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24 – Irreversible and Unforgiven

Setarina walked back to the dorm as quickly as she could without attracting the attention of Filch and his cat, or even worse, the newly appointed Headmaster. That was the last thing she needed, though she doubted the rotten man would be awake so late. Then again, you never know.

Within minutes she was safe in her dorm, quietly changing out of her clothes and into a bathrobe. After a few minutes in the shower, she was ready for bed. She was looking forward to getting a decent night's sleep.

'Hopefully dream-free,' she thought. 'Or at least free of Him in my dreams.'

As she drifted off to sleep, she braced herself for the inevitable.

For everyone knows, not every wish comes true…


"Come here, Miss Evanis."

She walked towards him hesitantly. His mere presence made her insides recoil.

With a flick of his wand, the door snapped shut and locked. Then he removed his outer robe, leaving him in trousers and a short sleeved shirt. Finally he turned and moved to stand in front of her.

"Do you drink?" he asked her.

She frowned. "I'm still underage. I can't drink."

"Not entirely true," Arsenius said, flicking his wand again. A pair of double shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey appeared on his desk. "You can, just not legally."

He poured whiskey into both glasses and handed one to her. "Drink up," he said softly. "It won't kill you, rest assured."

Setarina looked at her glass for a minute.

"Go on," Arsenius urged her. He took her hand and raised it towards her mouth, tipping the glass slightly. "Drink."

She couldn't stop him, so she took a sip. It tasted sour as it went down and she made a face.

"Too strong for you, my dear?" Arsenius asked silkily.

"No, not at all," Setarina lied.

Arsenius tipped her glass again.


She shook her head. "No thanks," she said, backing off.

He grabbed the back of her neck and brought her towards him, while still holding the glass at her mouth. "More," he said again, this time more forcefully.

She took another sip, nearly gagging at the taste.

"That's a good girl," he whispered. "Now finish the glass."

She figured that it would be all over with the sooner she finished what was left in the glass, so she took it from him and threw the whiskey back in her throat, swallowing it before it could have too much of an effect on her.

But instead of leaving it at that, Setarina watched as Arsenius took the glass from her and filled it again.

"More," he said, holding it up to her.

She shook her head and started to move away, but he grabbed the back of her neck again. This time he brought her even closer.

"Drink, or suffer the consequences," he growled. "Now."

His grip tightened slightly as she tried to resist. The glass tipped further towards her mouth.

"Drink it!" he commanded. Reluctantly, she obeyed. She could feel her stomach turning over, and she was starting to get dizzy. She watched as he poured yet another glass of whiskey, downed it, filled it up again and held it out to her.

"No, please," she begged. "No more. I don't like it."

"I don't care if you don't like it," Arsenius hissed. "You're going to drink it. Or else."

He held her head so that it was tilted back and tipped the whiskey into her mouth. Then he rubbed on the front of her neck to make her swallow it. She moaned in disgust.

"I don't care," he said, pouring a fifth glass and repeating the process. By the time he finished pouring that down her, her eyes were slightly glazed and she was having a hard time holding herself up.

"No more," she moaned.

"Alright, I'll stop," Arsenius said in an uncharacteristically kind voice.

She looked at him. She knew she wasn't drunk, but she knew that she had enough alcohol in her system to keep her from being completely lucid. She watched as he stoppered the whiskey and put it aside. Flicking his wand, the lights dimmed.

"What are you doing?" she whispered.

"That's none of your concern, is it?" he replied. She could feel his breath in front of her face, his hands on her neck, tilting her head up towards his. The next thing she knew, his mouth was on hers and he was pressing her body against his own.

She started to struggle against him, tearing her mouth from his.

"No," she cried out, pushing him away. She tried to banish him, but he didn't even move. He grabbed her wrists and pushed her violently into the nearest wall.

"Your powers will not work against me, Setarina," he hissed into her ear. "I know how to block them, and you aren't sober enough to control them."

She tried to struggle more, but he pressed himself harder on her.

"No," he growled. "You'll do as I say, or I will punish you."

"No—" Her words were cut short by the pressure of his hand against her throat.

"Yes. You will do whatever I want you to do. Do you understand me?"

She shook her head. He pulled her from the wall and brought her forcefully down to the floor. Grabbing her wrists, he muttered an incantation, binding her hands to the floor.

"Yes," he said, pulling a small switchblade out and flipping it open. He slit her robes open to reveal a tight, low-neck black shirt and a black skirt. Quickly he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Then he removed his trousers.

"No, please, stop," she pleaded.

He traced the tip of the blade from the bottom of her shirt up to her neck. "No," he said. "Silence."

She felt him run the blade tip under her shirt, around her belly and she felt a strange sensation from it. He moved his hand up her shirt, grasping her breast and squeezing it while pushing it up at the same time until it came out of the top of her shirt. Suddenly he cut her shirt open and tossed it aside. Then he ripped her bra off and put his mouth over her nipple and began sucking on it.

It was a feeling she'd never experienced. It hurt and felt good at the same time, more so the harder he sucked.

Taking her erratic breathing as a sign that he was on the right track, he traced the knife down her stomach and along her inner thigh under the skirt.

He then slowly pulled her skirt up to her belly.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Setarina asked.

"Don't worry," Arsenius whispered. "I'll try to be gentle."

"What do you mean—no!" Her cries were muffled as a cloth appeared from nowhere and was placed over her mouth.

Arsenius moved the knife to her throat.

"If you do not cooperate, I will kill you. Do you understand?"

She nodded.

"Good," Arsenius whispered. He took the cloth away from her mouth.

He forced her onto her knees and pried her mouth open. She struggled against him, but he held her still, and slid himself into her mouth. He pushed himself towards the back of her throat, and then pulled out of her mouth slightly before repeating the motion.

"Moan," he instructed her. She shook her head and tried to pull off of him, but his hands held her head still.

"I said, moan!" She started to moan as he shoved himself down the back of her throat, gagging her.

For ten minutes she endured this seemingly endless torture. Finally, she felt him spasm in her mouth and a warm liquid shot down her throat, making her choke. He brought himself out of her mouth, turned her around on her knees and pushed her forward to the ground. Roughly, he brought her hips up and rubbed his penis against her clitoris. Suddenly he shoves himself inside her and slams into her cervix.

Setarina cried out in pain. Arsenius yanked her head back by her hair.

"Shut up!" He hissed. "You know you want this, so just shut up."

Setarina felt like he would never stop. After what seemed like forever, Arsenius came inside her. He shoved her down to the floor and bound her so she couldn't move. Not that she could if she wanted to. And that was how he left her for several hours.