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Chapter 10: Unexpected guests.

Okina's house had the merry atmosphere of a celebration. Colorful roses in full bloom were on every table blazed with candles, casting a glittering light over the guests who conversed with each other.

How was possible to achieve such a beautiful wedding in a short time. Misao's thoughts. Then she remembered Lin's comment. Money can do many things. "Yes it can, but I wonder if can buy happiness as well?" she whispered to herself.

"Talking to your self I see?, 'Mmm' that's not a good sign, you're only been marry for four hours" said Koaru grinning at Misao.

"Koaru! You startle me, and no I was not talking to my self, I was looking for you." She said.

"Sure you were?, It looks to me like you were looking at your husband" she said looking across the hall where Aoshi was talking with some other men. "I bet you can't wait to start your honeymoon, right?"

"No!, No! You got it all wrong!" she said shaking her had and blushing a little.

"Well is nothing wrong to want your honeymoon to start....she was cut off by Misao.

"For your information we are not going on a honeymoon" she said taking a deep breath.

Koaru narrowed her eyes at her sister. "Misao you know what I mean, don't try to act dumb" she paused for a second. "By the way I wanted to ask you how did manage to catch the biggest fish in all Japan.?

If you only knew Misao chuckled. "That's funny. You call Aoshi the biggest fish in all Japan, and his mother calls me the toast of Japan."

"Well, that's because you are." Said Koaru smiling at Misao. "By the way Jiya just gave me the deed for my father's estate, I was so surprise, I thought he had lost it."

"Is that so?" said Misao looking at her sister. what do you know, he kept his word after all

"Yes," Koaru said "I believe, your husband is looking at you." And she smiled mischievously.

"He probably wants to make sure I haven't run away." She said returning Koaru's smile.

Across the hall.

"I have to admit Aoshi, when I heard from Sophy that you were getting marry, I hardly believe it." Said Serge.

"Yes me too," said Ray "Why did you kept her a secret, there is nothing wrong with her" he said looking at Misao.

"Yes, Aoshi she's a knock out, and I mean that with all the respect there is." Said Serge grinning at Aoshi.

"You two are the reason he kept her a secret." Said Enishi "I can't believe it. You two are marry....he was cut off by Ray.

"Enishi we are marry, not blind," said Ray grinning.

"And any case, a married man can admire a beautiful woman too." Said Serge.

"I wonder how your wife feels about, you admiring another woman.?"said Enishi.

"Do you think she doesn't recognize and handsome man when she sees one Enishi?" Serge asked. "Just the other day she said you were the most handsome man she'd ever seen. Enishi, of couse right afte me that is" said Serge with teasing voice

"Of course they think he is, but they always remember they already belong to someone and no one else, just like we belong to them." Said Ray smiling. "Any way....I want to know why did you kept her a secret Aoshi?" he asked looking straight at Aoshi.

"I didn't" he said calmly. "I just never thought I would marry her, and I didn't see the point on introducing her to anyone if I didn't think I would marry her. That's all." He said and he looked at Misao.

"Mmm..No..that's not it...I think you just wanted her, all for your self..right?" Ray asked him.

"You know me to well my friend" he said smiling.

My God! Serge was right, Misao was indeed beautiful, her hair was black and thick with a hint of blue, her eyes were also blue, and sinfully long-lashed. Her skin was creamy, ivory and soft and smooth, her nose thin, her mouth full and tempting, her body was so precisely perfect in its wondrous curves that made him break into immediate sweat.

Then the music started again, couples started to dance and Aoshi lost sight of Misao, he searched for her, but he only saw her sister walking to the dance floor with her husband, Okina was talking to Hanya, and his, mother was also dancing with his father. where is she? he thought.

Outside in the garden Misao set on a bench, she took a deep breath. Why was Aoshi looking at her the way he did? My God he looked like he wanted to eat her alive. she thought. She couldn't take his glare anymore so she decided to take a walk through the garden.

"Aoshi" she whispered. He looked mature enough, she thought when she saw him for the first time, his hair was dark and his eyes were green, with a bridged nose that made him look superior and utterly arrogant, but even so, he was beautiful, this man who was now her husband, and his body as lean and hard as his expression was sometimes, he was the most exquisite man she'd ever imagined. She leaned on the bench, and she looked at the stars on the sky.

Then a deep male voice echoed through the garden. "So, here's where you're hiding, and I drove all the way from Kyoto just to congratulate you on your marriage."

"Is that so?" said Misao looking at the man. "Are you sure you're not here to tell me how sorry you are that I got away from you, Mr. Shishio" she gave him a devilish smile.

