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"Okay I think where lost" said Paige.

"Yea how did you know that?" asked Pheobe.

"Because I think we are going in circles" said Paige as she picked up her hair bow off the ground.

"great! Just great!" said Chris throwing his hands up.

"Okay don't panic, we can do this." said Piper as she set Wyatt on the ground and took his hand, so he could walk.

"Hey lets try this door." said Leo.

"why??" asked Paige.

"Because I am getting a strange vibe from it." said Leo as he opened the door.

"Okay lets go" said Piper.

They all walked in to the room.

"Okay I can't see a thing" said Pheobe.

"Ouch!! someone stepped on my foot!" said Paige.

"oops... was that your foot??...Sorry" said Pheobe.

"um...I think there is nothing in this room"said Piper.

"Yea lets go" said Paige.

"wheres the door??" asked pheobe.

"I don't know I can't see any thing!" said Chris.

"Wyatt come here let me hold you" said PIper.

PIper picked up wyatt.

"Leo where are you?" asked Pheobe.

"over here" said Leo.

"hang on nobody move"said Paige.

They heard Paige shuffle in something.

"got it" said Paige as they saw a beam of light.

"Good thinking Paige" said Pheobe.

"Pheobe why are you holding my shoulder??" asked Piper.

"I'm not" said Pheobe.

Paige raised the light to Piper who looked on her shoulder tho see a man's hand. Paige raised it up some more to see the face of the source!

"Ah!!"screamed Paige as she dropped the flash light.

Sunndleny all kinds of light came on to show some kind of church...well kinda looked like one.

"Oh... my.... god...."said Pheobe.

"Welcome charmed ones" said the source.

"where.... where.... at a wedding!!" said Paige.

"What!" said Chris and Piper in usion.

"whos??"asked Pheobe.

"Sam's" said Paige as she pointed.

They all turned to see Sam standing on a stage like thing, wearing a black dress and dead flowers.

""said Piper as she covered her mouth.

"Now since we are all here we can start the wedding" said The source.

"Now have a seat!"

They where all to shocked to move.

Piper was the first one to speak. "Sam!! what in the world are you doing??!!"

Sam didn't speak, she looked at Piper as they all gasped.... Her eyes were soild black..

"I think she is under a spell" said Pheobe.

"Ya think?? Duh she is under a spell" said Paige.

"We have to undo the spell!!" said Pheobe.

"No spells!! Here!!" said a voice from behind.

They all looked to see the same warlock that took Wyatt and Sam before.

Piper rised up her rist,because she was holding Wyatt..."I wouldn't say anything If I were you.... Buddy"

"Oh I remember you" said the warlock

"Remember this!" said Piper as she flicked her rist.

SLPAT! demon guts went every where.

" Ahhhh....Piper..... you missed" said Pheobe wipeing her face off from the guts.

"I know Pheobe!! I know!! hold Wyatt." said Piper as she handed over her son.

"You getting a little off arn't you??" said The warlock..

" Lets see you try to blow some Ahole up with a baby in your arms.." said Piper.

"Well, I would.... Hey!!" said The warlock.

"Okay lets try again" said Piper as she flicked her wrists again. This time she did not miss. In a expolsion of smoke he was gone.

"nice shot" said pheobe.

"Yea it was about time I got that crazy seico." said Piper as Pheobe gave Wyatt back to her.

"Now about that spell" said Paige.

Sunndleny, A large cage surrounded Piper, Paige, and Pheobe. Leaving Leo and Chris in the open.

"oh.... Now this is unfair!" said Pheobe as she crossed her arms.

Sunndleny chris and Leo where chained back to a wall again.

"Great!" said CHris.

"Here we are again" said Leo.

"Now since we have everyone ready lets start the wedding!!!" said the source.

Alful music sounded as the Prince of the underworld walked in.

"What are we going to do??What are we going to do?? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO???" asked Pheobe.

"I don't know, calm down Pheobe!!" said Paige.

"Tam!" said Wyatt out of the blue.

"Man he is getting pretty good with words!" said Phoebe.

"Yes that is Sam" said Piper.

"TAm!! Tam TAm TAm!!!" said Wyatt as he pointed his little finger at her.

Sunndleny Sam dissapeared in white and blue lights and reappeared in the middle of the Charmed ones.

"Woe!" said Paige.

"Good thinking Wyatt!" said Piper.

"Hurry MAke a cricle around her!"said Pheobe.

They formed a cricle around her Piper holding Pheobe's hand, Pheobe holding Paige's and Paige holding Wyatt's tiny hand.

"Start the spell!" said Paige.

"NO!!!!" they Heared a voice from behind.

"we call on the power of three" said Piper.

"To help this child in need" said Pheobe.

"To bring this child to grace" said Paige.

