The Tangled Web We Weave



            Usagi drummed her fingers on the desk as she lazily paged through her history textbook, invoking the wrath of one Rei Hino, who was trying to study. Ami could tell that Rei was quickly becoming irritated by the way her eye twitched at every tap of Usagi's fingers. Ami reached towards Usagi's hand to stop her from fueling Rei's inevitable explosion.

            Unfortunately, the word "inevitable" in the previous sentence lived up to its definition.

            "QUIT DRUMMING YOUR FINGERS, ODANGO ATAMA!" Rei yelled, startling Usagi out of her reverie.

            "You don't have to be so mean, Rei-chan!" Usagi whined, pouting as she closed the thick history book with an audible thump.

            "No, I don't, not if you quit being so annoying!"

            "How can I tell if I'm being annoying, I'm not a mind reader like some people we know!" Usagi replied, poking her finger at Rei's chest with each stressed syllable.

            "I'm a miko, not a mind reader, and maybe if you got your odango-ed head out of the clouds for a while, you'd know the difference and possibly develop the skills to recognize an annoyance when you're performing it!"

            Ami shot a pleading look to Minako, who was lying on Rei's bed reading manga. Minako shrugged and grinned sheepishly; even after at least fifty similar quarrels, the other three girls still had not found a sure-fire way to stop Usagi and Rei from arguing.

            Makoto the fifth and final member of the small study group, rolled her eyes and reached for the final cookie on the plate in the middle of the table. This action, typically, caught Usagi's eye.

            "Oi, Mako-chan! I already claimed the last cookie!" Usagi cried, diving at said cookie.

            "You're so greedy, Odango! Pretty soon you're going to get an odango-shaped body to go with that hairstyle of yours!" Rei snapped, swiping the cookie from Usagi's grasp.

            "You're so mean! And give me back my cookie!"

            As this incessant bickering continued, elsewhere something strange was occurring.

            Destiny was lying around Eternity, bored of playing with mortal's lives. After all, the novelty of that weaving kit Father Time had given her could only last for so long before she got frustrated with it.

            She glared at the unfinished tapestry she had been weaving with utter distaste. What had she been thinking? True love and innocent princesses?

            Then again, she had been only five hundred when she started that tapestry— childish dreams had still been dancing around her head.

            "Well, back to the drawing board," she muttered to herself, removing the tapestry from the loom and placing it gently on the ground. She then turned to the loom, stared at it for a moment, and began to cut new strings.

            As she weaved them together, she didn't notice her baby sister, Chance, sneak into the room and start tugging at the neglected tapestry.

            Chance, being only a few centuries old (an infant by immortal standards), liked to tie knots. And lo and behold, here were a bunch of strings! She especially liked the silver one in the middle of the tapestry.

            Smiling in the cute, innocent way that only babies can, Chance tugged on the silver string. And tugged, and tugged again until it came loose. There! Now all she needed was something to tie it with…

            Sissy had strings. She was tying them together happily, whistling as the thing in front of her made clacking noises and ate the string up. Chance decided that she would help sissy. After all, green and brown and blue string was boring all by itself; it needed the silver string!

            Unnoticed by Destiny, Chance began weaving the silver string all through the dull-colored strings, tying the kind of knot that only small children can achieve: long, intricate, and difficult to undo.

            Chance gurgled happily, eager to show her older sister what she had done to help. Sissy, however, was more concerned with Chance than with the pretty strings.

            "Chance! What are you doing here? You could mess up some mortals' lives so easily in here! Ugh, Mother Nature must be sleeping again, to let you wander around like this! Come on, Chance, let's go see mama!" Destiny said, scooping Chance up and walking out of the room.

            The loom continued clacking, weaving the strings in the intricate, preset pattern.

            Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it, the silver string was weaved in with it.


            "Why can't you just leave me alone, Rei-chan, it's not as if you rule my—"

            The girls stared at the spot where Usagi had once been, slack jawed. It was not everyday your princess, charge, and best friend disappeared without a trace, so their obvious dismay was not surprising.

            "What," Minako began, "the hell just happened?"

            "Don't swear, Mina-chan," Ami said weakly, striving for normalcy. "Rei-chan, please do a fire reading, see if you can find anything. I will search for her energy signature on my Mercury computer. Mina-chan, Mako-chan, could you please find Mamoru-kun and the Outers and inform them of the situation?"

            It was so rare that the blue-haired genius took charge that everyone obeyed immediately.

            Either that, or it was the total shock of seeing someone vanish before their very eyes with no warning whatsoever.


            "—life, or anythi… Rei-chan?"

Usagi wasn't having a much better time. In truth, most would probably consider it a great deal worse than what the girls back home were going through. Unless, that is, you were the outdoorsy type or completely insane, in which case you would be right at home in the forest that Usagi suddenly found herself in.

Since our heroine was neither outdoorsy nor insane, and was in actuality quite the drama queen and crybaby, she was utterly distraught. Case point being illustrated by the fact that she immediately burst into tears once she realized that this was too elaborate a practical joke for Minako to have pulled off.

Well, believe you me, crying for hours on end is definitely not the most pleasant or productive experience, which is why Usagi stopped wailing after 85 minutes straight. She was getting a massive headache, and crying was not actually attracting help. Sniffling, she stood, looking around for a few moments before picking a direction, in which she set off.

As she walked, it became obvious that night was approaching: it became harder to see, and Usagi was exhausted.

"I'd better go to sleep," Usagi muttered to herself. She had taken to talking aloud on her hike, if only for the comfort of the sound of her own voice.

Wearily, she sat down by a tree, her back resting uncomfortably on the rough bark. It was not the most comfortable of positions, but it would do for now.

Usagi promptly fell asleep, waking only when a small group of little people stumbled over her.


"Sh, Pip!"

"I can't help it if I hurt myself when I tripped!"

"Pippin, shut up!"

"Both of you shut up!"

"What did we trip over, Mister Frodo?"

"I think it's a human…"


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