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Strange Temptations

Chapter One
. Rejection

Harry's heart flipped as he walked down the stony stairs to meet her. He knew she would be there, she always was standing there. . ever since the start of term, with her exclusive group of friends surrounding her, giggling as her hair billowed in the wind. Harry reached the entrance and paused for a moment. He was so aware that she would be just around the corner, spending her lunch out in the open fresh air.

He knew if he started walking towards her, he wouldn't be able to stop until he asked her. He knew it had been hard on her ever sense the fourth year, where Cedric died. Harry hoped that wouldn't bare any weight on her feelings towards them and prayed they could be friends, even more. A deep breath was taken and Harry continued to make his way through the entrance. As he walked outside he was met by the cold breeze blowing in his face and he smiled as he scouted around, finally seeing her; Cho Chang.

She was sitting on the edge of the lake, her black hair streaming out behind her, laughing with her red headed friend. Harry inhaled another deep breath as he began to shakily walk over to her. When she saw him approaching she waved and smiled, which sent waves of encouragement through Harry's body.

Good, she's only with two of her friends. . Hopefully it'll be less embarrassing. Thought Harry more thoughts racing through his mind. He finally took his last step towards her and his journey over to her was complete. There was no backing down now, not if he didn't want to look any more foolish.

"Cho? Can I talk-to you, for a minute, please?" Harry's voice came out uncertain, and his hands were shaking. He stuffed them in his cloak pockets and hoped she didn't notice. The red head stared at Harry with watery blue eyes and scowled at him for interrupting their laugh. Cho however readily agreed and jumped up to talk to him. Harry led her over to a nearby tree and avoided eye contact.

"Erm. . Cho? Well you know that Voldemort is back in hiding, right?" Stuttered Harry, causing Cho to wince slightly at the name before nodding with a smile.

Great, thought Harry. The first thing you do is make her wince, god, this isn't going to be easy.

"Well, you know we're having that ball to celebrate?" He asked, his voice becoming more and more nervous. Cho nodded once again, still waiting for Harry to speak. Harry bit his lower lip and kept his eyes away from Cho. He had hoped she would pick up on what he was saying and ask him to the ball, but he had no such luck.

"Well, I was wondering, well not wondering, hoping, that you could accompany me?" He asked. What? Why did you say that? You sound like your reading from a textbook! Harry told himself, and felt his cheeks burning red.

Now it was Cho's turn to avoid eye contact.

"Erm, well, Harry, it's just that, well you-erm, well it isn't you, its, erm-" Cho struggled with her words as Harry nodded, understanding he had been rejected and not wanting to stand through more of her helpless stuttering.

"Oh okay, that's fine, I erm-have to go. Bye." Harry said his eyes fixed on the ground; he began a quick walk towards the entrance and felt her eyes burning into his back as he walked. He wished he could run, but he could not -- she would see him.

Cho stared after him as he departed from her company; she let out a sigh and bit her lower lip. Cho, what are you doing? She asked herself, He is the fourth person you have turned down to the ball! She brought a hand up to her head and rested it on her forehead. She had no idea why she had turned Harry down, it was like the rest of them. It just didn't feel. . well, right. . .