Come Running When You Whistle

What does Tidus think when he hugs Yuna for the last time before he dies? This.

You know what scared me the most right then? Not that I was going to die, I had pretty much accepted that by then. No, what I was really scared of was that I wasn't feeling. I was entirely numb, and I couldn't feel your skin touching mine. I was expecting pain, fiery pain that wouldn't ever stop, not this calm numb that blocked out every nerve in my body. I was frightened because I wanted to know I was still real, not just a dream. I thought if I held on long enough, this would all turn out to be a dream and I would wake up to my house in Zanarkand and be able to run out and see the buildings, tall and cramped together like I told you. I thought that everything, from Sin to you, would be a dream, and I would try to hold onto the image of you in my dreams like I would try to hold onto sand. But it wasn't a dream. I was dying, fading in front of you, and all you could do was scream 'NO!' and run through me. When I put my arms around you, I knew the moment would end, but for that second, everything was okay. Everything would be okay because you were in my arms and I was never letting go of you, even if I stopped destiny. But I went through you the next moment, and couldn't stand to see your face after that. So I ran and jumped off the side of the airship. Don't cry, I'll make sure we see Zanarkand, MY Zanarkand, soon. We'll be together in the fayth, and then there will be no more waiting. Only us. I'll have to wait a while won't I? But I can wait. I've never been patient. But because it's you, I can stand to wait. I can be patient. And maybe, before you die and we're together in the fayth, you'll whistle, and I'll come running home to you. Because I promised I would come when you whistled that whistle I taught you. And I never break a promise. I WILL come running when you whistle. Because you will whistle, and I'll come in spirit and lift you up and kiss you, and then I'll have to leave, but you'll laugh and whistle again. And I'll come back again, and you'll never truly be alone.