"You know me to well little one." He said and he smiled at her mischievously. Misao stood up and he gave her hug. "I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I'm that you got away from me."

"Thank you." said Misao, she knew he was joking, and what he really wanted to say was congratulation. After a moment they both sat down on the bench. "Well a promise, is a promise." She said to him.

"Promise? What promise?" he asked looking completely clueless.

Misao pointed at his left eyebrow. "If I recall, your words were." She tried to imitate Shishio's voice. "The day you get marry Misao that, would be the day I'll tell you how I got this scar on my eyebrow" she took a deep breath.

"God! You never give up?" he said.

"Ah-ah! No way", she said and she smiled.

"Is a long story." He said.

"Well, make it short I don't have all night" she said mischievously

He laughed and after a moment he began talking. "I guess a promise is a promise," he looked at her. "I took someone favorite toy, and this is what I got in return."

"I take it when that when you say a toy, you are not referring to a car or anything like that, your talking about a woman right?" she asked. And he nodded. "I should it known" she said with a sigh. "Let me guess, she is not with you anymore.?"

"See, that's where you are wrong, because she still with me, and she's also the reason you got away," he said grinning.

"I should thank her for taming you Mr. Shishio." She said and both laughed.

Finally after looking for Misao for the past twenty minutes Enishi found her conversing with someone in the garden. From far away he couldn't tell who was it, at first he though it was Sano, but when he got closer, he forgot how to breathe.

"Shishio what are you doing here.?" he asked when he stood in front of them.

"Well, well, what do you know Aoshi's faithful friend." He said with sarcasm.

"If Aoshi finds you here, he would kill you." Enishi's gazed raked him scornfully. "Though of course, that would be no great lost."

Shishio chuckled. "Thank you for the warning." he said sounding the least concerned.

"I see you two know each other, so there is no need for proper introductions." Said Misao.

"Misao, Aoshi is looking for you" said Enishi

"Aoshi? Why is Aoshi looking for you Misao?" Shishio asked her. And before she could open her mouth, Enishi answered for her.

"Misao is Aoshi's wife" Enishi

"What!?" he asked astonished.

"I take it you didn't know Mr. Shishio?" Shishio nodded negatively. "And do you know Aoshi Mr. Shishio." she asked him.

Shishio pointed at his left eyebrow. "Well, well this is a small world after all." said Misao shanking her head.

"Come along. It should be interesting to see Aoshi's reaction when you arrive with me." He said smiling sinisterly at her.

Yes it would be Misao though and without hesitation Misao took Shishio's arm. Both walked for a moment when she turned around to see Enishi. "Why don't you walk with us?" Misao suggested.

"With the devil?" he snorted "You'll do well to come with me Misao." He said as he walked toward them. "Shishio and Aoshi are not in a good friendly terms and he probably wants to have his way with you?"

Misao chuckled. "Enishi I known Mr. Shishio for a long, long time and he have never shown any interest on me."

"Besides Enishi the devil is just walking toward" said Shishio. Misao spied Aoshi striding toward them, followed by a short distance behind by a woman. Misao's heart lurched. A stark fury tightened Aoshi's face as he halted to block their path. His wintry green gaze moved from her to Shishio.

"What that hell is going on here.?" He said.

"Aoshi," Shishio drawled. "It's good to see you too."

"Mr. Shishio was kind enough to escort me back to the hall." Said Misao hoping to diffuse the tension between the two men. Aoshi flicked her a glance before returning his hard gaze to Shishio.

"Take your hand off of her, then leave."

Shishio loosened his hold, moving hand to her upper arm and he maintained his hold on her arm. "Is rather rude to leave in the middle of the celebration, old chap."

"No one invited you Shishio." He said

"Ah! You see that's where you are wrong, Misao's grandfather invited me, so you see I'm a guest." Said Shishio.

They were like two dogs, growling and snapping at each other. "Stop it, both of you." Misao said sharply, "I won't be a part of your quarrel."

Aoshi clenched his fists. "Release her, Shishio. Now."

Misao looked at Shishio. "Thank you for coming Mr. Shishio"

And just before pulling away from Shishio's hold a woman swopped past Aoshi. "There you are, I been looking for you." She said. She wore a red dress that revealed too much of her breast, she was taller then her, she stoked her fingers over Shishio's sleeve as if to tell everyone present that she belongs to him. "Aoshi." She said. "Is good to see you"

"I'm sorry I can't say the same" he said sharply.

"Yumi, dear I would like you to meet a dear friend." He said looking at Misao. "This is Misao Makimachi."

