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Summary: Sixteen years ago Buffy found her self pregnant with Spike's child. Two little problems here, one: Spike isn't supposed to be able to have kids, two: he died in the hell mouth saving the world.

December 26, 2020

Emma was more than happy to the fact that Christmas was over. This year had been anything but bloody cheery in her mind. Her Aunt Dawn had tried to make her feel better by taking her shopping and all but it didn't help. Ever since she was 6 Christmas had sucked. That was the year she lost her mother.

To this day she remembers asking her mom why everyone had called her Emma instead of Willa. Her mom had answered that Willa was the female version of her fathers name and it still hurt to much to think of him. This year Emma had finally gotten her wish though. She had gone on a search through the watcher diaries that she could get a hold of to find her fathers last name. So for Christmas her Grandfather Giles gave her permission to changed her name. She was no longer Willa Emily Summers, she was Willa Emily Summers-Owens. Emma for sort.

During her search Emma had found pictures, and old belongings of her fathers. Her father was William Alexander Owens, also know to others as William the Bloody or Spike. Emma loved her dad even though she knew she would never meet him. But her family had given her the next best thing. They had bought his old house that he had grown up in and restored it to its original form. So now she sat in her fathers old room looking through some of his belongings that Giles had found for her.

Soon she got board and decided to take a walk to the small private cemetery that held her fathers family, and a tomb stone for him way back in 1898. The Cemetery is about a half a mile away from West View Cemetery. The five tombs she always found her self talking to were:

Andrew Patrick Owens

beloved father and



Emma Victoria Thomas-Owens

beloved mother and wife


Sarah Anne Owens-Jacobs

beloved mother, wife

and daughter


William Alexander Owens

may god be with him

where ever he is


Elizabeth "Buffy" Anne Summers

beloved sister, daughter, friend,

mother, and so much more


Giles had allowed us to bury my mother next to my fathers grave even if he wasn't there physically at least he could be there for her spiritually.

Emma couldn't believe how many time she found herself there talking to her own grandparents and aunt. Most of the time its just her wishing that they could answer back and give her straight answers if she needed them. Who would have thought that after all this time she would have gotten her wish.

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