Wait In The Fayth

What does Yuna think the moment Tidus hugs her for the last time? This.

I was scared right then. Do you remember when we kissed? The tender feel of your lips on mine still lingers. I was scared then too, because I knew that I shouldn't, and yet I did. You aroused something within me that refused to be kept down, and I just wish I could keep you in my arms. All I want is to be able to touch you every night, to be able to know you're mine and that no one can take you from me because we are what we are, and what we are is us. You aren't Tidus and I'm not Yuna anymore. When I said I love you, we became us, and we can't be broken, because we know that that's how it's supposed to be. I can't feel you anymore. Where have you gone? Are you fading that quickly? When can I see you again? Why you? Why us? Was there ever really any us? Was this just a dream like you say you are? If so, I want to keep on sleeping, because I need you in my life now. My guardian, my heart, my love, my only. Did you jump off the side? I really can't tell. I can feel your breathe along the skin of my neck, but where are you? Are you really even here anymore? Why can't you BE for just one second more so I can kiss you again, one last time? Apparently, love isn't enough. Love is never enough. Love is just a dream that can be blown away as quickly as a seed on the ground. If I whistle, will you come? The whistle you taught me, the whistle that will hold us together. Maybe you'll wait for me in the fayth. Maybe you'll be patient for a while until I can get there. My Tidus, patiently waiting for me in the fayth. You WILL come when I whistle, won't you? Not in body, but in spirit. You'll take me up in your arms and kiss me and I'll laugh and whistle when you leave. And you'll come back again, and I won't ever be truly alone.