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\......\ me to my yami

\\......\\ my yami to me

/...../ yugi to yami

//......// yami to yugi

"......" talking

'......' thoughts



It was a beautiful sunday morning and yugi was in a happy mood." yami, get up " cried yugi." mmm " replied yami as he flips over in bed." yami " whines yugi." nani " replies yami.

" Get up i want to play " wailed yugi as he gave yami his best puppy dog look that he could muster." oh alright, i'll get up " replies yami as he threw off the covers and rolled out of bed.once in a sitting postion he was automatically glombed by yugi.

" Now, get so i can dress or i'll tickle you " relied yami. at yami's remark yugi's eyes widen." no " yells yugi as he let go of yami and backed off. ' thought so, get's him every time ' thought yami as he stood up from the bed and walks over to his and yugi's closet

Once at the closet yami took his usual balck leather pants, selves less black shirt, black studded boats, neck belt and millennium puzzle. after yami finished dressing yami asked yugi a question," so little brother what do you want to do ".

" Oh, i don't know, how about we go to the park big brother " replies yugi to his brother." why " was the reply from yami." because i want to spend time with you yami " replied yugi." still that doesn't answer my question " says yami.

* yugi's p.o.v. *

' I hope he doesn't decide to answer his question by reading my mind, for i really want to show this really pretty spot i found by the river.' thinks yugi." aibou " calls yami snapping him from his thoughts.

" Hun ? " asks yugi." why the park? " questioned yami yet again." and do you need an answer to everything " asks yugi." no " answers yami." good, then you'll see when you get there " replied yugi before heading for the door.

But before yugi could get out the door yami called out to him." aibou,don't forget i promised grandpa i'd help him out for a bit so you'll have to go bye yourself for a while."

" It's ok yami, you promised so you help grandpa and then once your done you can meet up with me " said yugi as he left the room. once outside yugi headed for the park but being unaware of certain people watching him.

" Are you sure he's alone? " questioned a guy that was 6'0 foot tall." yes, i'm sure " replied a girl with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes." well, if your sure then let's go " replied another guy who was 5'9, and so they followed yugi all the way to the park.

In the mean time yami was helping grandpa." ok grandpa were do you want this " asked yami who was holding a box." over there " replies grandpa as he points to corner of the room." ok " replied yami as he placed the box in the corner.

" Is that all grandpa " asks yami." yes, now go to yugi " replied grandpa as he watched yami run out of the game shop and sun over to the mean time yugi was just about there when he heard the sound of foot steps, so he takes a quick glance around only to see who was behind him and ran.

' Oh shit ' thought yugi as he ran./ yami, i really need you now, ushio is casing me / replies yugi by link.// he's what! never mind i'm on my way // thought yami back as he picked up his speed. mean time yugi had ran straight into the park and went to hide in his hiding place by a small river.

' Please don't let them find me ' thought yugi franticly as he hide from ushio. just then ushio and gouns had just run into the park while losing track of yugi in the process." split up and find him once found shout " orders ushio as everyone splits up in groups of two.

By now yami was half way there.' hold on yugi ' thought yami as he just caught sight of the park's entrance." any luck? " questions a guy." nothing, it's like he just vanished " replies the other guy. but just then they hear a sound, which was the sound of a twig breaking.

So, they walk over to the sound only to spot yugi behind the bush." there you are " replies one guy as he reaches out and grabs yugi." call the boss " say's the guy who had grabed yugi minutes before hand.

" Right, hey boss we found him " shouts the second guy. so as ushio hears this he walks over to him before sneering," so thought you could hide from me did you " replies ushio as he grabs yugi by the collar of his jacket.

/ YAMI / shouts yugi threw his link to yami.// yugi were are you // asks yami back as he enters the park./ yami, i'm near the river / replies yugi before he looses contact with him.

// AIBOU // shouts yami as he continues to run towards the place yugi had mentioned. in the mean time yugi was trying to protect himself the best way he could while ushio threw punch after puch towards him.

But just then as yami was about there when he suddenly felt each and every blow to yugi and by his guess it was from ushio which ended up slowing him down." y-yugi " stutters yami as he tries to catch his breath.

Just then a girl walks by the river only to hear ushio's gang cheer at something.' hm, i wounder what's going on over there ' i woundered to myself. so i decide to move closer only to notice they were beating up a boy who looked about 10 threw someone's elses eyes but if you looked closer you could tell he was older.

So i decide to step in, " hey leave him alone " i shout as i rush over to them." why should i " snears ushio to me. " because i say so " replies a different voice, just then we noticed yami standing not to far from us. and by the look in his eyes i knew they were in trouble.

" Like a shrimp like you can do anything " laughs ushio as he still continued to hold yugi. at ushio's coment yami became in raged." y-yami " calls yugi weakly who by the sounds of it sounded like he was out of breath from the beating he had received.

As yugi spoke i take a glance at ushio only to see a strange glint in his eyes that i barely catch as he raises yugi in the air and throws him into the river. " YUGI ! " shouts yami as he see's yugi fall into the river.

" I'll get him " i shout to him as i run in after him. as i swim towards yugi i can see that he doesn't know how to swim very well so i swim a little faster and is able to catch up to him, so once i reach him i grab his wrist and begin to pull him toward shore.

Once we reach shore and i have yugi saftely on land i look up to see ushio and them on the ground and uncousious.just then yami runs over to yugi and glombs him with hugs and lots of ' are you ok ' replys.

At that sight i begin to giggle before i hear yami speak up." thankyou for saving my little brother." " your welcome " i say back to them as i stand from the ground and begin to leave only to be stoped by yugi.

" Would you like to come back to the game shop with us? " asks yugi as yami picks him up in his arms." sure " i say so i don't seem rude." by the way what's your name? " asks yami." oh, silly me my names Linda " i tell him as we walk from the park and towards the game shop.

After a while we make it towards the shop and yami shows me into the living room were he places yugi down before telling me to have a seat which i do while saying thankyou.

" And who might you be? " asks another voice, so i turn around only to see a wisely old man in the door way. " grandpa, this is linda she saved yugi from drowning." answers yami to his grandfather.

So solomon nods his head before asking yami to take yugi upstairs so he could talk to me in private, so yami agrees and carries yugi up stairs.once were alone solomon speaks up," your there sister aren't you."

" How, do you know " i asks in shock." i can tell one by the braclet your wearing and two that butterfly choker plus i have other reasons i will not mention." answers solomon." well, your correct i am there sister and please do not tell them i'm here i wish to tell them my self when i think the time is right." i tell him as i stand and leave as he nods his head before showing me out.

Once outside, i look both ways before jumping on top of the roof of the game shop. once on top a figure appears and begins to speak to me." did the pharaoh or hi baby brother notice you? the grandfather sure did " replies the voice.

" No, sakura he didn't and in a way i'm glade for i'll tell them when i'm ready " i say to her with out looking towards her, before we disappear into the night.

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