"Well, is great to finally meet you." She said taking Msao's hand

"Thank and I'm please to meet the women, who has tame Mr. Shishio, and Mr. Shishio you forget I'm no longer Misao Makimachi."

"No?" Yumi asked.

Misao took Aoshi's arm the same way Yumi took Shishio's arm a minute ago. "No, I just became Misao Shinomori." and she could see the surprise look on Yumi's face.

After a moment Yumi said. "So, this is your wedding." Misao nodded. "Well, congratulation, you accomplish, what I couldn't do, you married Aoshi."

My God! No wonder Shishio like her so much, she was bold as he was. "So I been told this evening by different women." Said Misao. Shishio just smiled at Yumi's statement.

"Now, little one if your excuse us we are going to say hello to Okina." Said Shishio taking Yumi's arm.

"It was nice to meet you Misao, and it was good to see you again Aoshi," Yumi said and both walked away.

"I'll see you inside" said Enishi to Aoshi.

Aoshi stared at Misao, "What were you doing alone with him?" he asked harshly.

"Use you imagination." Said Misoa annoyed.

"Just answer me." He demanded. Running his fingers through his hair.

"Nothing, we were just talking" she said. "And we weren't alone, Enishi was it us."

"Is that so?,Enishi was with me not to long a ago" he said raising his voice.

"There were two others too" she said sounding completely annoyed.

"Come on Misao, I don't see anybody else" he said harshly.

Her glare never leaving his, she flicked her fingers, and two men stepped out from behind a tree. "Aoshi I would like you to meet, Shiro and Kuro, they're my shadows" said Misao. "Why don't you guys go get something to drink," but Shiro and Kuro didn't moved. "I'll be fine, don't forget I'm with my husband."

"Alright" said Shiro. Misao watched them walked to the hall.

"Now we can talk without an audience." she said as she walked toward the bench where she sat moments ago. "Why don't you tell me the real reason you're so angry." She sat on the bench again "and don't tell me is because I was alone with Mr. Shishio." She said firmly.

Aoshi stood silently, just looking straight at her, he wasn't sure what to say, what made her think she wasn't angry because she was alone with Shishio?. Damn! He was angry because she was alone with him and there was no point in denied it. My God! He was jealous. And he didn't like it a bit he thought.

"I know what happen between you and Mr. Shishio two years ago Aoshi" she said tipping her head. Aoshi still didn't say anything. "I guess the wound still fresh and hasn't completely heal" she said. "If you had feeling for someone......she was cut off abruptly by Aoshi.

"You don't know what are you talking about!" He blurted out with out thinking.

Misao stood up, she pick her dress, and she walked past him. "You must really think I'm stupid" she murmured.

As she walked down the garden, sharp footsteps sounded from behind, and Aoshi caught up to her capturing her arm. "You're not to wonder alone anymore", he said in a harsh undertone. "What did he said to you?"

"I'm never alone, and our conversation was private. It's rude to expect me to repeat it."

His fingers flexed around her arm. "If he made any advance toward you, I demand to know it."

"Ha! You demand to know?" she laughed "Don't treat me like one of your possession." She tried to free her self from his grip.

He wrapped his finger more tightly around her arm. "On the contrary, I've get to posses you Misao". He said his voice easing into a smooth tone, rich as cream. He bend his head to her and her lips parted.

Misao's heartbeat surged. The moment his mouth touched her, the world fell away. It was only the two of them, bound together in tender torment. Her hand moved to his jaw. Touching him made her blood burn through her veins. Aoshi smoothed his hands down her back of her dress, and pressing her against his chest. He could hear their hearts beating in unison.

It took effort to draw back, eventually to break the kiss, raise his head and say. "I want you to stay away from Shishio Misao"

Misao's lushes flattered, her lids rose, it took her a moment , a moment he savored, before understanding swan into her eyes, she refocused on his, studied face. "What?, Why?" she asked him.

He held her gaze, he had to get it right. "You're my wife now Misao"

"I believe you're jealous?" she said, a quietly pleased tone in her voice.

Damn! Was he that obvious. he thought, "I believe in protecting what is mine" he said. Drawing her close, he kissed her long and deep, conveying to her in no uncertain terms that she belonged to him. He felt resistance in her, but only for a moment.

"We should get back inside" he said against her mouth

"Yes we should" she whispered as she pulled away from him.

Aoshi took hold of Misaos's hand and they strolled toward the hall.

From behind a tree a man watched them walked away. "So, He's Aoshi Shinomori, impressive." he said with a grin.

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