Unfortunately I'm in a very long queue of people wishing they owned Jack Sparrow, or even Will Turner come to that. I don't, they are the property of The House of Mouse, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!

Chapter 1

There was just the azure sea in all directions, not another soul, boat or even a bird could be seen. Maddy sighed 'ah this is the life,' she thought to herself, stretching, but why did she feel so disenchanted? It had been nearly a year since her messy divorce from Richard, ending in a generous out of court settlement for her. Maddy shook herself mentally, 'Good riddance to bad eggs.' She hadn't really been that upset when she found Richard had a string of mistresses, more relieved there had been an excuse to get out of a loveless marriage.

She checked her bearings, 'I don't want to be late for Elissya's wedding in Bermuda'. Maddy smiled, remembering the looks on her friends faces when they found out she would be sailing to Bermuda. 'On your own??? You can't do that,' they chorused, almost as one.

Madalene did a double take as she looked at the compass, the needle was swinging wildly. 'Oh shit!' She looked around, trying to find the sun, but a sea mist had come down suddenly, and Maddy realized she didn't know east from west anymore. She was about to go into the cabin, to turn on the NavSat, when she felt the boat lurch. 'What the hell was tha......?' Her thoughts cut off, as the boat suddenly started rocking violently in the water. She looked over the side of the boat and caught her breath, a whirlpool! Madalene dived to the wheel to steer away, but it was too late. She felt the boat fighting with the water, then found herself flying through the air, landing in the water, just on the edge of the whirlpool. She could see the boat start to break up, as it got sucked down into the eddy. A panel flew off the side, and headed for her. She tried to swim away, but the panel caught her head, and she felt herself slide into oblivion.

'Man overboard' The crew raced to the side of the ship, their eyes searching the water. 'Over there look' One of the men dived into the water, while another slung a rope into the water. 'I've got her' 'Her?' The crew muttered and looked at each other. The man in the water tied the rope around Maddys' waist, looped the rope around his wrist, and tugged, indicating to his crewmates to heave.

'What have we here?'

'A woman Captain, we found her in the water'

'A woman? Hmmm!' Maddy became aware of a sound, it sounded like people talking, but how could it be? She half opened her eyes, and saw a man standing over her, with long hair, full of beads and dreadlocks. He smiled, showing gold teeth. 'Ello luv' he said. Maddy tried to talk, but no sound came out. She felt the world going black again, but just as she slipped back into unconsciousness, she saw something behind the man with gold teeth. It looked like sails.