The Party

Author's Note:...*glances around the room for inspiration*...O.o...nothing...well...this story is

'bout (if you couldn't figure from the title) a party...

#1...I added me and my friends into this...and we "claim" characters...yep...Koenma's mine...and

Jin...and Suzaku...*grins evilly* and that's from Yu Yu Hakusho alone...*begins singing about

snugly softness*

Koenma: ....bad images...

Jin: she's a strange one...

Authoress: *gives death glares* they're not going to interrupt "The Wilcox

Posse" is me (guess my name ignorant mortals!)...and my sisters...Yep...three of us...feel sorry for

the parents sometimes...sometimes...not very often...only once in a millennia...and for a second

when that happens...

Disclaimer:...I own nothing...wait...*searches through pockets*...I've got lint...if I owned Yu Yu

Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, or any other show that may come into the story, the episodes would

be very different...yeah...ZUZU WOULDN'T HAVE DIED!!!!!!!!...sorry 'bout that... (ZuZu is

Suzaku's nickname, in case you were wondering...)

Now on to the story!

Chapter One: A Few Guests

Roseanne, Vicky, Nikki, and Jessie were racing around the Wilcox house to get ready for

their guests. Roseanne and Vicky were cleaning up the rooms while Nikki and Jessie made some

snacks. The moment they finished, someone knocked on the door. Roseanne raced to the door

and let two of their guests in.

"Hello, Miss Roseanne," Kenshin said as he walked into the house, followed by Sano.

"Hi Kenshin, hi Sano!" Nikki, Roseanne, Vicky, and Jessie called out.

Roseanne steered Kenshin and Sano into the kitchen where Nikki, Vicky, and Jessie were

sitting on stools by the counter.

"Hello Miss Nikki, Miss Vicky, Miss Jessie," Kenshin said. Sano murmured a hello and

sat down on one of the empty stools. Kenshin went over to sit next to Vicky and Roseanne began

to sit down when they heard another knock on the door.

As she opened the door, Roseanne greeted their new guests. Suzaku, Hiei, Kurama,

Koenma, Jin, Touya, Yusuke, and Chu all said hello as they squished themselves through the


Sano leaned over from his stool and asked Nikki something and her answer made his eyes

grow to twice their size (O.O...If you haven't figured it out, Sano asked Nikki who Koenma

(Ruler of Spirit World ^____^), Chu, Jin, Suzaku, and Touya (demons) were....).

"Now that everyone's here, why don't we get this party started?!?" Jessie yelled out


"And what did you have in mind, shirley?" Chu asked.

"Well...I was thinking some games..." Jessie replied.

"C'mon, let's go find a game all of us can play," Vicky said. Nikki, Roseanne, Vicky, and

Jessie all retreated into the family room where all the games were. It only took about five minutes

to find a game three human girls, a Martian (*does dance* me!), three human males, a demigod,

and six demons could play without having fatalities, or having things destroyed...charades!

Returning to the kitchen, they saw six or seven empty bottles on the table and counter.

Roseanne picked one up and read outloud, "shlagger..."

There were also bottles of wine, sake, vodka, beer, and an unlabeled bottle that could have

only been some kind of demon human in the right mind would drink something that

reeked so badly.

The guys were gone...but by following the unusual noises and smell of demon alcohol,

they found their guests sitting on the porch, with more bottles.

"Heeeeyyy...come 'n join *hic* us!" Yusuke waved his bottle at them and patted an empty

spot next to him.

"They drank all of the alcohol that we have in the house...I checked the cabinet,"

Roseanne said as she walked outside.

"No, *hic* Jin and Chu drank all of *hic* those," Koenma called out, rocking back and

forth as he blinked his eyes a few times to clear his vision.

Jin and Chu were the most drunk...obviously. Jin was singing a song that no one could

understand because of his accent...he might not even be singing in English... And Chu...from

scanning the porch, they discovered he wasn't there. Nikki looked off the porch, where Chu's

voice was coming from.

