X-Men The Shadow Team

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Chapter 1 : Secrets Revealed

Charles Xavier sat back in his hoverchair after finishing a call he had been dreading for the last three years.

In another part of the world many miles under ground, a man also hung up the phone before turning to face the nine Men and Women who were waiting anxiously for the result of the call. "Well!?" asked one of his team are we going to New York or not?"

The man just leaned back in his chair letting his eyes scan the unlikely team he had gathered . Letting out a long sigh he have them a curt nod before hastily leaving the room.

Jubilee followed him out catching up to him in the Hall "are you ok". He turned around smiling "I am fine petite we both knew this day would come. Besides it is about time the high & mighty X-Men got a dose of reality."

Jubilee sighed in frustration "You know what I'm talking about, youll have to face Rogue again. Five years is a long time to go without putting those demons to rest. We all know what she did to you was as close to murder as you can get."

Jubilee watched him as his eyes flashed red in barely concealed anger "Like Mother like Daughter non?"

Gaining some control on his emotions the man raises his head "Don't worry Lee I wont do anything without warning you guys first."

Smiling back she groaned "sometimes I think your as bad as Duncan you just seem to love the chaos"

Laughing he smirked " why not chere? Live for today as you never know what will happen tomorrow"

The X-Mansion

Coming to a decision Xavier caled out mentally "Xmen to my study" . Ten minutes later the twenty four X-men that made up the Gold, Blue & Xtreme teams walked into his office.

Xavier steepled his fingers together under his chin looking at his asembled students before addressing them as a group " My X-Men, in a few hours time we will be having some guests. They are to be offered every curtesy I can tell you no more now, but when they arrive everything will be clear. You may now return to whatever it was you were doing."

The three teams filed out of the room each wondering what was going on and who these visitors would be. All that is except for Scott Summers "What's going on Professor, why all the secrecy who are these guests"

"I am sorry Scott, but all I can tell you is that everything will be revealed by the end of the day. I do not keep this to myself because I want to, but there are some things that can only be revealed at the proper time."

Scott nodded and reluctantly left closing the door behind him "Well Cyke what did he say bub?"

Scott turned to be met by Logan, Rogue, Ororo & Jean. "Just that everything will be clear by the end of the day."

Logan shrugged "Well that was a waist of time then." Scott was about to respond when a voice interrupted him "Maybe you should just wait instead of trying to pry into matters he is obviosly not willing to reveal"

Rogue whips her head around to face the voice "We are just concerned Sugah its just unusual for the prof to keep secrets"

Bishop & Wraith who were standing at the bottom of the stairs shared a quick look before Bishop replied " do not worry Rogue I am sure the Professor knows what he is doing."

The five unsatisfied X-men walked off in different directions Logan and Rogue heading to the Danger Room to let off some frustration while Jean Ororo and Scott headed off into the kitchen.

Bishop looked at a grinning Wraith "Should we have told them the truth about these visitors?"

The mutant known as Wraith smiled even wider "and spoil the surprise now that wouldn't be very nice of us would it"

Bishop groans "Why did you have to tell me what you were doing when you turned up here?" Wraith looked suddenly serious an unusual expression on the usual maniacle face "because out of all the X-Men, he trusts you the most. You have never lost or compromised your honour as opposed to the rest of these idiots"

Bishop just glared at him before walking away muttering about friendship being over-rated followed closely by a laughing Wraith "cheer up Bish maybe youll get to shoot someone later"

The Danger Room

"End Danger Room Session" yelled Logan as Rogue floated down towards him. "That was a god workout Sugah"

Logan grunted "It was ok I just couldn't get into it was just remembering how Wraith looked when he was telling us to mind our own business. I'm sure that guy knows more than hes saying"

Rogue grinned knowing her friend's low opinion of Wraith " Duncan really gets to you doesn't he? He's been here two years now I think he just enjoys pulling your chain and it appears to be working."

"I dunno Rogue something feels wrong about him & I don't know what it is I mean cmon two years and we know nothing more about him now than when he joined."

"I understand what you mean hon but c'mon Bishop trusts him and he is even more paranoid than you are, do you think if there was something off about him he could hide it from Bish."

Logan laughed "Yeah I guess your right I just worry that he's another Gambit and it'll bite us in the ass."

Rogue turned away at the mention of her EX "I get your point Wolverine"

"jeez Rogue I'm sorry didn't mean to drag him up again but it's been five years without a sign of him I think everybody but you realises hes dead. We all accepted this why can't you and then move on instead of holding out for a ghost."

Rogue lashes out "You wern't there you didn't see his heart die in front of you I LEFT HIM THERE ME!"

Logan grunts as Rogue's punch sends him flying across the room "you wern't yourself Rogue I am sure Gumbo realised that."

Rogue falls to her knees sobbing slightly "why didn't he ever come back & let me explain why didn't he come back when Storm asked him to after that mess with the Juggernaught"

Logan walked slowly over "I don't know darlin only one person could have told you that. Maybe without you he didn't feel like he had anything here worth fighting for."

Rogue looked up "do you really think he is dead sugah? I just can't accept that"

Whatever Logan was going answer was suddenly interrupted by the sound of Xavier speaking in their heads "X-MEN PLEASE REPORT TO THE WAR ROOM"

Rogue looks at Logan "well sugah I guess we are going to find out what's going on now"

Logan smirks "yeah, but I got a feeling we're not gonna like it too much"

Rogue walks out the door looking back over her shoulder "sugah you worry too much what's the worst that can happen?"

The man called Wolverine shakes his head following after Rogue "in this place god knows"

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I Don't think I need to mention this is a Gambit centric fic where he did not return with storm after the trial. I would appreciate any ideas or comments you have as well as who he should end up romantically. At the moment it is between Storm Rogue & Jubilee. This is my first fic so be gentle.