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Chapter 1: A plot

Japan 1995.

With a flick of wrist Mr. Shinomori (Sr). Drop his cards on the gambling table showing his opponent Mr. Makimachi, that he had been defeated once again . With disbelief he shook his head and left out a pent-up breath.

"You cheated old men" he said with humor.

"I swear I didn't cheated" he said with a big smile in his face.

"Who would have believe you could pull off two hands in a row.?" Hanya said to Shinomori Senor as he smiled sympathetically to his Leader, who had just lost for the second time.

"It would be interesting to know where did you acquired your skills Shinomori." said Mr. Makimachi.

"Oh. C'mon don't be a sore looser" said Shinomori. "Tell you what, we'll play another hand and if I lose, I'll give you back your money and this never happen."

"Deal," said Mr. Makimachi.

Although Mr. Makimachi was a skillful player, he had one glaring weakness. When he was bluffing he would run his finger through his hair and when he had a good hand he would not look at his opponent until the round was over. So Mr. Shinomori would wait until his Leader run his finger through his hair and apparently his Leader was desperate to win because instead of dropping out of the game he stayed in the game. What Mr. Shinomori didn't understood why is was just money and he had plenty of it. Then he focus on the bundle of money on the table, there was a white envelop with red letters on it.

"What is this Leader?" he ask taking the envelop into his hands.

"I was hoping you didn't notice that envelop." he said looking at Mr. Shinomori who was opening the envelop.

"This is.....

"Is from my friend Kamiya," he said with a sad expression on his face. "He die six months ago and he had ask me to take care of his two children, Koaru and Yahiko. And that envelop has his last wishes.

"Leader, this is more than a letter, it contains the papers of....

"Yes I know," he said and he look away." the estate now belong to his daughter and son, I put the envelop by mistake on the table thinking was the one with the money." he said and turn to see his friend again. "Believe me it was a honest mistake."

"You don't have to tell me that Leader, I believe you." he said and he smile at his Leader. "And gladly would give it back to you, However"

"However?" Mr. Makimachi said "what do you mean However?"

"I have a business proposal" said Shinomori

"What kind of proposal?" he ask with curiosity.

"A marriage proposal." said Shinomori. Hanya's mouth open all the way to the floor.

"I'm flatter, and even if you are an attractive old man, I have to turn you down, because you see like women." said Mr. Makimachi with comic tone of voice.

"That's not what I mean Leader." he shouted and he could see Hanya trying to suppressing a laugh.

"Then what do you mean by a marriage proposal?, explain your self." said Mr. Makamachi

"You have a granddaughter. Misao" he said.

"Your to old for her.....

"Are you going to let me finish?" he said to his Leader.

"Alright I'm listen in."

"I don't want you granddaughter for me, I want her for my son."

"You want Misao to marry your son?" said Mr. Makimachi.

"Why not? you said it your self, my son could be the next Leader and I believe it would be a lot easier for him to achieved, if he marry the Granddaughter of our Previous Leader."

"How long have you though about this.?" Mr. Makamachi ask him.

"Since you said you would like someone like my son for your granddaughter."

"And what makes you think my Misao would agree to it.?"

"C'mon. Leader Misao does what ever you ask her to do." said Mr. Shinomori

"Yes, but little Misao also says NO to our Leader when she does not agree with her Jiya." said Hanya "And I should remind both of you she's only fourteen."

"We know that Hanya" said Shinomori-sama

"We are not saying she has to marry Aoshi now, but when she's older enough to do so." said Makimachi-sama

"So, you do agree to my proposal?"

"Yes I do, I like Aoshi for my granddaughter."

"For the record I don't want any part of this" said Hanya "leave me out, I rather live another twenty years, then die tomorrow by little Misao's hands."

"Now what are we going to tell them, so they agree with us.?" said Shinomori-sama

"I think you better keep the paper of the Kamiya estate." said Maimachi-sama.

"Why is that Leader?" said Hanya.

"Misao is friend with Koaru and Yahiko and she love them like they were her brother and sister, and she would do anything to protect them from any harm. And if she finds out the Koaru and Yahiko my loss their estate, if she doesn't do what she is told she would never forgive her self" said Makimachi-sama.

"Leader, you want Shinomori to use those papers to blackmail Little Misao into marrying Aoshi?" said Hanya.

"Exactly, when the time comes, your son will use those papers so my granddaughter agree to marry him."

"Oh! That's even low for you Leader." said Hanya.

"Hanya! You know my granddaughter better than I do. She would not agree to marry Aoshi, an less she is going to get something out it." said Makimachi-sama.

"I understand. What I want to know now is how are you going to convince Aoshi into marrying little Misao?" Hanya ask.

"My son ambition, is to run our company, if I ask him to marry Misao he would do it, just so he can run the company without me by his side." said Shinomori-sama. "As you can see Hanya both Misao and Aoshi are alike."

"What do you mean?"Hanya ask

"Just like Misao, she wouldn't do anything an less, she was going to get something out it. And Aoshi, well.. He is the same way."

"Then we agree Shinomori, you will keep the deed to the estate and use it if is needed. And I trust you will give back the papers once my granddaughter marries you son."

"Of course Leader, Hanya would be our witness. Do you agree Hanya.?" said Shinomori-sama..

"Agree"said Hanya.

"Is rather late we should all go to sleep. I want to be home tomorrow evening. Before Misao goes back to school on Monday." said Makimachi-sama.

"Why is that Leader?" Hanya ask.

"I going to tell my Misao not to fall in love with anybody."

"Leader are you going to tell her why, she's not to fall in love with anybody?" Hanya ask.

"Yes, she needs to know she's engaged to someone." said Makimachi-sama.

"Do me a favor Leader, when you tell her, make sure you are alone and I'm not present, if Misao is going to kill someone I much rather is you and not both of us," said Hanyan as he walk inside his bedroom.

"Goodnight Hanya, and I promise I wont involve you into this mess."

"Goodnight Leader." said Hanyan when he close the door to his bedroom.

At the Aoiya Misao couldn't stop sneezing for the past fifteen minutes.

"Pretty Misao are you caching a cold?" Okina ask her.

"No, I don't think so Jiya, I think someone is talking about me, that's all." said Misao.

"Now, why would anyone waste their time talking about you Misao?" said Okina.

"Mou! Jiya that's mean." said Misao.

"Go to bed Little one, you grandfather would be here tomorrow with Koaru and Yahiko and I want you to look your best." said Okina.

"I can wait for both Koaru and Yahiko to get here. Goodnight Jiya." said Misao

"Goodnight Pretty Misao."

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