"Hey...come back here *hic* kanga!" Chu called to a scared shitless deer that had the luck

of walking into Chu's line of sight. The Aussie demon was now frolicking (yes audience,

frolicking...) among the wild rabbits that just looked at the drunken mohawked demon, unable to


Vicky walked down into the field to get Chu before he decided he saw a crocodile and

attempted to kill it. She dragged Chu back up onto the porch and sat him next to Yusuke. Jin,

now standing up and dancing while he was singing, was trying to be quieted by Jessie and Nikki.

He then began to float upwards, still singing and dancing. Then, out of nowhere, Jin whips out a

set of demonic pipes.

Before he had a chance to play the instrument of ultimate torture, he blacked out, fell over

ten feet to the porch, and landed with a large thud.

Jessie just shook her head as she went to check on Jin. Roseanne, Vicky, and Nikki were

trying to restrain the rest of their guests from drinking anymore, but nine against three isn't very

fair, so only Yusuke, Kenshin, and Sano could be stopped from drinking, but they were already

drunk, so their efforts didn't help much.

Between Roseanne and Nikki, they rendered all of their guests unconscious with a few

trusty two-by-fours, except for Jin, who was already out.

When they finished dragging Hiei, Kurama, Koenma, Suzaku, Jin, Touya, Chu, Yusuke,

Sano, and Kenshin inside the house, Roseanne, Vicky, and Nikki went outside to pick up the

twenty-someodd bottles while Jessie stayed inside to clean up the kitchen.

After they finished, the four went to check on their drunk guests, who were now awake,

sitting in the family room, with the TV on. Not wanting to interrupt their show, they went out

into the kitchen.

"Great! What are we going to do with them?" Roseanne asked in exasperation.

"Well, they seem content with watching TV," Vicky replied.

For nearly an hour, they let their guests watch television, until Jessie went to check on

them, they were being very quiet.

Jessie walked back out to the kitchen and said, "they're watching HGTV (Home and

Garden TeleVision)...they've been watching Martha Stuart (*shudders*), Christopher Lowell,

Carol Duval, and Paul James...they have creepy smiles..."

"Oh, good...drunk, and for the past hour watching decorators and gardeners," Nikki

stated as she got up from her stool.

"And cooks," Vicky added.

Roseanne, Vicky, Nikki, and Jessie went into the family room and discovered their guests

were gone, all except for Touya and Koenma, who were looking around the room with amused


"They were all here a second ago!" Jessie exclaimed.

"Oh shit! We have drunks roaming around..." Roseanne said, but stopped when a huge

crash came from the kitchen.

They raced into the kitchen, where Kenshin, Hiei, and Chu were walking around with

food, pots, and pans. They were all wearing lacy, frilly, pink (*authoress shudders again*)


"We had pink aprons?" Jessie asked in confusion and amusement.

"No we didn't, at least I don't think we did..." Vicky replied.

"Where did you guys get those aprons?" Nikki asked the three battle-hardened men in lacy

pink aprons.

"Sano made them for us," Hiei replied.

"Aren't they just darling?" Kenshin asked while Hiei fluffed out his lace a little more.

"Darling? is Sano?" Roseanne asked the Martha Stuart


"Oh, he's upstairs...playing with that machine thingy, shirley," Chu replied as he broke

two eggs into a huge mixing bowl.

"Roseanne, you better go check on Sano," Jessie said.

"Yeah, you're right..." Roseanne began to walk towards the stairs (began being the main

word there...). She stopped at the foot of the stairs and gave Vicky, Nikki, and Jessie a very

strange look.

"What?" Nikki asked Roseanne, who shifted her gaze back to the stairs.

"What in the name of refried Japanese cheese..." Roseanne continued to stare at

something upstairs.

"Excuse me?" Vicky said, looking at her bewildered sister with concern.

"What is-" Jessie began to say, but she was interrupted when a blue blur jumped over the

banister and into the kitchen.

"Sano!?!?!" Nikki, Vicky, and Jessie said in the unison.

"What in the hell are you wearing?" Nikki asked Sano, who was wrapped from the neck

down in blue material.

"You finished it!" Touya cried gleefully as he emerged from the family room.

"What is it?" Roseanne asked, walking back into the kitchen.

