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Harry, in his Animagus form, followed Padfoot up the stairs at a dead run, playfully snapping at his heels as lupine instincts took over. Padfoot slowed to a trot when he reached the landing, stopping outside the only room with a door intact. The wolf copied him, aware of a sudden change of mood. His ears flattened against his skull as he caught the sound of angry, impatient growls coming from inside the room, feeling an unreasonable fear growing in him. He automatically cringed, whimpering softly.

Padfoot sniffed at the door and let out a quiet questioning whine. He heard Moony snarl an answer and he turned to the young wolf by his side. Gently, reassuringly, he nuzzled his head into its grey-black neck ruff and spoke as a pack member. Wolf-Child, Son of the Pack, have no fear. Pack-leader not harm you.

Then he nudged the door open with his nose and entered. He wagged his tail when he caught sight of his mate and lowered his head respectfully. The werewolf leapt towards him and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, forcing him to the floor and standing over him, sniffing at his bared throat. Padfoot craned his head round and whined, his ears back. The werewolf's savage golden eyes glared into his and it growled deeply, opening its jaws and touching Padfoot's neck with the barest pressure applied to its huge fangs.





my mate

my Padfoot


submits only to me



Moony released Padfoot and allowed him to stand, now free to be affectionate to his mate after his show of dominance. The big dog yapped and nuzzled the werewolf. Moony licked Padfoot's face lovingly, then turned his attention to the young wolf that stood cowering at the entrance to the room.

He caught a familiar scent of a fearful young wolf, alone in the world with no pack-brothers to care for him. He took a step towards the creature and surveyed it carefully. He remembered a time of danger when there was darkness and pain and an overwhelming need to protect. He remembered fighting, blood and death and protection of Son who was not a son. Son of the Pack.



afraid of me


one-of-mine alone

pack-son, one-of-mine


my pack



Harry stared at the werewolf from the shadow of the doorway. The creature was just as he remembered- a huge silver-grey-tawny wolf with a lithe muscular form. He was fast and powerful, a creature that could keep up with its prey on a daylong hunt and still have the strength to bring it down. Harry felt the hard golden eyes fix on him and take him in, the pack-leader taking his time to evaluate the youngster.

He automatically sank to the ground and showed his soft underbelly to the werewolf as it padded towards him. He felt his lupine fear grow as the alpha, the pack-leader brought its head close to his, its hackles up and a barely audible growl emitting from its throat. Harry whined pleadingly. Moony walked round him, sniffing every inch of him as Padfoot looked on with confidence shining in his deep brown eyes.

Moony reached down and took hold of the scruff of the young wolf's neck. His grip was strong but his teeth did not pierce the skin and he was careful not to cause pain for the other. He pulled the young wolf up on to his feet and shook him gently, almost playfully. Padfoot barked at him. Now! Now!

Moony released Harry and the grey-black wolf turned to face him, the youngster's fear of him gone. The werewolf looked Harry in the eye for a long time. Harry saw love in the golden orbs, a sense of trust me I'll protect you don't fear me one-of-mine love.

Then Moony leapt forwards and bit deep into Harry's shoulder. Harry yelped in pain and surprise as sharp teeth sank into his flesh. Just as suddenly, the werewolf released his hold and lapped up the blood that welled up in the not deep wound. Confused and hurt, Harry backed away, his ears back and down once more. What had he done wrong?

He felt a warm wet tongue against his face as Padfoot comforted him. The black dog turned so that Harry could see his left side and showed the youngster the scar of a similar bite wound, long since healed up. So this was just part of the initiation. Harry looked at his own bite and saw it was a light wound where the blood was already beginning to clot. He looked up at the werewolf and wagged his tail in delight, feeling an indescribable joy fill him.

Moony rumbled quietly and came forwards to nuzzle him affectionately. Then the big wolf turned to lick Padfoot's face. The dog's mouth was once again open in canine laughter. The werewolf looked at his two pack-brothers and turned to run out of the room, raising his head to let out a triumphant call. His pack followed him as he ran out of the house and down the passage to roam freely through the snow-laden woods, baying their contempt at the white face of a winter full moon.

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