe did the same. Nothing happened.

"why didn't they go poof?" asked Piper.

"uh.. I guess we are not prepared for this." said Paige.

"lets try this." said Piper as she threw her hands up.

Piper blew up the three demons.

"Well that worked." said Paige.

Sunndleny the demons started coming back together.

"Thats not good!" said Pheobe.

"Hurry! Free them!!" said Paige.

"Okay Okay! I'm working here!" said Piper as ahe blew chris's chains off.

By this time the demons where already put back together.

They surrounded them.

"not good not good!" said Pheobe.

"cool it pheebs!" said Paige.

"I can't here!!" said Pheobe.

"Think of a spell!" said Chris.

"Okay? um.... demons that will not fall" started Piper.

"We will stand tall" said Paige.

"You won't ring our bells!" shouted Pheobe.

"You won't take these Haiwells!" said Piper.

The demon screamed and blew up.

"Ring our Bells?? What was that??" said Paige.

"What? It worked didn't it!" said Pheobe swiching Wyatt to her other hip.

"I guess you cut more than your hair! your Brain!!!" said Paige.

"Oh no you just didn't make fun oh the Hair!" said Pheobe angerly.

"Oh yes I did!" snapped Paige.

"OOOoooo!" said Pheobe.

"Okay you guys this is not a time to fight!!! Give me Wyatt." said Piper as she held out her arms.

"Fine." said Pheobe as she handed over Wyatt to Piper. Paige stuck her tough out at Pheobe.

"I saw that Paige" said Piper as she started to go out the door. "Come on lets find our neice."

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