"The curtains!" Sano exclaimed, opening his arms revealing the rest of the curtain and his

bare chest (don't get any ideas, he had pants on!-.-...darn...). The other side of the curtain

"They're lovely!" Koenma came out of the family room with blue paint all over his clothes

and face. Koenma and Touya dragged Sano and the curtains back into the family room

"Okay, I am officially creeped out," Jessie stated as she looked over at Hiei who was

frosting a cake with, of course, pink icing in his pink apron. Chu was kneading something and

Kenshin (who must have given up using normal knives) was hacking at a piece of chicken with his


"Me too..." Nikki said, staring at the three pink-clad warriors.

"Where are the rest of them?" Vicky asked.

"There," Roseanne replied, pointing outside the window she was looking at.

"Roses!" someone yelled from behind the house.

"Lilies!" someone else screamed. From his accent, they could tell it was Jin.

"Geraniums!!" another person cried.

"Monkshood!" a fourth person argued.

Roseanne, Vicky, Nikki, and Jessie ran out onto the porch to see what was going on.

Suzaku, Jin, Yusuke, and Kurama were on the lawn, screaming at each other about flowers.

"Pansies!" the four men cried in unison.

"Pansies?" Nikki repeated, raising her left eyebrow, glancing over at her the Wilcox posse

(authoress: *points at words on screen* HA! you peoples know my secret!!!)

"Aight...well...they aren't doing any damage," Vicky pointed out.

"Well, what in the hell do you call that?!" Jessie asked.

"What?" Roseanne's question was answered with the sound of an engine being started.

"!!!" Vicky stuttered as she watched Yusuke, on a backhoe, drive into the


"Shit! Where did he get the backhoe?!?" Jessie asked no one in particular.

"What are you doing?" Roseanne called down to the 'gardeners.'

"We're going to plant some pansies over there," Kurama pointed over to a patch of grass,

"and some cherry trees over here."

"And what on Earth do you need the backhoe for?" Nikki asked.

"Dunno...I think Yusuke just wanted to drive it around..." Jin replied.

"Okay then...Yusuke! Bring the backhoe back to wherever you got it!" Vicky called to

the drunken Rekai Tantai.

"Alright," Yusuke said in disappointment.


"What! What do you mean oops?!?" Hiei screamed at Chu. "You clumsy oaf! You're

worse than that orange-haired idiot!"

"Now, isn't that bad...that it is not..." Kenshin said, trying to hold back from


Hiei just glared at Chu, who was now going outside, fearing for his life.

Authoress: cliffhanger...wondering what happened to Hiei??? Isn't the suspense killing you!?!? about what is going to go wrong next?!?!?...okay, not that

either...what about...*glances around room*...*whispering to self* no...the deer head won't

work...and my ancient computer isn't that great...and the swirly chair of all

magicalness...ness...ness...nope...GOT IT!!!!...why are you reading this? *glares at computer


Jin: what happens to Hiei...tell me! Tell me!

Authoress: NEVER!!! You will just have to read the next chapter...I have to type it still...but I

know what happens...

*Hiei pops up out of nowhere*

Hiei: Why the hell did you do that to me?!?!?!?!?!?

Authoress: *backs up from enraged fire demon*, hi Hiei...what brings you here...about

that...I was just thinking of someone that it would be comical if that happened to them...and are the person I decided on...*gulps* If it makes you feel any better...after this

story is over, I'll have a whole story devoted to you beating the crap out of Kuwabara...*winces,

imagining what being eaten by the Dragon of the Darkness Flame would feel like*

Hiei: hn...that won't be a challenge...

Authoress: well...what about if I let Kuwabara be immortal for a while so he won't die and you

get to keep torturing him until you're satisfied...

Hiei: *slightly smiles* fine...but if you don't, I'll kill you... *leaves room*

Authoress: *sigh of relief* happens that Hiei will beat the crap out of Kuwabara and

no one will stop him...there's always something happening to Yukina....nah... *thinking*

Damn...why does Hiei have to be a sadist...I should now have a story about him frolicking with

the pink puff balls of cuteness...

Hiei: I can read your don't even think about it...

Authoress: O.O;;...I'm gonna die...well...until the next chapter...Revenge on Hiei and the Great

Captain Towel Man!!!...yeah...captures your attention doesn't it?