Hell had opened. That much was obvious. Even if it weren't for the swirling energy below her, the dragons in the sky were a dead giveaway. And Buffy knew that humanity didn't have a chance in hell to survive if the portal wasn't closed, no pun intended. But even though she knew that, she also knew that she wouldn't be able to sacrifice her sister. Because that is who and what she was, no matter what anybody said. Her sister. So when she tried to push past her, Buffy blocked the younger Summers girl, her only family left, and broke into a run, ignoring the sobs of the girl behind her. What she did was out of love for her sister, and that was the image that stayed in her mind as she went down the tower's walkway.

And as she jumped.

Her body was filled with a painless warmth and her heart with love for all of them.

And then... nothing.