Finding Nemo; Broken Mirrors
By Koji

Declaimers: All the fish characters are copyrighted to Pixar Studio. The story was inspired by and is the collaboration of the Finding Nemo Board Members! *thumbs up*

Author's Note: *takes a deep breath*   I shouldn't even say anything, after I had this conversation with Sa about how I am too cautious and ended up lying when I tried to be nice to others; Kinda sounds like Marlin being overprotective with Nemo, only that I'm too careful with my friends' feelings. ^__^ 

THANKS A BUNCH to everybody who reviewed! You all rock! Arigato! *hugs* I've decided to continue my fic "I See Her Reflection in You," seeing how it just ended so abruptly….TT_TT This picks up right after the last chapter So……….enjoy!!.

Btw, Jedi drew a scene pic to the last chapter and it made me TT_TT. Thanks Jedi!]

'_____' are thoughts, ("____") are talking of the dead and italics are things that happened in the past or are flashbacks.

Warning, the story will have MAJOR angst!

Prologue; Tearing Away My Dearest Treasure

For a moment--for a split second, her pleading eyes were still reaching out for his drifting body, ("I'm sorry…") with his glassy eyes that would see her for the last time, as he sunk deeper and deeper into the empty abyss of the ocean. But that heartbreaking image of her wouldn't leave him. ("Forgive me….") He whispered to her, even if he knew she couldn't hear him. ("Dory….") He could see her trembling fin holding out for him moving further and further away, as her tears streamed out like an endless river….but he knew he couldn't take her fin. He didn't want to leave her behind. The thought of her being alone was enough to keep him alive, but…..

As heart-broken as she was--no matter how much he wanted to--he knew he couldn't take Dory into his own fins and tell her he would be with her forever.

It was the end.

He knew his heart would come to a stop soon, and that hers would too if he had left. ("I'm sorry…..")  But he had no choice, seeing how fate had intervened, tore them apart, and denied him from being with her. ("..for everything I have done...,")  His heavy eyelids gradually fell, until they were closed completely. ("Dory….")

"No…." she begged in fear, in denial. Dory quickly grabbed him in mid-water, with terror still shaking her body, "…don't….." still pleading for him to stay, as she placed his limp body on a nearby cliff, lightly touching the rough surface until his body lay silently still, eyes sealed, with sign of life, "please…." The red mist continued clouding the waters with his last drop of blood. "No…please don't--!" It wouldn't stop. The crimson fluid flowing out from his torn tail wouldn't stop. "I beg you…!"

In all her life, "no…." her happiest moment; the one thing that mattered to her the most, had just brushed by her, "you can't, please--!" As fast as it had shattered in front of her like a mirror she had always looked into for a place of belongingness, "you can't be gone!!!!" Dory cried out in despair, collapsing onto the deceased clownfish.


Time knows how long Dory hadn't stirred. She was still there on the side of the cliff, holding him tightly, since it was the only thing she could do at the moment to keep herself together.

The sun had vanished from the ocean surface and with it, all the lights that brought her life the joy of laughter. Dory had been weeping uncontrollably, while darkness surrounded the blue tang and only the ghostly whistling of the waves could be heard in the midst of the night.

His voice wouldn't leave her as she caressed his bruised face. She could hear his voice that had left her behind, "But're Dory…" that played in her head again and again, "…you're too lively…too pure …too innocent to be rejected…" like a broken record in the murky rain.

Her trembling dorsal fin gently brushed against his dirt-stained cheeks, still not believing that these were words coming from someone who was beside her just a moment ago. But now they were gone.

It was gone, and it didn't matter. Nothing mattered. Nothing could change what was happening to her. Nothing could bring him back. He was gone.

Marlin was gone….


I'm sorry it's so short, guys! This is the ending part the first fanfic and the prologue to this sequel. ACK! Took me days to get this one done! Thank you to everybody and their ideas! You all really helped me out!
What will happen to Dory now? I need to think of the rest. _;;;;; *think think*...