Chapter Epilogue

OK- Title is 'Angel Wings'. Characters: Kei and Yuri (superiors) and Rio and Marina Oki (trainees). Marina's a suba while Rio's an ensign/cadet. Furool City for their base HQ. Maybe Marlene as Rio's boss with Kome as Marina's boss? Kei still Mar's boss and Yuri still Kome's boss.

Storyline? Starships? Shuttles? Chiefs? Must rewatch some Angels' videos first. Need more insights and suggestions.

Revy and Rock (Blk Lagoon) as guest instructors at the Academy.

Legato Bluesummers a cadet/trainee and acting Cpt. He's BetaZoid- remember?

Academy instructors Lee Chan and Chief Gazelle (Anton Gustav's b-in-law)

Tomah Jordan is computer expert at Academy. Need suggestions. All assistance greatly appreciated man. Kami bless you all-K&K