The party

On a Friday night in September in Sparta, Mississippi, teens was partying at

Miller's Pond. They was making so much noise that the neighbors complained to

Mr. Douglas, and he called the Sparta Police Department. "There's too much noise

at Miller's Pond!", Mr Douglas complained. The dispatcher, Lou Ann said, "We

will get a car out to Miller's Pond, sir." Parker told Lou Ann, "We will get to

Miller's Pond to investigate the disturbance." Then Parker and Jamison grabbed

their hats and jackets and left. Meanwhile at Miller's Pond, 16 year old Amber

Cumbers and her boyfriend, Patrick Williams was having a good time drinking

flavored beer and smoking LSD. Amber asked her boyfriend, "This is the greatest

party ever!" And he agreed, "Yes, it is!" The music they was playing was 50 Cent's

"In Da Club". Other teens was over all the place and having fun. Amber has a

feeling in her stomach, the police was going to ruin their fun just like always. Sparta

isn't nothing but a little old boring town and Jackson, Mississippi, is where it at and

she been trying to get her parents to move to Jackson for 3 years now.

Patrick, on the other hand, was trying to get his parents to move to Jackson, too.

Her best friend, Heidi Peterson came up to the group, "What else music do y'all

want to listen to?" "How about 'All I have' by Jennifer Lopez?", asked someone.

"How about 'Superstar' by Ruben Stubbard?", asked someone else. They decided

on a Aerosmith song. There was drugs and alcohol at the party but who cares? It

beats being stuck at home on a Friday night playing on the computer and watching

tv. Ten minutes later, a SPD cruiser showed up and parked near Albert Parker's

car. Two police officers climbed out of the car, and one asked, "Who's the person

in charge of this party?" Charlie Lakes came up to Jamison and said, "I am."

Jamison said, "The neighbors are complaining of the noise level, either turn it down

or you will be arrested for waking up the dead." Charlie Lakes said, "ok" and went

and turned down the volume on the boombox.

Then the cops left and the teens watched as the police officers return to their

cruiser. One guy asked, "What happened to the music?" The football player

answered, "I have to turn it down or I will go to jail. But forget them!" After the

cruiser left, he went back to the boombox and turn up the volume. Ok, they was

having fun and everything. On the way back to the station on main street, they

heard Lou Ann, "Return back to Miler's Pond, the noise is still there." So they

have to turn around and go back to Miller's Pond. 5 minutes later, they return back

to Miller's Pond and parked their car near the same car. They climbed out of the

car and Jamison said, "Did I tell y'all to turn down the volume?" You're under

arrested, Charlie." And proceed to arrest me but Charlie, being a fast runner and all,

decide to run away from the police officer. A foot bail happened and finally they

caught Charlie. They put him on the ground and put him in handcuffs. Then one of

the cops went and turn down the music. Amber thought, "There's goes the party, I

guess I go home now." Then Parker put Charlie in back of the cruiser. "Everyone

is going to leave, now y'all understand?" The chorus of "Yes, sir" came from

everyone. There was nothing to do but go home. The party was over with and she

had hell to catch from her parents being high and drunk. "Who is the designated

driver?", asked Jamison. Five people raised their hands. Then the police officers

got in their car and left. The five people went to their cars and start them up, they

was planning on taking the drunken party goers home.