"Bring to memorie that has been earsed" finished Piper.

Sam blinked a few times....

"where am I? Aunt PIper?" said Sam.

"your okay Sam"said Pheobe as she huged her.

"No Samantha Is mine!!!!!!!" Yelled Nikos.

sunndleny the cage dissapeared.

"Give her to me!!" yelled Nikos as he came closer to the sisters.

"Pheobe do you still have that potion that we killed cole with??" wisptered Paige.

"Yea but it is at home" said Phoebe.

"well I'll be back" said PAige as she orbed out.

"PAige! where in the world is she going??" saiD Piper.

Paige came back. "what??" said PAige.

"here take Wyatt with you" said Piper as she gave Wyatt to Paige.

"Ok I'll be back" said Paige as she orbed out with Wyatt.

"Ok hurry!!!" said Pheobe as she dove from an energy ball.

They started fighting.

"Hey Piper!!! A little help here!!" said Leo.

"Oh............oh......KAY!!" said Piper as she blew the chains up again on both Leo's and Chris's hands.

"thanks" said Chris.

"No Problem" said Piper.

"Hiya!!" yelled Pheobe as she kicked a demon in the head.

"Will you hold still!" yelled Nikos as he threw another engery ball at Piper who blew it up.

"Well stop throwing them at me!!!" yelled Piper as she blew another engery ball.

"Oh paige hurry" thought Piper as she blew up another engery ball.


"where is it??" said Paige as she ran threw the house after dropping Wyatt off at magic School.

"Come on" said PAige as she looked threw shelfs.

"Ummm.....the thing I cannot find, show me what was left behind??" said Paige.

All the shelfs opened up and out floated some poitions.

"Gotcha" said Paige as she grabbed them.

"Ok got poitions now spell" said PAige as she Ran up stairs to the attic.

"Oh.... oh.... no time for this" said PAige as she turned page after page.

"a little help here!!!" said Paige looking up at the celleing.

The book flipped to a spell. "Thanks" said Paige as she grabbed a pen and paper and wrote it down..

"Okay center of hell here I come!!!" said Paige as she orbed out.

Center of Hell

"PHEOBE DUCK!!" Yelled piper.

Pheobe fell to the floor.

"Sam now try to consentrate.... you can do it" said Leo as he hit another demon.

Sam flew her hand out, and a white ball flew out and killed a Demon.

"go Sam!!" yelled Piper as she blew up another engery ball from Nikos.

"Okay tired of this" said Nikos as he drew out a swoard.

"Oh.... thats no fair" said Piper.

"Oh but this is DaD!!!" yelled Nikos.

The source formed behind Piper.

"Piper look out the source!!!" yelled Chris.

Piper turned around and flicked her hands....the room froze. everyone was frozen except the charmed ones, and Sam. The source and Nikos were fighting threw the feild.

"Great Paige hurry you Ass up!!!!!" said Piper as she froze the Source and nikos again. They were forceing her to a corner.

Sunndleny, Paige appeared.

"About Time!!" said Pheobe as she ran to her sister.

"Hurry piper is in trouble" said Sam as she ran to the two.

They looked to see that Piper was trapped.

"Hang on Piper!!" said Paige as the three ran towards her.

"Believe I'm hangin!!" said Piper.

Piper ran threw the arms of the Source and Nikos to her sisters and Niece.

Paige threw the poitions.

"read this out loud" said Piper to Sam.

They held hands and said out loud.

"The evil that we must fear, They will not come to near, let them see the endless night, To destory this evil with all our might!!" "The evil that we must fear, They will not come to near, Let them see the endless night, To destory Evil with all our might!!"

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Yelled Nikos and the Source as they cought flame.

"The evil that we must fear, They will not come to near, let them see the endless night, To destory this evil with all our might!!" the Four girls said as the most Evil of all evil was destroyed!!!

"Yes!!!" said Sam as she Jumped up and Down..

"we did it!!! we really did it!!!" said Sam as she Hugged Piper then Paige then Pheobe.

All the Demons Blew up to leave Chris and Leo Standing there as they unfroze.

"What the.... woe!!" said Chris.

"Way to go Girls!!" said Leo.

"Now lets go home" said Piper.

Leo and Chris walked over to the girls.

"Ready??" asked Paige.

Sam looked at them then to the heaps on the floor.

"Does it always end this way??" she asked.

"well mostly yea" said Pheobe.

"Why do you ask??" asked Piper.

"Well its just now I know why my mother could not keep me." said Sam.

"Oh... Sam she wanted to keep you... Its just she didn't want any thing to happen to you" said Piper as she hugged Sam.

"Yea so your hear now and we love you" said Pheobe as she joined the huged.

"You are a true Hawiell" said Paige as she hugged.

Chris and Leo held on to the girls as they orbed home.


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